05-11 World Boss Day! HBD 💪🏾Tobitrueman 🙌🏾

Prior to 05/11 so many years ago, Earth was doing okay but lacked the quality of men that would make it more beautiful and amazing….


The angels do watch over the earth from above and so wished that they’d be sent down to make things right so mankind would be happy and jolly once again.


Dem just dey observe as the few good men wey dey earth dey retire go heaven at their young age… The good men wey dey, dey few compared to the multitude of bad people wen dey.


And, awish God leave am like dat, me and you for nor dey here today dey read this piece.


It was during one of those days the angels sent their request to God to allow them come to earth that He decided to send one down.


9 Months Later…
Location:Somewhere on earth
Date: 05-11- 1990sumtin


It was in the early hours of the 05-11 when a woman went into labour, in the hospital. The shouts of other women in labour filled the air…


While in labour, some women, under the influence pain swore never to near dick or anything that looks like dick again in their lives…

You won’t blame them, the pain of bringing a new life to the world is excruciating (mothers are wonderful joor)

Do you know that childbirth is the second most painful pain human can experience, after being burnt alive?


Na the reason why e nor good make you do wetin go make you mama swear for you be dat o Cos E go catch you wella (dem nor dey price am)


Same reason your mom’s prayer will keep you going, if she blesses you with her mouth… (E get why)

Back to the matter…

Amidst the cry of new babies and that of shouts of other women in labour, one of the mothers delivered a boy, immediately the baby boy came out of her mother’s womb, Nepa restored powered.


The earth vibrated, and it rained heavily as the angels cried in heaven, missing one of their very own that has been gifted to earth.

After the baby cried to announce his successful arrival on earth, he smiled after. Full of life and energy.


The little baby grew up to become a strong boy… He didn’t keep much friends, because of the situation of things, he felt he wasn’t up to his peers…


His love for “buredi” 😁 (bread) is second to non.🤭


While in primary school, he always got the 1st position, as a result of his commitment to reading books – his hobby.

Omo, na so, the small boy con be teacher’s favorite as he dey answer all questions and smash all calculations, from quadratic equations to simultaneou equation – the boy dey murder all of dem… (the boy brain dey hot!)

He was made the Class Monitor from Primary 1 – 6,
became the CLass Prefect from JSS 1 -3,
Became Head boy from SS1 – 3

Na small thing comot, the boy for be Class Rep for ND1 and Departmental President for HND2 but him mind nor dey.

The boy grew up to become a strong man – never dulling and very independent.


With his brilliance, he hustled at different places just to make ends meet…


If I tell yoh wetin GNLD use the boy eyes tey see! (Story for anoda day)😁


The boy dun pass through plenty wahala BUT, he knows how to “Push Through The Pain”.if you doubt, (Ask Casper Nyovest)


Do you know the person in this story is?
He is Tobitrueman!


Just like an encounter changed Saul to Paul in the bible… na still one encounter change dis Migossss to Broda T… (Story for anoda day)


HBD💪🏾 Tobitrueman  ☆! You’ve become a broda and a friend, I wish you Long Life, Good Health n Plenty Money! 🙌🏾


May you jaiye-jaiye from now till you grow old and toothless – enjoying the fruits of you labour! Amen! 🙏🏾


Today is your day, in Titus’s voice… “Shut Down Everywhere like Aba boyss”


This guy turned from a friend to family from 0-to-100 REAL QUICK!


If I become president someday, I’ll make 05-11 a worldwide public holiday!


Engineer Tobi, I love you man(no homo)..✌🏾💯


I pray that Money or woman wont come between us… (Oloun majè!)

We go CHOP the life together…💯


Nothing do you!

I for call you GOLDEN BOLOLO o, but, I nor go call am… 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️


NP: “Push Through The Pain” by Casper Nyovest


Migos ft Drake – “Walk It Talk It”

Pop Smoke – “Got It On Me”

🎂🍾 🍾 🍻 🥃

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