13 – 09 – 21

What do you do to Keep your head above the water and keep the wolf out of the door?
Let’s talk about financial freedom.
Feed the goose that lays the golden egg.
Learn to reduce liabilities of all sorts
Some friends are liabilities – they don’t add meaning to your life.
…all they do is take, take and use you, cut the selfish people out of your life, you don’t need them. Friendship are meant to make us stronger.
As you cut those liabilities people out of your life…
Sit down and check yourself well, hope you’re not a liability?
Rule Number 1: Be a valuable person, give value, and never settle for mediocre people or things.

Some habit are liabilities
Impulse buying
Spending all you earn on the go
Reckless Borrowing to spend on things that won’t provide value or ROI.
Some people borrow money with high interest rate without having means of paying back.
Is that you?
Try your possible best and stay out of debt, by all means.
A debtor will always be a slave to their creditor.
You may not see it as anything though, but, debt has a way of keeping you poor.
Avoid the trap!
The best way to go about financial freedom is by having a budget and sticking to it.
I mean, whatever your financial level is… learn to live within your means and always spare some cash for savings.
According to the author of The Richest man in Babylon, “Pay yourself first”

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