Let’s assume I wanna tell my daughter about sex education…

Yeah, I won’t even be shy about it or make it look like an abomination- nah!

The act isn’t a crime.

I’ll make them understand abstinence is bae, and sex is overrated.

But, should things get out of hand, safe sex should be non-negotiable.


Prevention( condom, postpill) is better and cheaper than cure( abortion, stds)

Of course, I’d tell them about the effects of pills.

And how their lives could be fucked if they get involved with the wrong guy.

Yeah, I know my kids would be full spec, boys or girls cos my genes are strong – cuteness n smartness runs in my DNA (bragging rights) 😁


So, I’d make them understand the way of the wolves and predators.

” baby, you’ve got to be careful out there. Not every that that smiles at you and confess their love for you actually love you.

Most of them are liars and pretenders. They’d fake love, care and attention just to make you fall…

… and once you do, they’d just use you and dump you after.

Guard your heart, okay.

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t guys with good intentions out there, baby…  but, the wolves in sheep clothing are more.

Use your brain n intuition.

If it doesn’t feel right, follow your instincts.

Don’t forget who you are, baby.

You’re a daughter of a lion, and that makes you a lioness.

I know you’re smart, but, daddy has to do daddy’s duties, yunno. 😁”

That’d be me and my daughter(s) having some heart-to-heart conversation, some time later. 😉



Not telling their kids about relationship, sex, and the opposite sex…

That’s one of the mistakes some parents made that made some of their children made the wrong decisions and kept quiet about it-  cos of the thoughts of being rebuked if they expressed themselves.


Not me!

I’d be creating an enabling environment for my kids to be comfortable to share whatever they going through in their lives- with me.

…and we’d be able to discuss like buddies, without fear of judgment.

If I don’t take care of my kids, who will?

Mheen, I won’t even risk them getting advice from social media – from people who haven’t even figured their own lives together.

Yeah, I’m not saying they must take whatever I tell them, but, I’d play my part – and it’d be left to them to make their decisions.

… then, if they chose the part of wisdom, their lives would be better, compared to kids their age who don’t have a guardian – or who choose to be wayward or influenced by the wrong set of people.

But, if they don’t listen, and choose the part of destruction… well, it would hurt though, but there’s nothing I would do rather than trying to talk them out…

This would come with rebuke, discipline and love.


Pikin bad no mean say dem go troway am for street..

…Cos, if e worse con dey do anyhow for society, na the family name he/she go put for mud, shey you get.


When it comes to discipline, you scold a child with one hand, and draw him close with the other hand.


That’s why you should be of high standards.

Cos, somehow, your personality would rub off on your kids when they come.

You should be valuable and be very picky with your significant other [ e get why]


(I’ll) Never Settle For Less

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