15 -09- 21

Start with what you have – from where you are.

Just start,

As you go, you’ll begin to gain clarity and more opportunities would be open to you –

… opportunities you wouldn’t have seen if you never started.

Start now,

A fool who thinks and acts is better than a wise one who only thinks without acting.

Excuses are everywhere, but, you’ve go to be intentional with your life – if you want to be successful.


If you’ve got an idea, instead of sitting and planning all year on how to go about it…

… why not just take the bold step to start, now.

Sometimes, it could be the idea that’d transform your life forever.

I’m not saying all ideas would fly, but, you’d never know if you don’t try – you get right?


Wherever you are at the moment, no matter the amount of earning you have, you can do something with your life.

…. maybe a skill, a trade, a craft is all you need to take you to the next level of your life.

Thing is, if you’re aren’t putting yourself out there… how would people see you?

Don’t you know the world is waiting to feel your magic..

Why are you depriving the world of your natural given talent?


Thing is….


Every one isn’t skilled at everything, but everyone is extremely good at something.

You just gat find your God-given talent and work on it, refine it till you’re seen,.known, and impacting the world with your greatness.

Greatness is in You – no cap!



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  1. Totally accord with you bro.. 💯
    It’s more like “taken the first step even if you’re not ready”
    Hence, that’s faith!!

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