18 – 09 – 21

How can I attend a parry without getting jollof rice?

Isss that one even a party.

Party without jollof rice na just ordinary meeting joor. 😑

Told Chris before we left for the event that…

” omo, these days ehn, you gats get connection for party rice to reach you o.

Politics dun  enta party food sharing too o,”

He thought I was joking when I said that.


Na so party tey start…

Walahi, the major thing that made me come for dis party is not even to spray, introduce myself or any of the miscellaneous done in parties – nah..

I just went solely for the party-jollof-rice (hei God)

Not that I don’t have food at home…

Not that I can’t buy from an eatery, far from that..

Just that,

There’s this special anointing that comes with party rice.. (oh my God!)

I say the taste and aroma of party rice hits me differently.

It’s an antidepressant…

It’s an energy booster.

It’s a vitamin joy.

I’ve missed the sight and taste of party rice that I accompanied my bro to a wedding ceremony he was invited to…

As far party rice would be involved, I canceled all my plans for the morning and went as an unofficial guest.

My dad use to tell me that…

” if you go party wey dem no invite you go, if you break plate, you go pay”

I forgot that rule…


Party jollof no reach me…

My heart was broken.

I began thinking of all the things I could’ve done if I stayed at home.

Which kine wahala be dis na.. 😑

Na dis kine fit make me carry money wen I plan to spray go back to house.


You can’t tell me that after inhaling the sweet aroma of the food, I didn’t get even a plate.

Awish dem gimme half sef, I for manage am.

I for no dey hear dey write dis book of lamentations.

Am in sifia pains.

Party rice no reach.

And I put all my mind and hope go o.. 😑


I think I’ve learnt my lesson.

Neva to put all my hope on something again.

That used to be my principle o.

And it has prevented me from many disappointments in the past..

I just no understand wetin happen to me today.

You know why the tin pain me well?


I see the rice with my own eyes, the aroma almost belle-ful me sef, but… e no reach me.

It was shared to some people by my side, I saw people cracking their chicken bones and I smiled…

Waiting for my own plate of happiness.

Infact, while others at our table gulped their drinks…

I sipped mine likka boss.

Hoping that I’d use the pineapple soft drink to wash my delicious jollof rice down after eating.

Shey you can imagine.

Pride won’t allow me to goan ask those sharing the food to use their church minds to distribute the food.

Cos, I couldn’t understand why they were taking all the goodies to the front without branching..

” heyysss, bros, make ona fear God na, which one ona jus dey carry the food dey pass us anyhow…

ona no dey see us? Abi no be the same party we come?

After ona go say corruption full everywhere, yet, small position ona get to share food nau, ona dun dey wicked.

Wickedness and corruption from the grassroot level.” I wanted to say, but… I held myself.

If I dey vex, I dey know.

So, I just chill dey look.

E dun be sha…

So, I wouldn’t count it that I went to a wedding party today.

I just strolled out of the house to watch people who are getting married.

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