A chapter in my life.

Flash back...

So many years ago, in the early 2000s,
When I was stil a little soft ‘ajebutter’ small boy.

It was when i travelled to spend one holiday, while the babes in were around to famz the new ‘fine boy’ in the hood, the guys were angry that I had come to drag their territory with them.

On a fateful day when my cousins were outside gisting with their friends, I went to join them and when the friends noticed me, they changed topic and started throwing jabs at me with words while they laughed.

I thought my cousins would support me oh, but i was disappointed when I saw them laughed at the jabs the rest guys threw on me, the tin pain me ehn, my eyes were red like who smoked ‘Ghana Sk’, na just for the water to come out remain.

I had to bear the pain in their presence cos I knew if they saw my tear drop, I would be done for that night cos they would use that to taunt me all through my stay.

My cousins came to my rescue after they had had their fill of laughter, and they changed the topic, mhen, that night, I couldn’t eat, I lost my appetite, na me those guys take catch trips that night, ahh my chest!.

As I entered my bed, the tears I had been holding started dropping down, mhen, I was angry with myself, I felt I was weak, I heard their laughter in my thoughts as the tears flowed freely.

I imagined what my dad could had done to me if he saw that I cried cos of mere words, i guess he would had drilled the hell outta me for being a weakling(emotionally).

I wiped the tears from my eyes as the weakness in me died slowly. I told myself never again would I let words get to me. The weak me died that moment.

I woke up the next morning, a new me was born. Later that weekend, the boys gathered for the normal gist and yabs, they tried to pick on me again, thinking i was that same lily livered boy they could catch trips with, but guess what, I shocked them all like I had been rehearsing my reply for ages.

They didn’t experrerit, as I served it to them hot like Eminem gave MGK, and from that day, they didn’t try to throw any funny jab at me again cos my come back could be disastrous.

To all those who might be soft hearted and take words personal, you better start growing a thick skin for you and yours.

If some people notice that you are too cool, they might want to ride on you, know the difference between a joke and when someone is taking a swipe on you.

Know when to give the silent treatment and when to clap back, it means everything.

The first way to get a thick skin is to know your flaws and work on them, and laugh at yourself first before anyone and try to use it against you.

If your head is big, nor vex, iss nor your fault oh, there are some things that are beyond our control, just be happy that your BIG head will distinguish you from others. *lol*

If someone says, call that boy with big head for me, and everyone looks at you, shebi you see your head has made you popular. *lol*

Some people might throw some words at you with the intent to make you react, but decipher their intentions and know if to reply or not. Ask yourself if they are worth your reply or not.

Note: “every word means two things depending on the mood it was said

Never let anyone belittle you or talk down on you, always stand for yourself cos no one else will do that for you.

That way, no matter what anyone says would mean a thing to you, your laughter may even make them look foolish.

The street isn’t friendly but if you pay attention to the street OT, you’re good to go through the journey of life with a kind ease.

The following are some of my random thoughts about life.

*Learn to master your emotions, it is not easy, but, it is possible, it will help you at the long run.

¤I shake my head anytime I hear or read about people feeling suicidal after a break up or failed at some points in life..
Your happiness shouldn’t be tied to anyone/anything, never!

¤Love yourself first, I repeat, love yourself first, it saves you from alot of emotional blackmail that may come your way.

¤Give because you want to give, not because you expect the person you are giving to return the favor someday, dat one no be gift again, na transaction be dat.

♤Relationship/friendship are like seeds, it takes the watering(commitment, tolerance, patience and adjustment) of parties involved to make it grow into something.

Reality is very different from the fantasies you see in the movies, ZeeWorld and Co Soap Operas has changed the mentality of many females towards relationships n marriages.. 🤗

Feeling suicidal for any reason, why rush your death? We’re all gon die someday,  that’s the bitter truth.

Just wait for your time to die, than commit suicide and put your loved ones in sifia pains… I know you’re smart enough to know suicide isn’t an option.

So don’t take life/things too serious cos no matter what, we ain’t getting out of this World alive. (Take it or leave it) *smiles.

Do whatever makes you happy, make your happiness your top priority.

I’ll continue to be a student of life, learning, unlearning and relearning, daily..

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