A piece for this festive season

Take heart ehn..

Don’t put all your hope in human, you nor hear word… No back up plan

Now tailor wey you give clothes dun travel for last minute…. The wicked tailor haff remove battery from phone, now that tiny voice of service provider is telling you ,” the number you’re trying to call is unreachable.” How e con be now??

Dry cleaner wen you still give clothes dun block ur number. Painful part be say you dun pay the 2 both of dem wfor express delivery o. I wee nor laugh oh

Compliments of the season!! My people. Make ona use dis one tey press dis night. Update dey fire, suppose drop for permanent site 2mao.

Ehen, “Abeg help me look my drink, i dey come,” that statement dun send many people go early grave oh… Remember say dis one na festive season and na only life you get..

If you can’t finish your drink before you leave, it’s best you take it along with you to wherever you’re going or… Just order new one when you get back. (To avoid stories that touch)

Well, except you trust whoever you’re with. Na one life oh, if you use ur hand troway dis one, you dun lose more festive seasons to come be dat oh.. (lets be guided, please)

To the “balling ballers”, chairmen i hail oh! Abeg ball with sense dis period oh. Shebi you dun hear say January get 4 months inside..

Inside the January we get… ‘January, January Pro, January Plus and January pro max’.. you dun see am abi.. . So if you go follow people wey nor dey pay bills do DettyDecember ehn, chest wee pain you in January oh… (i know say ona sharp)

For the baes, waka well oh. Your security and safety should come first before any outing.  Always tell someone where you’re going (e get why).

Don’t meet strangers alone, go with a company and it should be in an open place… eatries, mall or bar. Anywhere you fit rasie alarm and people go fall in incase tins wan cast..

See you guys in 2020!

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