Welcome to my Blog.

I’m glad you made it here, body sweet me!

*Long post alert!*

Well, I won’t even start writing anything if I don’t mention the names of some people who motivated me to do this. First of all, all thanks to God Almighty for the gift of life and inspiration, He is the only reason I made it this far.

To my wonderful parents, I wouldn’t wish for better parents than you, even after the many ‘drillings’ that actually shaped me to become who I am today. *smiles*

In no particular order, I want to say a very big thank you to the following people Tobi(Boss man), Voke(Akp), Eddy(Azo), Fuosky(Meekest), Ufuomanefe(Patra), Joshua(Merlin), Mimi, Javin(Dansaki), Mamus(Tutu), Eyo(Apostle), Elias, Mudi(Richmud), Abel(Spark), Ruky(Gifto), Osas(King kunta), Shirley(Shearlee’z), Jeph(Big Engine), Elvis, Chris(Chameleon), Dan, Great(Xky), Bros Ben(Grafixspot) and co, thank you for being a part of this journey called ‘life’ with me, I’m grateful. Life feels good with your likes in my circle.

My Nairaland E-family; Don Meneski , Ikdbabie and Favch, the list won’t be complete if I don’t mention your names, you actually made me believe I could do what I’m doing now, then, when I just started. I appreciate you, I guess you don’t know what those your comments meant to me then when I started, they actually woke the writer in me.

I won’t forget to mention; Charminee, Daviesblaze , LightQueen, Ceecane, Slimynonny, Damibiz, Dcteejay, Collinometricx, Chidikaobi, Dextinate, Asemark, Kennypedia, OlufemiWhit, Iruosonobrugwhe, Therock, Culin, Ekimi, Topedoski, ladidacanon, Chobov, Tuhndhay, Daddio, Brainyster, Cyber5 and co, I really want to say a very big thank you,you guys rock! Na ona dey make me dey feel like one badass writer with comments wey dey ginger me to write more.

Please if I don’t remember to mention your name, don’t be offended, you still dey special too, believe me. *smiles*
Make talk for no too many, I welcome una to my E-crib! lol.

**clears throat**
Ehen, before I forget, e get wetin I like make you know o, to avoid ‘had I know’ make e for nor cause quarrel for front.
Don’t take things too serious, what every I say here, my thoughts and opinions are mine and from my own perspective.

It’s an offence to carry a long face (frown) here, you either smile, laugh or *points at the door*. Is nor your problem dat big pass, *smile joor*

I have a request, should you see me do/go wrong, correct me. ’No one knows it all.’ I’m only human and I’m prone to make mistakes and if I do, please don’t hesitate to correct me. Thanks.

That’s all I can say for now, if more information dey, I go let ona know. Once again, welcome!

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