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Some guys sha

Why go for baes that don’t have value? . Oh, she’s broke and dependent . She can’t even get shit done for herself. . See the kinda babe you’re rolling with? . Know what.. You’ve got poor taste in baes, guy… . Now you don’t really love her. You just see her as one less […]


My Life At DESPO – Episode 77

My people, I hail oh! How una matter be nah, hope you guys are doing great… (Yes, I guess) E dun tey oh… Plenty things dun happen dis 2020. I nor go talk much. If you are reading this and your life seems like its fucked up already… Just wanna tell you to keep your […]


Do this NOW to #EndPoliceBrutality

Shebi I was talking about harassment https://efesblog.com/my-encounter-with-sars-endpolicebrutality/ the other day, I neva even talk wetin happen finish sef… (E dun Burst!) You see the protest going on, some of you won’t understand the importance. You may not even understand the motivation behind it. You see pain, pain is a source of motivation. BUT it’s a 2 […]


My Encounter With SARS #EndPoliceBrutality

If your father na Police/Sars, you suppose dey go deliverance once once oh cos normally ehn, e nor suppose better you. Unto say many people go dun lay curse on (mostly the innocent ones) 99% of the uniform men(especially Police/Sars) are heartless and like Fela called them, “animals in human skin” Do you think Nigeria […]



So today is independence day? Nigeria at 60! that’s what I see on every blog and website that I visited today. Did I talked about WhatsApp status? It was flooded with different variations of gReen White Green… Accompanied by sweet messages. I just looked and passed by. Wasn’t even ready to ask people questions that […]


Congrats Meekest! YNWA

Congrats to Meekest, A diehard Liverpool fan I know. The boy fit scatter full area in defense of Liverpool. He nor mind fight the rest club fans till him liver pull. That was how the boy forgot he had a date with a bae in school cos of Liverpool Champions league match.. Dis one na […]


My Life At DESPO – Episode 76

Dafe and Okuna’s history.. According to Dafe. “It was during Post/UME period, I come process my form that day. After I finish, the bus when I enta dey go back to Warri, na me be last person wen complete am. As we dey go, one babe con answer call near me. Na her accent nai […]


My Life At DESPO – Episode 75

The next day saw me in class taking notes while a female lecturer explained from her textbook. As a student, I realized that most lecturers set questions from topics that they stressed on in class. They may not actually give Area Of Concentration (AOC), but, they don’t fail to give hints- that’s why its not […]


Heart Break Be Like…..

That moment you realized that you not your lover’s lover. Wait fess, so you nor be your babe guy. **lol* You know that feeling your lover told you they were not around, only for you to find them with someone else in a bar you went to chill n clear ur head?? Shebi e go […]


My Life At DESPO – Episode 74

We got to the meekest friends lodge, lets call her Meg. When the bikeman left, Meekest said we should walk inside and ask for Meg. ” which kine mumu talk be dat one na, you just let her whole neeighbors know say boy com block her abi… nor be me and you go waka dat […]


Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! My E- community. We came through 2020, e nor easy! Now that we are here, lemme quickly remind you that  “Money nor dey fall from heaven”, you have to get something do to, to make ends meet and secure the Na only for dictionary nai Success for come before Work o 😉 […]


A piece for this festive season

Take heart ehn.. Don’t put all your hope in human, you nor hear word… No back up plan Now tailor wey you give clothes dun travel for last minute…. The wicked tailor haff remove battery from phone, now that tiny voice of service provider is telling you ,” the number you’re trying to call is […]


My Life At DESPO – Episode 73

The fresh air felt good while it caressed my skin as walked slowly, thinking about where to go. . One mind said i should just go take one chilled bottle of Heneiken and pass time in lexuz bar.. . Another mind said i should goan check up on one babe that i was having a […]


My Life At DESPO – Episode 72

Kemilicious, this update is decated to you.. Thanks for the motivation… * muah** ” Efe, how are you and what are you doing in my zone?,” she asked as she was by my side. . ” I’m fine and I’m about to meet up with a potential bae and at the same time trying to […]


Matters Arising

E get one matter wey happen yesterday, it made me ask if being a Nigerian is now a crime. Omo, things dey happen oh, if e neva happen to you, you go think say na ‘ dem say, dem say’. You fit even laugh say na story till e go happen to you live n […]