My life at DESPO – Episode 6

“kai, you dey crase? who say make you raise your head?” A soldier asked, whipping a boy in the process. “ah! mummy o! daddy o! mummy o!” the boy screamed in pain. His shout angered the soldier more, as he kicked him and more whips followed. ” you idiot (a girl), why you no just […]


My life at DESPO – Episode 5

Observation matters alot  (Street OT). Now let me chip this in: if you are going anywhere(party, event or club) that people are gathered, always be at alert. (Never let your guard down till you get home) Back to the matter.. Evrything was going fine until we heard sound of broken bottles and someone scream. Omo, […]


My life at DESPO – Episode 4

Back to Bobby, he took Mega’s phone to call someone but the number was unreachable that moment before he dropped the phone. “Mega, this your broda dey well o, him dey press? na street boy?,” bobby asked. ‘I nor be street boy o bros, i be city boy,’ i quicky replied him. “ah baba o, […]


My life at DESPO – Episode 3

After the introduction, the rest boys went outside to continue their business(smoking and gisting and bombing). “Mega, you don chat your work(client) this evening?,” Mega’s boss asked while he typed fastly on his Macbook. “No o, chairman. My sub finish dis afternoon,” Mega replied. “Oya, go carry your lappy com connect hotspot, make you start […]


My life at DESPO -Episode 2

Mega: Broda, wetin dey sup? You sure say na hungry dey beat you so abi na sickness. I nor like dis your mood o, abeg if na play stop am. Me: relax, i dey well. Just dat e don tey wen this kind hunger worry me. I go gain my strength back just nw. I […]


My life at DESPO

This is a true life story with some elements of fiction and change of names to protect the identity of people involved. Please pardon my grammatical blunders and correct me, if you spot any. Thanks. Warning: If you wan misbehave, abeg go think am again cos i get SARS number, na just to send them your […]



Welcome to my Blog. I’m glad you made it here, body sweet me! *Long post alert!* Well, I won’t even start writing anything if I don’t mention the names of some people who motivated me to do this. First of all, all thanks to God Almighty for the gift of life and inspiration, He is […]