Before You fall in love…

My cousin just came from camp, one Northern state laidat. I welcomed him and we got gisting straight up.

This G is one of my favorite persons – although he is a bit older than me, we’re like pals…Β  We do things together.

While I requested to get first hand gist of his experience in the 3 weeks stay in camp, the first question he asked me was…

” why would God allow 2 people to meet and fall in love with eachother if he knew they won’t work out?”

His countenance wasn’t bright when he said that and I suspected something was up, so I probed him.

The nigga said he met the “love of his life” in camp, but… posting has put assunder.

“Omo, me and dis babe really love eachother o, we compatible like bread n butter – my full spec

…. but, las las dem post her go Kaduna. How we go do am pass?

Broda, I just weak o, I don’t even know what to do, man,” he said.

My broda was emotional while he expressed himself.

All I did was to be quiet and listen to him as poured his heart out first, before I say anything.

I’ve discovered that sometimes, if you’reΒ  worried/bothered about something…

You just need someone to talk to. Not like you are complaining or seeking for sympathy, but, you just need to lift those worries off your chest.

You need a listening ear, someone that understands you. Not one who’d use what you say against you later for any reason whatsoever.

I understand how he felt that moment, so I just chilled even when there were times he said some things that made me want to call him, “Ekpa! Mumu! Goat!” πŸ˜„ πŸ˜…

After he finished talking…

” guy, hope still dey for you sha, but – dat na if she love you back as you dey tell me so o,” I said.

He looked at me in disbelief and asked, ” as how?”

Made him understand that, if they’re truly in love with eachother, things can work out if they keep in touch.

” ona fit still dey talk na, and as time goes, you fit invite her over to come spend some time with you,” I said.

” oshare, wetin you dey talk so? Kaduna far from here o, I no sure say e go possible sef,” he replied.

“Na so only ona go dey use ona hand and thoughts dey spoil things so.

Time dun reach to invite her over, she con refuse to come? Why you dey make excuse on her behalfΒ  – dey assume nonsense.

Guyyy, forget o, if the babe love you, she go come meet you when the time come.

Abi you neva see people dey travel go meet their lover for another country because of love?

Omo, no reason am… love dey make people climb mountains, cross oceans, or make way – to be with who dem love o.

And, you fit even travel go her side go see based on 1 or 2, shey you get?

If onaΒ  2 get understanding, anything dey possible – as far as no be lust or infatuation sha.” I said.

” no true you talk o. But sometimes ehn, you dey act like say you get sense o – who would’ve thought you can reason maturedly like this?” He said, teasingly. πŸ˜…


” I blame you? No be your fault na.. na me when dey try give you premium advice for free I blame, mumu man like you πŸ˜„ ” I fired back, and we laughed.

“I missed you, broda,” I said.

” I missed you too, son.” He replied.

He is smart, a broda, a friend, aΒ  clown and more!

πŸ˜„ πŸ˜…


See this thing called love…. it’s not for the faint hearted.

Some people won’t have the privilege of feeling it – in their lifetime. (No be swear o, it is what it iz)

Love is sweet, yeah, I mean genuine one o.

And at the same time….

Love has been shattering hearts since the days of our forefathers, and it’ll keep on breaking hearts now, and for generations to come. ( know this, know peace)

Life is a risk, so is love.
(If your mind no strong, no put body) E Get Why πŸ˜‰

If you can’t take the risk, no put body for love cos if heartbreak sup, sniper may look like juice in your eyes o. πŸ˜„

If you want to love, love wholeheartedly, don’t hold back for any reason.

Yeah, you’d feel vulnerable sha, but…

It’s all part of the risk.

Risk knowing that your heart could get broken the next day, month or year.. but, you won’t let the thoughts to spoil the moment.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to no one, why allow fear of the unknown ruin the moment?

Even if your heart get scarred or broken, so what?

Will you allow that to kill you? (O wrong now)

Yeah, you’d feel hurt,Β  no doubt, but… You gats move on, no time.

Love doesn’t start n end with one person.

Although we don’t wish for separation or breakup with the ones we love – genuinely, but…

Sometimes, life happens.

Beautiful things could get ruined in a twinkle of an eye, and some times.. Some situations could damage solid bonds.




Before you fall in love, know that it comes with a risk.

True love exists o, no let any bitter/damaged person tell you otherwise.

As sweet as love is, it has gotten some hearts shattered, and will still break others now – and time to come.

But, no fear…

Accidents(heartbreak) happens doesn’t mean that we would stop traveling(loving) – shey you get?

If you’re scared of loving completely because you’re scared of getting your heart broken, kukuma jus stay outta love street.

Cos, what’s the essence of loving if you are not doing it whole heartedly? ( o wrong nau)

Love is best enjoyed when done without reservations.

Yeah, you’re always free to exit a relationship/union if it’s no longer healthy for you. ( E Get Why)


So, before you fall in love, know that there are meant to be some challenges along the way sha.

Real life is not what you see in Zee world, Korean series or Telemundos.


I know you’re smart sha.

You know what to do.





🌍SamWealth Efe❀



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