Before they bring death to your doorstep #EndPoliceBrutality


How are you doing?

Well, as for me, I’m not feeling good at all and I won’t pretend to be.

I’m heartbroken, I feel pained and helpless.

Didn’t you hear about what happened at the toll gate last night?

Our fellow unarmed compatriots were murdered in cold blood by men of the Nigerian army…  same people who took oats to protect the lives of their citizens.

How did we get here?

So we’ve been in a military regime in disguise all these while?

This is tyranny! And we have to put an end to it NOW!

Those Innocent and unarmed people that were killed yesterday were people’s children/parents/breadwinners/friends/relatives. (Facepalms)

Is this the Nigeria that you are proud of?

Is this the Nigeria you want your unborn kids to live in?

If your answer is no, then you must ACT NOW to put an end to this tyranny.

Let the blood of the Innocent people that died yesterday, protesting peacefully for our right and good standard of living, NOT BE IN VAIN.

If you can’t join those protesting peacefully physically, go to Twitter.com NOW and lend your voice there [Twitter.com]

Join the online protesters to CALL International bodies to intervene…   Since our leaders and arm forces have failed Us.

Tweet and Retweet the #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality hashtags till your thumbs go numb.

Please, if you have the MEANS, make donations to VERIFIED accounts provided for the provision of food, treatment, and general support of the protesters.

You don’t have a Twitter account?
Open one here Twitter.com NOW… It’s FREE

Don’t feel relaxed because you haven’t been affected yet.

What if those heartless beasts in uniform (are ordered) resort to breaking into houses and killing people at night or even day time… E nor hard dem do!

The Govt/Plothievecians/Legislooters has shown Us how low they could go to protect their selfish interests (Bunch of heartless bastards!)

If they(Govt) decide to send military men and fulani herdsmen to start breaking into every neighborhood and kill people randomly… You think You’ll be spared abi? You better have a rethink and ACT NOW (Join/Support the protesters Online/Offline)


The government has shown that they don’t give a fuck about us cos they aren’t affected in any way.

Check am na…

If their family/children/loved ones are not in foreign countries already, then they’d probably be in a safe house now, heavily protected and secured… while they watch the innocent citizens get killed under their watch.

This is every shade of oppression, genocide and tyranny against Us…

Should we fold our hands and watch the bastards in power silence and wipe us out of our land with the unjust killings?  Never!


To win this war against corruption, brutality, and tyranny in Nigeria… You and I MUST participate in this revolution. (It’s a collective effort)

Imagine the smile and satisfaction on your wrinkled face 60-80 years from now while you sit with your grandchildren, telling them stories of how You participated in the change of Nigeria that they’d be enjoying by then.

Before we all get killed, don’t wait till later (it may be too late), join the movement to put an end to #PoliceBrutality NOW!

If you can’t join the movement physically, you can join and support the online protesters on Twitter.com

In case you are asking Why Twitter?
That is the most popular platform to get the attention of international bodies.

Now that you know log on to Twitter.com now and be a patriotic citizen, join the army of online protesters and let’s put an end to these incessant killings and corrupt government once and for all.

You don’t have a Twitter account? Hurry and create one now Twitter.com, it takes less than 60seconds to create an account.


Stay Safe!

Say a prayer to the families of our fallen heroes that were murdered in #LekkiMassacre last night by the Govt last night!

IF you can, PLEASE, support the protesters financially or materially.

#EndPoliceBrutality  #EndBadGovernance #EndSWAT

Remember your tweet and Retweet can make the difference…

Log in and put an END to #PoliceBrutality NOW on Twitter.com

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