Before You Hit the sheets – Let’s talk about sex [ part 2]



Let’s talk about knacking.


But before I start to yan…


I want you to know that

If you are sexually disciplined, you’ll avoid so many problems that many people are using to debate today.

It’d save you from stress – emotional, financially, mentally, and otherwise.


Before you hit the sheets…

Before you consume yourselves and quench the fire of passion, lust and desire….

Think it twice.



Here are some questions I answer before I even get close enough to a  lady, before I consider hitting the sheets.

” is this person my spec?”


I know we’re all different and unique in our own different ways.

We got our own views and approach to life, and ways of doing things.

I’m not saying you should be like me, or copy my style.

The thing is just for you to be careful with whoever you decide to get intimate with. [ E Get Why]


Some One night stand has fucked some people’s life up.

I’m not even saying you shouldn’t straff.

Of course, you’re above 18, some people even started doing-the-do even before they got to 18.


Wetin I  dey try yan you be say make you dey careful with who you wan knack.

Some people are baggages of problems…

I think sex is more than just penetration.

The way I see it, whoever you’re having sex with, you’re creating some form of bond in the process of exchanging fluids, kisses, and everything in between.


I’m not judging anyone but… it still baffles me how some guys would just call a random gal they don’t know from nowhere… pay for hookup and have sex with them.

Like, they meet a

Same way I’ll never understand how some guys are so comfortable visiting a brothel and sleep with a hoe.

A hoe that anyone with money can sleep with — even a mad man with money can sleep with em.

How they do it,


If you’re sleeping with hoes, you get mind o. ( I can never fit it – kukuma kee me)

How can you just fuck anything on skirt cos you’re horny?

You don’t even have a taste in women

Are you that cheap?

Or is it an esteem issue… like, you can’t toast normal girls?

I’ve seen guys laidat sha.

Their excuse is that ” I don’t like stress”

” these hoes take care of their body better than normal girls,, cos they know their body is their business,” an acquaintance said in defense while we argued the other day..

Can you just hear lame excuse.

Some guys are just weak, and they’re comfortable in that weak state.

I know say Conji na bastard o, but, learn to control your own urge..

Lion dey hungry no go make am go chop grass.

Imagine the disgrace some guys had given to their ancestors, parents and family just cos of lack of control their urge.

They can’t even think with their head again, instead, they think with their dick. They just wanna have sex with any lady that they find attractive.

… whether the lady insults, embarrass or disrespect them, they’d still keep on trying.

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