Before you hit the sheets – let’s talk about sex


Just because it’s FriDay…

Let’s talk about  knacking.


When it comes to sex related topics, some people’s reaction still baffles me…

Like, they think the word and act of sex is a taboo of some sort.

… funny enough, most of these people are the ones that engage in the act the most – ‘codedly’. (Bunch of disgusting hypocrites)

C’mon, we’re adults for fs..

… and we ain’t even talking  about perversion.

Warning: it seems I’m about to derail…

Yeah, it just crossed my mind, and lemme just say it before it goes…


Most of the people that have weird expressions at the mention of the word “Sex”…

It may be as a result of their lack of sexual orientation, from when they were young.

I think…

if sex education is encouraged and taught to the younger ones, it’d open the eyes of many underage and teenagers to know about sex – it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, let them know that for the unmarried, the disadvantages outweighs the advantages.

Problem is,

Many teenagers learn about sex from the wrong people/medium.

Some parents are so shy about discussing sex education with their kids, that some of us learnt it the wrong way.

… for some parents, they think if they discuss such topic with their children, it’d would corrupt their mind and make them want to practice it.

They didn’t know that failure to enlighten their wards about such delicate issues – could put their danger.

…. talk about being penny wise, pound foolish.



I believe if teenagers are exposed to sex education on time, from parents, religious institutions, and educational institutions  – many cases of : unwanted pregnancy, abortion (that had damaged some girl’s womb or killed some), Sexually Transmitted Diseases – would’ve been avoided or reduced to barest minimum.


But no,

Instead, most parents always tend to paint sex as evil… the unholy act that would send them to hell if they try it.

…. and then, when a child tastes the forbidden fruit and feels how bitter sweet it is, do you think they’d still believe the thoughts of “sex is evil” ? – hell nah.


There are times in teenagers life when their hormones starts developing and raging. (Puberty stage)

When, for the guys, their morning wood starts rising every morning.

And, for the girls… their body(boobz n ass) starts developing fast. They start getting wet and craving attention and affection.

Formative stages, a delicate stage…

If you don’t educate them about their bodies, sex, and about the opposite sex at this stage,

..they may get the wrong education from social media, wrong clique of friends, or some adult predators out there.


Imagine this scenario…

A teenager that has been told that sex is a taboo and would lead them to hell…

Okay, let’s assumed they believed that for some time till…. eventually,  they get associated with some wild friends from damaged home.

… friends who always talks about sex all the time. Make remarks of how “sweet” the act is… and even ridicule such teenager for their lack of sexual experience.

… and then, that teen is exposed to pornographic contents, and get dared to engage in the act to join the league of big boy/girl, and feel among…

And then… boom!

They decided to damn all consequences and have sex…


Because they weren’t given the right orientation about sex… they found the act sweet – contrary to what they’ve been made to believe, prior to the act.

Having their first orgasm would feel like bliss for them…. but then, their eyes has been opened to a new world entirely.

Some teen may be able to control their urge to engage in the act afterwards… (very few)

While for others, reverse is the case.

They’d want to experience that heavenly feeling all the time, and from then…

A nyphomaniac has been born.


For girls:

some of  would turn to sex addicts.

…some would go into spree of abortions for various guys… for the unwanted pregnancy that came while in the act of fulfilling their sex craving – carelessly.

… some would meet the wrong set of people and decide to commercialize their bodies and become hoes, runs girls or pussy vendors.

…. Some may get STDs without even knowing – and be transmittitng it to guys on a steady steady.

…. some may die in the process.


For guys:

Some may get addicted to sex and start patronizing brothels and runs girls in the process.

Some of them would become slave to their sexual urge…  and may even squander all their monies in chasing women or spending to impress some hoes.

They may end of becoming chronic womanizers and put their life, finance and future in jeopardy.



All the above scenarios could be avoided or reduced to the barest minimum if we promote Sex Education.

….Cos, those teenagers that involved in the above scenarios would have friends that they influence – and the circle  continues.

Thing is,

All of them would still be in the same society,, with you and me.

Shey you get my point now?


Sex Education Should Be Encouraged.

We Should Teach Our Children, Offsprings, Siblings & Wards About Sex Education From Their Tender Age…

Enlighten Them About Their Body, Sex – it’s Advantages & Disadvantages. 

For Parents – Build An Enabling Environment Where Your Kids Would Be Comfortable With  Discussing Their Sexual Life With You – Without The Fear Of Being Scolded or Judged.

… because if you fail to do the above, they’d have no other option than to learn it from peers, social media or adult predators.


Shey you get my point.



The society is ours, and We all have a role to play in making it a better place for all.


If you see a vice and you pretend not to see it because it doesn’t affect you at the moment… and refused to shun it – it’d come back to hunt you directly or indirectly, someday.


Like @Omoalhaji said yesterday, ” We all can’t look away. Unlooking is gradually causing us huge


It’s The Reality… ✌🏾💯

You (and I) should Soro Soke (speak up), when necessary.

We all have a role to play in the betterment of this our society.

No, I’m not saying your voice alone would change things, but, shun indiscipline.

Cos, if we keep quiet and not speak against some abnormalities that are now being accepted as norm – in the guise of being “woke” – these days…

The people who practice the abnormalities would some day get married and have kids,

And their kids and ours would mix up again…

Since we won’t be everywhere watching who they(our wards) interact and roll with, they may copy some bad habits from children of those societal misfits.


The best way against this time bomb is to raise our voices and fight against indiscipline.

…starting from ourselves, immediate family, friends and extention to the general society at large.

Social media is our tool.

And, that’s one of the reasons I created this space… for information, entertainment, and inspiration.

Although I’m still a young guy who is still trying to figure out life….

I’ve made some mistakes and still making some as time goes But like my broda Trueman would say – It’s All Good…

I’m a student of life, and everyday…. I Learn, Unlearn & Relearn.

While I make some mistakes and continue to learn in this journey of life,

…I won’t relent in trying to help make the society, and world become a better place-in the best way I can.


🌍SamWealth Efe❤





Mheen, we couldn’t even talk about the main topic today again..

E dey be like dat sometimes sha.

Sometimes, the words hit me unexpectedly and I just have to pen it down as it comes (make e for no loss) 😁


Let’s continue 2mao.

Watch out for it… the title would be

“Before You Hit The Sheets (Part 2)”

You won’t wanna miss it, trust me.

I’ll be talking about Sex from my own point of view, among other things. 😉



You can drop your comments below, and share your opinions about every of our discussion. 😊


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