Congrats Meekest! YNWA

Congrats to Meekest, A diehard Liverpool fan I know.

The boy fit scatter full area in defense of Liverpool.
He nor mind fight the rest club fans till him liver pull.

That was how the boy forgot he had a date with a bae in school cos of Liverpool Champions league match.. Dis one na babe wen fess give am tough time o.

The broda chose Liverpool’s match over a date.

” bros you for go track d babe, then watch highlight later oh,” I told but, he refused.

” na live match dey sweet pass, the babe nor dey run. We can always reschedule the date,” he replied me that evening.

The painful part be say Liverpool con lose their match dat day, the nigga lost both ways. It ended in premium tears (Story for another day)

Meekest, congratulations on Liverpool’s new whip (lastesr Epl Champion). After a whole 30years!

In all the years of Liverpool’s trophy-draught, you stayed loyal. Your loyalty strong pass all Arsenal past and present fans own..

I pray that you transfer dis loyalty, love and unwavering support to your…. yunno

See, awish na me get Liverpool club ehn, I for make you assistant coach or give you 10% of the club shares, for life! A true ride or die fan..

E just dey pain me say who get the club and the players nor even know whether you dey exist or not. . (na joke o) ** runs out***

That’s the beauty n fun of sport and any other biz sha; they are nothing without their loyal fans/customers.

Meekest! YNWA

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