Do this NOW to #EndPoliceBrutality

Shebi I was talking about harassment https://efesblog.com/my-encounter-with-sars-endpolicebrutality/ the other day, I neva even talk wetin happen finish sef… (E dun Burst!)

You see the protest going on, some of you won’t understand the importance. You may not even understand the motivation behind it.

You see pain, pain is a source of motivation. BUT it’s a 2 way street, depend on how you take it. It can push you to become better or get something you aim for OR it can make you feel dejected, pain and depressed.

The state of Naija has been getting worse lately cos we have been playing the Suffering and Smiling game for too long, and the Govt is taking advantage of that.

Yes, as Nigerians, we are strong, we sabi adapt to situations nor mean say dem go dey push us enta fire. (E nor make sense)

Check am na, if the government brings any of their laws/regulations that affects the masses negatively… Nothing dey happen.

Most of us will only rant online for some time and before you know it, we dun adapt and move ahead OR the Govt will bring something that will divert the attention of the masses and before you know… the main matter go jus die natural death.

If you haven’t been harassed by those beasts on uniform before, you nor go fit understand. (E go be like ordinary story story to you)

Some of the protesters have lost their Parents/Siblings/Relatives/Friends/Lovers/Spouses to those animals in uniform. (Damn!)

Those animals in human skin dun put innocent people for panti/kirikiri/okere for wetin dem nor know about, most times cos dem nor fit “settle” or “drop anything for the boys”

Imagine a force man cos he wears a uniform thinks he has the right to intimidate, molest and when situation gets worse, kill you… (and nothing will happen)

A policeman/Sars official has the right to do their duty fine! But not at the expense of the citizens rights and lives na.

How you go feel when people wen suppose protect you from yawa and kasala con be the same people wen dey threaten your existence?

Imagine being labeled a criminal just because you dress fine/own an expensive phone/laptop or refuse to “settle” them for a crime you didn’t commit. (O wrong na)

Have you Liked/Shared/Tweeted/Retweeted #EndPoliceBrutality #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria #EndSWAT on your timeline today?

If no, you dun dey lose concentration o.

Oya, receive Focus now!!!

If you’re among those carrying out the Peaceful Protesting, YOU ARE DOING WELL!

I’m proud of you! 600 Years Blessings for you!

If you can’t join the protest for one reason or the other, PLEASE, join the online protesters.

You can join and support the movement by liking/sharing/retweeting the #tags in your SM timelines aggressively to make it TREND.

Say a word of prayers for the safety of those who are out there representing us physically in protest ground, Nationwide.

If you have the means, PLEASE, make donations to VERIFIED accounts made available for Donations for tje Provision of Food and other things Needed to support protesters out there.

For 9ja to better, na all of us go join mouths and hands(action) together to make am work.

To amend this sinking ship of our Nation will requires a collective effort (only some people nor fit do am)

Play your part in achieving the Goal (A better Nigeria).

If those animals in uniform neva harrass you nor mean say you dey safe o. (You may be their next victim)

Your parents/brother/sister/lover/friend could be their next victim. If any bad thing happen to your loved ones e go affect you too abi?

You say yesss, abi…

Na the REASON why you MUST support the movement to #EndPoliceBrutality and #EndSWAT NOW.

To avoid, ” dem shoot bird, mama fly” (Stories that touch)

I like you oh, and I know say you love yourself and your family. As we dey hustle and struggle to make ends meet and make our lives better…

Make we end this anyhow killings/intimidation/harassment of those animals in uniform.

Make you always remember to promote #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality on those Big Social Media Platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram)

I hail o!!!

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