03 – 09- 21


Just because it’s Friday

Let’s talk about…


What came to your mind when you read that?

Is it…..

” he say 5 bottle of Hennessey VSOP…

He say 1 bottle for the Dj, …..1 for the hypeman …….He say 1 for the staff…….. 2 for him table!

If skin no full, no put body. “


…Order expensive drinks in club, light casket and throw money in the air with reckless abandon. ( is it what came to your mind?) 😀

If yes,

It’s okay…

My name isn’t Finidi, I won’t Judge. (Osheyyy) 😁


But, hey…

Who or what even made you think living the good life is synonymous to living extravagantly, or living a flashy lifestyle? (I’m listening, tell me)

I’ve come to realize that most of our problems stems from the fact that we lack DISCIPLINE… misplaced Priorities, and…

The fact that we don’t think for ourselves, most times.

…. and, because we’re too lazy/busy to think for ourselves,  we become easily influenced as a result.

If we are easily influenced, it makes us to be preys of being  swayed, persuaded and manipulated too – because

… since we shut our sense of reasoning,

We tend to follow the crowd, blindly … talk about the herd mentality. And that’s how the society gets rotten even more,

Because….. since people don’t sit and reason things through, independently – the wrong things/people gets celebrated and… abnormal things gets accepted as norm. (Pheewwww)


If  you see people throw money in the air, light casket, pop bottles of exotic drinks in the club, bar or events

…. and you begin to think that you’re behind in life.  (Smh)

Sometimes, you even have the guts to ask  ” God, “when?” (Omo you get mind o

“God, when?”  For what exactly?
(Ayam nor understanding)


Wait fess…

You mean God should bless you withso  monies you’re already planning to misuse when it comes? ( no be  dem dey do tins nau)

There is a reason the rich will keep  getting richer, and the poor getting poorer , it’s not rocket science.

Most times, we’re the cause of our own failures in life, and that’s because of our priorities and thoughts we nurture in our powerhouse- the mind.

Before you think I’m saying this cos I haven’t gotten some big bags, (well…. it’s a free world!) 😊

And no, being broke isn’t synonymous to being holy.


…. before you plan to live like a criminal, hope you’ve fixed your life, financially and otherwise.

Hope you won’t bother about funds if your source of income crashes.

Shebi you won’t start disturbing us with “fake friends” quotes when you go broke as a result from living above your means.

Cos when your hand touch some kinda money, you’d be feeling like you own the world.

… everyone would seem small in your eyes.( be “calming down” o) 😁

It’s your money abi? Yesss nau – you worked for it.

So, no one has the right to tell you how to spend the money you worked hard for, right? Yeah
…and, you’re absolutely  right about that.

Spend it however you want it,  but… don’t disturb anyone when things go south. ( Capish? )

Dorime! Ameno, Ameno, Latiree…😁

And who told you that you can’t enjoy life at the level you are- with what you have?

… that’s the problem!

Because you don’t think for yourself, some people have made you think that happiness is about balling extravagantly…  and enjoyment is when you live life, lavishly. ( O wrong nau)

Happiness means different things to different people.

You’d be doing yourself a lot of harm & heartbreaks if you define your own happiness with other people’s own. ( life na per head o)

Wait fess, I’m not asking you not to grind for a better life, or secure the bag – hell nah.

Infact, if you stop grinding for a better life, sapa would choke you, and render you almost useless.

Grind oh, brokeness is not of the Lord o. 😉

The lack of money is the root of all evil.


What I’m tryna say is…

You can enjoy life at any level you are – with what you have. 

Life is in stages, as far as you’re not idle… as long as you’re trying your best to make ends meet, you’ll get your big break soon.

So, try dey enjoy your life witin your budget, until the bigger things and upgrade come.

No let another man doinz pepper you .

Everybody na king for im lane, don’t allow anybody to intimidate you or make you feel less less of yourself.

You are free to admire what people have and work towards getting your yours, if you want it – but never envy anyone.

Ball with wetin you get, according to your capacity cos…. dem no dey give award for best baller.

Anything that gives you happiness – keep on doing it!

Don’t give room for anxiety or depression.

Cut lose from people you don’t vibe with – that aren’t adding Value to your life. ( life no too hard laidat)


Connect with people who’ll motivate you to achieve greatness. People that’ll add value to your life and make you a better version of yourself. [ reciprocate the energy too]

Life no be competition , but no carry last [e get why] 😉

Be heavy on personal development!

complacency is a killer of dreams, don’t fall for it.

Strive to be a better version of yourself, daily.

Appreciate life, some dun go.

Most times, our only problem is just lack of money… and we’d get it as far we’re making deliberate efforts to make it. (On God! 💯)

We tend to forget about appreciate the gift of life, good health, going out and coming back safely…

Omo, let’s learn to be thankful to the creator of life o.

Remember, some people have problems money can’t solve. (God forbid!)

I know say inside this life, Problem No Dey Finish – but, my prayer be say make God no allow problem wey big pass come our way. 🙏🏽


Take care of yourself – the  best way you can!  🙌🏾💯

Always Catch Cruise 😁 , for your sanity – make you no go use over seriousness kee yourself.
(Life no too hard laidat) 😉

I remain your boy,

🌍Sam Wealth(Efe) ❤


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