Friday yans

Guys that do hookup,

Having sex with a girl you just met – a complete stranger, ona get mind o. How do you enjoy fucking a total stranger?

Before you blame it on Konji, I just wanna tell you that you’re weak mumu man. You don’t even have taste and can’t even tame your own urge.🀫

A girl that anyone that has money, even if it’s a mad man- can sleep with- a public toilet! It’s your life sha (Smh) 🌚

Guys that patronizes brothels and hoes (runs girls), it would look like fun to them at first sha,

… especially if they have money to spend on carrying different girls, but…

It’d be detrimental to them at the long run.

Am not even saying you shouldn’t straff, but, please, straff responsibly.

Sleep with hoes doesn’t make you a big boy, rather it shows how low your values are.

It’s just like sticking your dick in a public toilet…

I can’t even imagine sleeping with a girl, without kissing or foreplay… A girl I can’t be proud to be seen with – I can’t fit it sef!

Guy, get sense.

Have a spec and stick to it.

Don’t allow your dick think for you or control you – control it.

Bad habits are easy to adopt, but breaking from them takes the special grace of God and strong will.

Some of you start the act cos your friends and associates are doing it – so you think it’s normal.

Or you just decide to join them in the act because you want to feel among.

Too bad!

There’s peer pressure, but, you have the final say.

As an adult, when it comes to peer pressure and being influenced, I believe You have the right to accept or decline.

Don’t you have principles and values that guard your life?

Is that you just live your life anyhow?

You just copy what people does into your life without knowing their reasons, or thinking about the consequences? (O wrong nau)

You’re an adult o.

And, being an adult comes with the responsibility of taking charge of your life.

If the world is a sea, You’re the sailor of your life, the captain of your future.

You’d become whatever you decide to become, and…

Your actions and decisions would determine the result of what you’d be – successful or failure.

I believe life is all about “Cause and Effect”


Everyone of us must suffer one of 2 pains:

1. Pain of discipline


2. Pain of regrets.


Pain of regrets would be worse.


So, if you’re reading this, let the thoughts guide you in anything you do, and decisions you’d make.

… cos they’ll make or break you.

If you don’t have the guts to resist being influenced to participate in things that doesn’t align with your values and principles,

You better just avoid such association.

You’re matured enough to know what’s good for you, your mental health, and peace of mind.

Don’t compromise your standard cos you wanna impress or feel among.

They may tag you “weak” “novice” “naive” “fool” “slow”Β  or even “jew” just cos you don’t compromise your standard,,

But, that shouldn’t bother you.

They’d say those things cos you’re a reminder to them that they failed themselves.

Shey you get?

And they may even get bitter or envious of you and plan to get back at you in some ways – maybe set you up in extreme cases.

… and that’s the reason you should avoid them.

Every action has it’s consequences.

Don’t use your own hand to destroy your future by join friends or peers in engaging in destructive habits.


πŸ“ŒUse your brain o!πŸ“Œ



🌍SamWealth Efe ❀



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