Happy Father’s Day

I won’t sleep well tonight i don’t let you know that i was birthed by a lion.

Yea, he is my small god, a friend and a brother, my dad.

Although i didn’t like him that much while growing up because he never failed to give me that military drilling anytime i misbehaved up as a kid.

” A lion can never give birth to a goat” he always reminds anytime he spoils the rod of correction on me.

If you see where my dad for dey drill me then ehn, you go think say he adopt me. 🤣

Omo, at a point, his shadow and voice dey active my ‘behave yourself’ mood, my dad presence dey put cold for my body.

I was too young to understand that my dad was trying to put me in the right path that i mistook his discipline for hatred towards me. What did i know then? A small boy  that wanna be razz n go away it.. (Not in my father’s house!) Drilling wee jus end your career 😁

Kneel down, hands up and close your eyes, sometimes pick pin. this combination dey always reset my brain to default setting. If the offence is serious, 24 strokes of leather belt will be added to the dead combination.

How I’m still alive after those drilling is still a mystery to me. 🤗

Aside the drilling, my daddy get big heart oh, he never fails to spoil me with toys, clothes and new stuffs, those things do console me for the drillings. 😁

He is too generous, when I was younger, i dey vex for am say if he use all him money tey help other people finish, which one go con remain for our upkeep and my toys. (small pikin sense) lol.

For someone that hasn’t ever laid his hand on my mom for any reason whatsoever or shouted at her in our presence (i doff my hat). Only legends achieve that feat cos women get their own wahala.(ladies don’t look at me like dat) lol

As i grow up, my regard for my dad continues to increase. Now i understand all the sacrifices he made to ensure we never lacked anything. Sometimes he forfeited  some things he wanted just for the happiness of his family. Remind me what selflessness means again.

Yes, my dad gave me some street OT n life lessons that guided me in the right part.

From Fela, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Peter Torch n co, dad influenced my love for music 💯.

If my dad dey play blues for my mom then ehn, i go dey pray make i big fast so dat i go marry own wifey sharply and sing love songs for her too.

My dad is a living legend, my mum na small god. Their union is one of the reason i believe that love exists. They’ve been through thick n thin 2geda, but their love game is still 🔥. I hope to replicate the love they showed me n my siblings to my unborn kids.

I’m proud of my dad  and will ❤ him forever, his is my superman.

Happy Father’s Day! To all the real father’s worldwide, they are the real Mvps.

Now playing: Superman by Casper Nyovest.

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