Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!! My E- community.

We came through 2020, e nor easy!

Now that we are here, lemme quickly remind you that  “Money nor dey fall from heaven”, you have to get something do to, to make ends meet and secure the

Na only for dictionary nai Success for come before Work o 😉 Even for bible talk say ” Faith without work, is dead,” E mean say if you like pray from now til12moro, if  you nor work… Nothing for you o!

Miracle dey happen o bt… You gats play your part.

Nor be to dey shout “New Year, New Me” and write  resolutions full ground o.. (9 Na to put action and work towards making those resolutions become a reality.

On a norms ehn, person nor be small pikin again oh..

We are not where we want to be yet but.– We are not where we used to be. Oluwa is involved!

Let’s set goals and consciously work towards achieving greatness, this year.. ( E get why )

Associate with people of value and invest in yourself.

2020, we go dey alright!

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