Heart Break Be Like…..

That moment you realized that you not your lover’s lover. Wait fess, so you nor be your babe guy. **lol*

You know that feeling your lover told you they were not around, only for you to find them with someone else in a bar you went to chill n clear ur head??

Shebi e go be like say na bad dream… only you go dey wish say make e nor be true.. That shii would fvck your emotion up differently if you truly love her.

E go be like say heart attack wan hold you.. like say the whole place dey rotate.

It is at such moment the red flags you ignored start replaying in ur head.. One mind wee na be laughing you, calling you a Mumu man (you dunno nothing)

You were blindly and foolishly in love.. You go even lose appetite, instanta.

Dis one na bae wen dun wed for your mind already o… even if you neva propose to her for real-life sef. (Chai)

Barman, brings bottles, na so you tey drink, hoping say e go make your head clear or wake you up from the bad dream.

Before you know it, you that haven’t drunk more than 2 bottles in your life before, you dun down 6ix bottles and dey signal barman for more.

Na then you con realize say those times wey your guys dey jokingly call you mugu, na the actual truth dem dey talk.

While your mind is running wild in different directions, then you’d remember the last you both made love. You go con dey reason how she tey sweet.. sweet in the middle.

All these while you dey compose yourself o.. “man nor dey cry,” would be ur consoling thoughts… until the thought of how she screams your name while her kitty squeeze n cream ur lil soldier… hits you.

*sniffs** 1st tear drops, you go clean am, say maybe na pepper enter your eyes. (Hard guy nor dey cry)

2nd tear drops, you clean am, ” e be like say na the onions wey i slice yesterday dey make me cry now so o,” you would say in defense.. (bros wee you keep kwayet?)

Cry in peace joor. Na break, your heart break, your nor kee person.. **lol**

The barman brought the 7th bottle and noticed the tears flowing from your eyes.. ” hello sir, is everything okay?,” he asked, concerned.

” what kinda question is that, do i look like everything is not alright… ogbeni mind your business oh, make i nor change am for you, if na your babe anoda person thief, shey you go dey alright ni,” you wee want to reply bt… You nor fit just cast yourself like dat nA.

” I’m cool bruv,” you wee reply, with that mind your fvcking business look.

While you forming James Bond for innocent barman, you con see as the guy dey kiss your babe, sorry, ex babe… she con smile, smile like goat head for ukodo pepper soup.

“So na dat guy go dey enjoy her now??”

“Where i tey fuck up??” You wee ask yourself.

“But me and her nor get any issues before o, we even talk well yesterday night na…. Wetin dey occur??

The next thing wey go sup be say, you dun dey cry dey laugh.. E con be like say na crase wan start so…(chai, village people why today??)

Small small, people dun dey observe you with style, dey reason weda make dem tie you with rope or not..

Omo, you shouldn’t be the imaginary bros in this story oh.

Nor go let “i too love her” make you drink sniper con go die, incase ona relationship cast oh.. cos, once you die, na you lose.

So while you love with your heart, use your brain.. Dem say “love dey turn person to mumu” dat one na lie from the deepest part of hell. You don’t just accept every cliche.  Use your headquarters.

Yea, in a relationship, there’s enough room for compromises, but.. You should know when your lover is being manipulative or fooling you.

Relationship na “lean on me” nor be “press me die” ( shey you get)

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