Is your money white? 😁

Is your money white?

The evening of October 3rd, 2021 was something else in Nigeria.

No, it wasn’t something bad,

But, something of relish for the Big Brother Naija fans.

Social media was agog with the hash tag #Whitemoney.

He won it, with a landslide, above his felloe housemates.

Some netizens said he won because he followed a script….

Others said it was because he played the “ I have suffered card” like the previous winners of the show – Efe and Laycon.

Talk plenty joor.


If there’s something you should learn from the show,

It reveals that humans don’t change.

Once again,

The show has confirmed that humans do things based on emotions- and try to justify it with logic.

If you can connect with people on an emotional level, they’d do things for you that they won’t even consider on a normal day.

If you connect with people on emotional level before asking for anything, they’d be more receptive to oblige your request.

Like Whitemoney did,

Even if he did it unconsciously, subtly or consciously,

He did an awesome job.

Connecting with the streets from the very first day was the main deal.

While other housemates were tryna show their fashion sense, phonetics and lifestyle….

Mazi Whitemoney was busy building emotional links with viewers at home.

He was being strategic, and it paid off.

Being strategic and consistent would take you places you never thought you could go…

And that’s because,

People are lazy these days.

The quest for immediate gratification would make people quit from a life-changing opportunity- if they don’t get results within the shortest time.


That’d give you an edge to win, because….

While they quit,

You’d be left with less competition.

As far as you’re being intentional with your life, learning a high income skill and being consistent…

You’d be bagging your cheque to financial freedom- soonest!

And, if you start the journey to becoming an authority in any field of your choice,

You’ll get to the top of the food chain, faster than you imagined.


The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is now.

You’ve got to be intentional and strategic about your personal growth and income- if you want to win in this game of life.

While others may be basking in the euphoria of instant gratification now, don’t tag along.

Life na per head.

Learn a high income skill, and practice the hell outta it.

Yes, it won’t be rosy – most good things that are worthy don’t happen overnight.

You’ve got to show up everyday, learn, practice till you become so good that client would be on queue to work with you.

And by then…

When all the efforts you put starts paying off – you won’t even remember the hard days again.

By the time you start reaping the fruits of your sleepless nights, everyday practice and getting better…

Those that were enjoying the seeds of instant gratification would think you’re an overnight success…

They’d look up to you and ask you to cut soap for them. 😁

Good things come to those who wait, but… it would be things left by those who hustled.

“Yes, the patient dog eat the fattest bone” they said, but, lemme ask you –

Would you be the dog that only eats leftover- or you rather become the dog that eats the flesh from the bones?

You have 2 options – the choice is yours…

Choose wisely.


Learn a high income skill today if you want to eat the flesh (make tons of cash), and leave the bones for lazy procrastinators.



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