Koroba Tiwa Koroba

The internet was set ablaze in the early hours of yesterday.


It was a day of joy for gossip lovers.


Nigerians always love hot gist. it serves as an anti-depressant.


And Tiwa Savage was the topic of the conversation this time.


Her sex tape was released.


It caused chaos on the internet.


Vawu-lence everywhere.


The news raised 2 factions of reactors – the “for Tiwa Savage” group vs the “against Tiwa Savage” 


Some said it was a PR stunt…


Others said it was a careless and shameful act from someone lots of youth look up to – as their role model.


It’s so funny how everyone has an opinion. 


What do you expect?


Talk is cheap yunno.


Most people are forming saints while painting Tiwa the devil here.


Just in case you’re wondering which team I’m in


Lemme tell you…


I’m in ‘Your personal development’ team.


Yes, I mean it.


YOUR Team.


While everyone is tryna take sides or be against Tiwa Savage at the moment – dat one concern dem.

Her sex tape, her koroba – none of my biz.


My business is YOU.


See as Tiwa Savage’s life is a major concern to some people’s lives?


While those gossip blogs would be cashing out massively from the traffic and engagement from the topic…


Others would gain threats, online enemies, trolls, and zero naira from their reactions and comments.


The question is,


Which team do you belong to? 


The ones that would cash out or the ones that’d gain NOTHING.


Well, I’m here to remind you that Tiwa is a celebrity and….


Whether you like it or not – she’s getting FREE publicity from the whole stuff.

with the reactions -some people who don’t know about her before now would start googling her up to know about her, her songs, and life. (Free advert)

… and if she decides to release her next album now while she’s trending… She’d get high numbers of streams from both fans, haters, and critics. More views —> more attention = more $$$$ into her account.


At the end of the day, she’d gain new followers, engagements, and more $$$$ – if she plays the “ I’m just a human card” well.. Trust me, you’d forget about the matter few months/years from now – life will always go on.


Lemme ask you now,


What would you gain from your reaction?


Will your comment remove from Tiwa’s net worth?


Does she even know you exist somewhere?


Well, I’m not saying you don’t have the right to do as you please o. it’s your phone and data, abi.

It’s good to shun indiscipline – soro soke always!

….but, while you’re out there giving Tiwa free publicity…


Let me ask you,


What is your current net worth?


The thing is, you should ONLY PAY ATTENTION to things pays or would pay you – every other thing is IRRELEVANT.


I mean, what’s the point of putting all your energy to ‘’stan’ or fight against someone online?


…. When you can be using those times to learn a digital skill CAN change your life forever.


The point is, whether you like it or not – a few days or weeks from now, another hot gist would spring up that’d distract people’s attention from Tiwa Savage.


But then, the smart ones would’ve cashed out – while the reactive people would troop to the new gist and make it trend with their comments…. Without getting Nah-tin.


I want to use this medium to tell you to please, learn a digital skill today.


Don’t be like some losers online that waste all their days, energy, and their data on arguments and other irrelevant things that won’t improve their lives in any way.


Be intentional with your life, bro/sis.

A few years from now, most people would’ve even forgotten about her Sextape, but…

A few years from now, your financial situation would remain the same if you don’t do anything about it – NOW.


Naira is losing its value on the parallel market, and all you care about is the affair of some else’s life?




You can do more than that.


We are a 3rd world country, and so many factors are working against us already.


We need to be deliberate with our growth and personal development. There’s tons of money to be made online – if you know what to do. 


…I mean you can be financially secure- legitimately- through the internet if you follow the process – learning a high-income skill.


Few years from now, when the few people who are learning a digital skill today start CASHING OUT – what’d be you Excuse?


… we all have the same 24 hours and internet access.


So, what’d be your reason for lagging behind and being miserably poor later on, when your peers are reaping the sweet fruits of their digital skill?


Have you thought about it from that angle before?


We are youths now, but, 10 years from now, things won’t be as they are now.


The best time to prepare for our future is now. The internet has made making money a level playing field. You don’t need anyone’s permission to learn a skill and start offering your value for money.


All you need is your phone, data, passion, and determination to learn a high-income skill.


The thing is, it’s not going to be fun at first. 


You may even be tempted to quit after a few days of trying, but – DON’T GIVE UP. Nothing worth doing is ever easy. You’ve got to shun distractions and put your all into it learning.


… and in no time, you’d become so good at it. And then, with your high-income skill… clients would keep on bringing their $$$ to you – to help solve their problem and make their life better – with your skill.


And when that time comes… you won’t remember the days you struggled with learning the skill.


It’d be like a dream to you. But then, you’d be so financially secure that you’d thank your younger self for learning the skill.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step,


Here is my own version – 


The journey to financial freedom begins with becoming valuable. You can become valuable by learning a high-income skill today.


Remember, the rich and the poor both have 24 hours. What separates them are the things they prioritize, and what they do with their time.

Your attention is your currency, what you pay/do with it would determine whether you’d become mediocre, average, or successful. – Sam Wealth(Efe), 2021.


I know you’re smart – you already know what to do. 

20 -10 – 20 lekki toll gate incidence is a year today.

Will you let the lives of our fallen heroes who lost their lives in the protest be in vain?

Improve your life.

Naija will be better – but, it needs OUR collective effort for it to be possible.


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