Let’s talk about finances

Once upon a time,,

When the children passed an old house on their way home from school, they were always hitting their sticks on the balcony railing and enjoying the sound.

The older owner, Pa Gabb, who had been bothered by the noise for a long time, had a really good idea instead of scolding the kids.

So one day, he called the children over to him…

“Children, the noise you make sounds very nice, I’ll give you a pound a day if you keep going like this.” So he gave the kids a pound a day.

In the second week he called the children over again:

“Children, my money is scarce, I can only give you fifty pence, not a pound.”

Now three weeks had passed and the old man called the children over to him for the last time:

“Children, unfortunately I have no money, so I can’t give you any more.”

The children: “No money, no noise” and so they stopped rubbing the sticks on the balcony railing.

And that was the end of noise for Pa Gabb.

Do you see how he stopped the children’s noise without using violence, or wasting energy shouting?

It shows that they are matured and peaceful ways of solving problems- if we think about it.

And, the same principle applies to your finances.

Have you been struggling with saving money from your job or business?

Do you find it hard to account for your expenses at the end of the week/month or year?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “Yess”

I understand.

You’re not alone.

I know how it feels.

… and it’s one of the worse feeling, ever, because…

If you can’t account for your finances, there’s no way you can make meaningful plans for your money.

Impulsive spending is the fastest way to financial destruction.

It’d be disguised as fun and cruise in the meantime, but, in the long run – it is the genesis of financial woes.

Your 20s is where your financial journey starts from.

If you mess it up  at this stage, you’d go on struggling with your finances, and end up a miserable man/woman.

Sadly, our education sector doesn’t help matters at all. 🤦🏾‍♂️


There are tons of opportunities to make wealth out there… thanks to the technology. 🥰

From Cryptocurrency, digital skills, e-commerce, and other opportunities out there…

Digital economy is the future, and technology is the enabler.

The internet makes making money a level playing field for All.

It’s Your discipline, focus, delayed gratification, getting the right information and being open to take opportunities- that would determine how well you’d be – financially.

Don’t just follow trends.

Don’t have a greedy approach to making wealth – you’d lose all your hard earned money, and make others wealthy off your sweat.

Do your own research. It’s better to have your capital and gain 20% ROI in an investment that is valid

…than for you to lose your capital in an investment that promises 80% ROI – without guarantee.

Plan long term.

Seek all the opportunities to know the income stream available to you – per time.

Use Technology to your advantage – today, tomorrow, and everyday!

Being financially literate will put you ahead of your peers.

It’d make your secure your wealth and make it sustainable.

Some people have money/millions, but they can’t manage the money – and they end up becoming broke in after a short period.

You don’t want to be like such people, right?

Salvation is personal – so is financial literacy.

You have to be intentional about your life and finances. It is not taught in school.

It is meant to be self taught.

I know you’re smart.

There are tons of free books, videos on YouTube, podcasts and Audiobooks out there on financial literacy…

You already know what to do.


🌍Sam Wealth(Efe)💰


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