Let’s talk about Love ❤ 🥰


You no get mind and you wan fall in love…. who you wan impress?? Hellooo 😅


Lemme tell you, love is not for the weak o.

Love in itself is a risk.

You’re either all in or out of it – no in between…

Before you get into that relationship, hope you’ve zero-d your mind for whatever outcome.

…. that sometimes, the person you’re in love with may not love you back with the intensity you do for them.


And hope you know the person you love may not even love you at all.

Here’s where you’ve got to stay sharp.

Cos, the fact that love is a risk doesn’t mean you should take uncalculated risk.

… like, you love someone but they aren’t reciprocating, you should know what to do.

Forcing yourself on someone isn’t cool, yunno.

Aside the fact that it’s self disrespect, it could also fuck your emotions and thoughts up.


Truth is, no one is obligated to love you. It’s not a do or die affair.



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