Let’s talk about productivity

07 -09- 21


The week is still brand new week, right?

Or has the Motivational ginger spirit gone with Monday ? 😁

I’m not a fan of being product ive on certain days though…

I think everyday – whether Monday, Friday Saturday or Sunday should be productive.

Na we dey use our own thoughts limit our productivity- cos most times, we think Mondays are the peak of productivity.

…the day of the week that must be started on a fire note..

This kinda thoughts is were personal laziness stems from, and that’s because

You already programmed your mind that your productivity should only be sky high on Mondays , and decline as the days goes.

And then… You’d be hoping for weekend to reach faasstt, so you could catch your breath and get a break.

This attitude is mostly seen among 9-5 workers, from my personal observation though.

You’d see em on all smiles and different shade of happiness on Fridays. (Dem team #TGIF geng) 😁


Shout-out to all the bankers, health workers, and teachers out there – I’ve got high regards for you.

And for the bankers that spend all weekdays handling huge amount of monies that are not yours – The Lord is your strength (e no easy) πŸ˜€


I understand the job factor though.

Sometimes, some customers/clients can’t be overbearing. They’d can annoy the hell out of the most calmest person at the office.

Those kind of customers from hell could make your day bad with their negativity, or even ruin your day with their stupid attitude. They could make you lose interest even in the best of jobs.

This could be the reason why some worker’s productivity take a downturn after mondays.

Or the fact that…

Some of em are doing jobs they don’t love – Sometimes, due to lack of options, or because they can’t do anything else.

So, they’d just settle for any job that’d bring something to foot the bills and keep body and soul together.

Imagine a graduate of mechanical engineering working as a security in bank….

Do you think they’d be happy doing such job?


Yeah, they weren’t forced to do the job but, what to do when the desired isn’t available? (Should they resort to stealing, begging or get involved in other vices?)

Shebi na to manage wetin dey fess till better opportunity comes?

Sadly, sometimes, in the process of managing what’s on ground, some people lose the drive and motivation to push forth and get better.

They just settle for such jobs, and their ambitions would be abandoned- an end of their dreams.

E Be Things!

Things dey happen, mheennn…

In this country of ours, you just have to be mentally strong and motivate yourself… and strive to grow – no matter what,


If you think of the problems in this life, and the challenges we’re facing here – you may just lose hope and fall into depression, because….

It’s just like the Govt and everything is meant to work against us, but… We go make am, no matter what. ( give up no join!)

Wait fess..

If you give up now,Β  wetin you wan con dey do?? πŸ™„

Who give up na e lose o.


So, every day, get up with a zeal to conquer hardship and setbacks.

Although things seems to be rough… yet, some people are still Cashing Out in this country- massively, and legitimately!

Yeah, all fingers are not equal, but, must you be the short one?

Stay motivated and keep on keeping on!

I know it’s easier said than done, but, that doesn’t make it impossible.

You can be in the best position in life if you play Your part, grind, develop yourself, connect with the right people and always on the look out for opportunities.

Let your productivity stay at πŸ’― all the days of the week. That’s how you’d win and stay ahead in life.



Las las….. We Go Dey Alright!


🌍 SamWealth Efe πŸ’°


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