Let’s talk about Showbiz and Influence – before you ask “God, when?”, fall into depression or copy the wron things

04 – 09- 21


Because it’s Saturday, let’s talk about Showbiz and Influence.


NB: what you’re about to read is strictly my opinion.


Please pardon any grammertical blunder(s) you’d come across… I haven’t proofread it. I just finished writing it and pressed “publish” – ( abeg no vex)




Let’s talk about Showbiz and Influence – before you ask “God, when”, fall into depression or copy the wrong things.


First of all… before I share my opinion,

Here’s the meaning of Showbiz according to yourdictionary.com ,

“Showbiz is slang for show business, which is defined as all aspects of the entertainment industry.
The movie industries and the theatre industry are examples of showbiz.”


Look around  you now, you’d see youths who aren’t into showbiz trying to live the life ….

In this our generation,

Misplaced priorities would be the end of many youths… 🤦🏾‍♂️

Why I think so?

The journey starts like this….


A youth sees a celebrity( actor, actress, musician… etc) they like – they become a fan, most times… a die-hard fan.

It doesn’t  end there, the likeness grows so strong that they try to imitate their fav celeb and try to live like them.

… and in the process, they tend to pick up  some of the bad traits of the (bad) habits of those celeb.

They’d introduce themselves to a whole new energy and habit of  someone else just cos they’re a fan.

Still don’t get the point?

I know there are good and bad influencer but, if you’d be honest with yourself, you’d agree with me that those with bad influence seems to winning more (gullible) youths to their sides..

…cos those youths don’t think for themselves – like I mentioned in yesterday’s topic….

Imagine when someone’s favorite celebrity is a helpless smoker who is battling with the addiction and has been to rehab couple of times.

Someone who only sings/talks about drugs, money, women and living the fast life.

Imagine the kinda energy such celebrity  would be passing to their young fans and followers…

Remember that some of their fans are teens in their formative stage… now think of the kind of the influence they’d grow up in.

…and to think of the young ones of today would be the leaders of 2mao, omo x¹⁰⁰…..

I know a guy that got some money and used almost all to buy a cuban and iced jewelries – just cos he sees his fav celeb adorn them on music videos and social media pics (Wahala be like wetin so….?)


While you ponder on that,

Let’s come back to Showbiz and it’s influence on this generation.

The entertainment industry plays a strong role in our society. And if used properly, it can be used to harness youths potential to become great… or it could be used to destroy societal standards… like it’s happening already. ( wahala go dey o)

Celebrities are the key players of entertainment industry, you know right?

… sometimes, I do  think  that some of these Celebrities don’t know the (societal)power and influence they possess.

But, you see brands, they know the power and influence these Celebrities wield on their fans (target market) and they go for the kill

Wait fess…

When you see some brands spend ungodly amount of monies to get an endorsement with some celebrity… you think they are stupid?
(Hell nah!)

They are not stupid, rather, they’re strategic and smart!

The goal of every business is to make profits and get more clients, right?

Here’s what I think about the logic behind.. brand and celebrity relationship= endorsement deals.

Let’s say a new company(brand) has a product that is targeted at youths but – they’ve spent money on marketing strategies without getting desired results

Or, they got desired results but, they want to expand their reach, what do you think they’d do – if they have the resources to spend?

Simple… They’d meet a celebrity in the industry that they are, that has a large and active following.

What I mean is, if the company’s product is a sport wear, they’d go for a star in that spot  and try to get them to promote their sport wears.

alot happens behind the scene of every signed deal though, I won’t bore you with that.

The goal of the business is to get a celebrity that has an active following of their ideal target audience their product/service is made for.

Once the endorsement is sealed…

The celebrity would promote such product/service to their large and active followers.

… this is done to put the brand’s product in front of a bigger audience, where their ideal target prospect would see them.

And, when the company’s product is promoted by a celebrity their target audience love and follows, they (fans) would be easily influenced to buy/use such a product/service.

No, not all  fans of a celebrity would buy the product of they promote, but, a certain percentage of conversion of those fans is all a brand needs to get 10x, 20x or even 50x on the money they invested in endorsement.

It’s all business!

You still don’t get the scope?

Okay chill, lemme try to break it down a bit.

As at last year around May or so, when they were about to release their Camon 15 series, Tecno, signed a deal with Wizkid to make him their brand ambassador.

… and you know Wizkid is popular. He has a total of over 15 million fans combined from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- who are scattered across the world.

It was a well planned strategy to promote their flagship device by a popular figure who’d promote their device to their large audience – and influence their buying decision.

Whatever amount they invested on the ambassadorship, they’d get x3 – x10 as ROI because of the sales Wizkid’s influence would bring. (You get?)


Some die-hard Wizkid’s fans would buy a tecno product just because they see Wizkid promoting it on social media.

… same way some loyal Davido’s fans would likely pick an Infinix over a Tecno phone because Davido is an Infinix ambassador.  (You grab abi)

From my observation, I’ve seen that Telecomm giants,  Mtn, Glo,Airtel n Etisalat leverages on the influence of celebrity alot (personal opinion)

Don’t you see how they sign endorsement deals with top celebrities?

They know those celebrities have fans that love them…  and would buy anything that they promote.

I’ve seen someone buy a sim card from a particular network just because her celebrity crush’s picture was on the poster of that network.

You see now?

Those ambassadorships are business strategies well planned out investment, my gee.

The celebrities are used as bait to capture the sponsor’s target audience.

Celebrities influence are leveraged by smart businesses to grow their brand and increase their revenues.

Another instance…

Don’t you see how popular Big Brother Naija’s housemates with massive and active followership – get endorsement deals from brands immediately they leave the BBN house…


Because, they know these housemate’s loyal and diehard fans would buy any product or service they promote.

These brands sponsors are sharp!

…they want to milk cash out those housemates influence whey they’re still trending.

The power of Influence is immeasurable!

Didn’t you read about that Christiano Ronaldo’s gesture in that interview that made Coca-Cola lose about $4 billion in market value.


Influence is a social currency!


Let’s come back to ShowBiz

Welcome to showbiz….

Where fans rate celebrity by their number of cars, houses, blings… and how much of flashy  lifestyle they live ( weather real or fake)

Showbiz is where some celebrities tend to live double life.. 1 for the industry, 1 for their real self.
( E be things o)

What most fans don’t realize is that…

Sometimes, some these Celebrities are not what they pose to be online, in real life. (Read that again)

I mean….


Let’s take for  instance,

An artist that is gifted with writing hard-core rap songs- But- he hasn’t lived in the ghetto/street before…

And then, somehow, by chance…

He releases a song that went viral, and put him a global light.

Boom! Fake came unexpectedly, and now, fans are yearning for him to release a video for his hard-core songs.

Now that he has attention, he has to maximize it to the fullest if he wants to remain in limelight, right?  Yeah

But problem is…  he hasn’t even lived the street life before, remember?

… he hasn’t smoked, done weed or drugs before…

So what do you think he’d do?

Tick, tok, tick…

…time’s running

Fans are growing cold, while some are doubting and commenting about his lack of abilities all over social media…

The guy is confused…

What would he do to prove himself?

Boom! An idea struck!

He gets a producer…

Rent some iced chains, wrist watches…

He may even wear some stamp-earrings, and adorn some rented gold and silver rings

…heck, those jewelries it could even be  fake – but most viewers won’t be able to tell the difference from watching.

Producer organizes some people.. the custume and background settings would be hoodlike..



… the artist who is now in a gangster costume would lip sync to his song playing in the background while making some moves, gestures and facial expressions…

Mr or Mrs producer would record at various angles – close and shot range..

And…. ” Cut!”

Everyone removes their custumes….

Rented exotic cars and jewelries, returned after the making of the video which could be shot in a make-believe background (greenligjt

They edit the video, ensure that everything is in sync, raise fans urge with teasers and controversial post to stir lots of engagement online for the video, and gather momentum in anticipation before it is actually released.

…. this is done to boost views, engagement and attention when it is actually released,

Views, engagement and attention is what would make the artist and his video trend more…

… the more they trend, the more followers they get

… and the more followers they get, the more their fame and influence increases..

And the more their fame and influence increases = the more their value increase, and this is the end goal – cos that’s where the money would come from.

The more value increases, the more they get noticed by brands…

…and the more their active followership and level of influence increases = the more they’d charge for collaborations, shows performance, sponsored ads and endorsement deals.

So you see, everything in the showbiz is a means to an end = to make the mulla $$$.

But, some fans don’t know some things that go on behind the scenes.

… like the instance I made with the imaginary artist above…

Some fans would see those things(.cigarettes, blings, cuban, exotic autos…) displayed on his music video and social media pages- and they’d copy and try to be like the image he portrayed in the vid

…. without knowing that everything was make-believe” –

Now these set of fans would copy the things they, and start involving in those things, and sometimes it turns to habit or addiction.

And that’s how they’d damage their lives, by copying what they see from a celebrity who is actually acting on a script (their hustle)

Showbiz, there is more to what you see celebrities do, say or post on social media

…and that’s why you shouldn’t be gullible enough to accept/believe and copy things – without thinking of the possible reasons behind those things.

Dear fan of a celebrity,

Here’s is one thing most won’t tell you…

Most times, they live double lives – the portray a fictional character for the media… and they have a personal live – one you may not even see on sm.


Those iced chains, luxurious automobiles, exotic drinks, expensive gadgets and fashion accessories you see them display on their videos or post on social media

… they could either be paid to promote those stuff by the brand owners.


They borrowed those stuff just for the video or photo session….


They could be fake, just posting them to feel among – for them to be rated.
(Some celebrities has been busted in such cased)


Some celebrities that pose as gangsters or pose tough on videos or social media – are calm and peaceful in real life.

Some ladies dress sultry like for movie shots but are decent in real life… While some are indecent both on-set and in real life. (Shey you get)

It’s is ShowBiz, it is the life they choose. It is their hustle.


Sometime last year,

American female rapper said something in a song… where she sang along the line about not doing chores for any man.

You need to see the amount of comments from some of her females fans who supported her. Some even said that’d be the new standard for their homes/relationships… they’d believed and accept anything Cardi B says.

Those are the gullible n stupid fans who are too lazy to think for themselves.

They’re the types that would want to fix any color or style of nails/hair they see on Cardi B.

… they want to buy any brand of fashion accessories they see on Cardi. (Senseless fans!)

Guess what?

About few months after Cardi talked about not doing chores, her fellow celibrity hustband, Offset, took an unaware video of her while she was cleaning their home and posted it online.

Omo, the comments I read ehn.

People blasted her for misleading some of her fans that looks up to her as their role model.

What most gullible fans don’t understand is that… sometimes, these Celebrities say or do controversial things they don’t mean — on social media, just to trend, be talked about or stay relevant.

It’s all part of the showbiz scheme.

Cos to them in the industry, they’d think they’d lose their relevance, and decrease in value if people stop talking about them..

So, some of them are up for anything to stay in limelight, even at the cost of their self respect and value.

Use your brain, before you copy celebrities and their lifestyles- YOU’RE NOT IN THE SHOWBIZ- (GET SENSE O)


Still on Showbiz,

I read about Curtis Jackson, popularly known as “50 Cent” talked about some things he does just for the hustle – fans and endorsement.

He said there was a time he signed a contract with one expensive brand of drink…

He said the brand would host shows in different locations for him to perform, so that they’d sell their drink and raise money.

50 said, sometimes when he is in the club, he would empty a bottle of wine of the brand he is ambassador of and refill it it water.

He said those times he’d just hold the bottle and sip from it…

And boom!

When fans and clubbers see him, they’d start ordering for the same bottle of wine he is promoting and party…

With more sales of the wine, his sponsor’s revenue increases- Mission Accomplished!

What those guys don’t know is that 50 cent is living a healthy life. He wasn’t even sipping alcohol all those while- just water.

But, they’ve been influenced based on what they saw on the surface, without knowing what went down behind the scene.

I know an acquaintance, lets call him Jo whose love for 2pac and 50 cent made him draw their tattoos on his body.

*Thug Life*  is drawn on his chest…   While ” Get Rich or Die Trying” is crested on his arms.


You see influence….

It’s playing a big role.

Celebrities/Religious Leaders/Politicians use the tool of influence on their followers- sometimes openly, other times in subtlety.

You just have to learn how to think for yourself….


Another instance of how influence works…

Let’s assume…

Davido uses an iPhone 12 pro max in real life,

But, because he is an infinix ambassador, he would post about Infinix on his social media pages or even use the phone on adverts or on his music videos…

His image would be used on billboards ads and posters of infinix..

This gesture would influence some of Davido’s fan to buy Infinix brand because…

They’d assume because their favorite artist is seen is promoting Infinix – that is the phone he uses.

…. and they’d buy the brand cos of the love they have for Davido, and… so that they’d feel a sense of accomplishment…

Like… ” I’m using the same phone Davido is using” ( bragging rights yeah yeah) 😅

What they won’t understand is that maybe the only time those artist hold some products is just when they want to shoot promo photos/videos with it.


Have seen where a guy who has been skeptic about one of those investments programs called “Racksterli” or so

… he had been having doubts about the program but… Immediately he watched a video where Davido endorses it – he immediately invested.

According to him, as far as Davido has endorsed it, it’s legit.

I tried to make the nigga understand that it was a paid ad.. And the fact that Davido endorses it in an ad doesn’t mean that he invested in the program.

…. but the guy no wan hear o.

The platform ended in premium tears las las sha. 😊



Before you mistake my intent…

I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy the product or services your favorite celebrities are promoting o..

The point I’m trying to make is that, those celebrities you admire or idolize…. they’re human just like you.

And the things they do ( singing, acting, motivational speaking, writing.. etc) , is their own hustle…

So, don’t try to be a perfect photocopy of them, rather, be an original version of youdself.

You can copy their traits, words and actions that’d improve your life – it’s allowed 💯, but – every other thing else is unnecessary.

(It’s your life though, the choice is yours)

The showbiz industry hustle is on a different level… and Social media is a whole world on it’s own…

… it’s where celebrities and people say things they don’t mean/won’t do…, post things they don’t own… and fake a life just to feel among, boost their ego or deceive the gullible people.

Stay sharp!

Before you see things and feel depressed for no reason.

Be mindful of the things you copy from people both online and offline…

Be careful of the energy and habits you introduce yourself too.
(Avoidance is better than rehabilitation)

Use your brain, God gave each and everyone of us brain to think – Use Yours!

I use artist in my instances alot cos those are the people that most people know.

For the artist names I mentioned, I have nothing against them.

I enjoy their music, and support them.


I’m remain your boy,

🌍 Sam Wealth Efe ❤

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  1. This is nothing but true!
    You’ve just spelt it all out perfectly..
    I just wish people will understand the point in this and learn.
    Thank you!

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