Let’s talk about vibes

Energy don’t lie, yunno

There are some people you’d meet for the first and you’d just click from the very second…

Talk about energy…

The way you’d vibe with these people would make you wanna ask…
” where have you been all my life?” ๐Ÿฅฐ

With your pair, it can’t seem to go wrong…

You could talk about everything, and anything with these persons.

You’d discover that you share too much in common, and have similar tastes in different things… ( opor yeah yeah) ๐Ÿ˜

It could get so intoxicating that you can’t stop talking to yourselves.

… it’s either you guys are talking via call, texting, or hanging out.

This energy is pure…

If with the opposite sex, it’s not about romance, it’s just your soul connecting with someone of Your Tribe. ( one of the best feelings ever)

This bond go on for life!

With parties involved maintaining the bond and getting better at complimenting their strengths and weaknesses- as time goes on.

Sometimes, if it involves member of the opposite sex, the bond may be unbreakable… and if both find themselves compatible and decide to be an item. ( e go make sense scarra)๐Ÿ˜


Sometimes, it could go the other way.

somewhere along the line, you may discover that the energy starts to fizzle outย  (temporarily or permanently) , for one reason or the other.

And you may be wondering what went wrong…

You’d try to check what’s up with them to know if they’re okay – emotionally, mentally, financially, and otherwise…

But, you’d notice the more you try to get close to them, to know the sudden reason for their sudden change of attitude,

… the more they get withdrawn from you.

They’d give you cold shoulders, and come up with irrelevant excuses for their chamge in attitude.

This kinda stuffs could fuck your emotions up if you’re not careful.

…because, you’d just be bothering yourself with thoughts like – “what could’ve gone wrong?” “did I offend him/her, when, how?”

If you’ve made several attempts to check what’s could be wrong with them, and they still act up….

I think it’s at this point I’d ask you to chill ( rest!).

You just can’t be allowing someone else mess with your head and peace of mind, for their selfish reason.

Bone dem!

Protect Your Mental Sanity.

No one is worth your peace of mind.

Once you notice they’re no longer interested in keeping the bond you once shared – whether family or friend…

Cut Them Off!

…without looking back.

Cut them lose from your life!


Yeah, you could have made memories together which is okay.

And whether you decide to treasure those memories or not…

Cut em off!

…for your own sanity.

Because, if you don’t, you’d putting your emotions up for chaos.

Cos… while you’d be disturbing yourself with thoughts of what could’ve gone wrong, they’d be out there living their lives-ย  without giving a fuck about you and your feelings.

The fact is….

Not all friendship would last for a life time, and, not all relationships would lead to marriage.

… bitter reality pill you have to swallow.

Thing is, some people are temporary in our lives – only time would tell.

And… if the temporary people’s time is up, you should thank them for the time you had while it lasted and move on.

Most times we break our own hearts by holding on to what is no longer there ( move ahead joor!)

If you don’t cut em off,

Some of them may ride on your weakness and take advantage of you without – mercilessly.

You’d be a prey of their manipulation, and they could do whatever they please, at the expense of your emotion, finance or peace of mind- without a care in the world. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

And if they do, you dare not cry foul cos – you chose to be deliberately stupid.

Cos when they told you to get out of their life with their attitude, verbal and non-verbal cues… you decided to be be a dummy ( with your coconut head)

And I think it’s at this point I’d give one of my personal rule that has been guiding me in my relationships with people.


Once someone(friend, family, lover) you once vibe with, starts giving you cues that suggests they are no longer interested in your bond…

Once they start keeping distance from you, or giving you cues that they no longer want you in their lives,

… thank them for saving your time, and kiss the bond you once shared – Goodbye!

Never force a vibe, for any fucking reason, whatsoever.

If you do, that’d be the greatest disrespect to your own self – and it’s terrible!

Move on bro/sis… ( life goes on, regardless)

After all, you guys were total strangers prior to your meeting and…. you’ve been living your lifeย  well before you met, right?

So, why can’t you just accept the fact that some people change with time, and mouueevvvee!

See ehn, “sometimes”, friends could turn enemies… and enemies could turn to best of friends.. ( know this, know peace)

Life just get as e tey dey… it’s so UnPreDicTable!

I’m not saying all friendship could turn to disaster, if they don’t work out o… hell nah

My point is, if you notice that your time in some people’s life has expired, don’t force it… just leave – for your own sanity ( shey you get)

There are lots of amazing people out there waiting to meet you- Billions of them.

…people that’d give you all the love, care, respect and support you need in the world. (No be joke o)

Don’t allow scarce mentality fuck you up.


Don’t try to stay where you’re no longer wanted – it’s detrimental for your health, sanity and peace of mind.

Don’t stick around toxicity because of the thoughts of ” the devil you know is better than an angel you don’t know” (fuck it n move!)

A devil is still a devil, whether known or unknown (na me Efe talk am!)

Remember, life is too short for you to be tolerated… A Whole You, tolerated (o wrong nau)

Instead, go where you are celebrated and live your life to the fullest!


Life no too hard laidat.ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰


๐ŸŒ SamWealth Efe โค


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