Matters Arising

E get one matter wey happen yesterday, it made me ask if being a Nigerian is now a crime.

Omo, things dey happen oh, if e neva happen to you, you go think say na ‘ dem say, dem say’.

You fit even laugh say na story till e go happen to you live n direct, then you go con know the difference between 6 and half a dozen

Make i yan ona wetin sup…..


“I dey come oh, make i go tidy one matter first,” he said before he left the house.

” no wahala na, go come,” i replied while i continued with what i was doing.

At about some minutes past 2pm, my phone rang.. Upon checking the caller ID, he was the one calling, i answered..

” boss man, hwfa na,” he hailed.

” i bam oh boss, hw your movement dey go?,” i asked.

” omo, nor be small thing oh.. the sienna wey i enta, as we reach ****** , na so some uniform men stop us oh. As the driver stop, dem say make me and one other guy come down.

As we come down, dem say make i bring my phone, i give dem the phone. The next thing wey i hear, dem say make the driver dey go… omo, na once i confuse oh. Before i see dem dun drag me enta hilux oh, one come handcuff me….”

“on top wetin na?,” i interrupted.. (para mood activated)

” me sef confuse… dem check my phone, open gallery, check mail, open WhatsApp, dem nor see anything.. One con ask me wetin i dey do? I tell am say i be ‘Forex trader’… one con say make i shut up, say i be ‘yahoo boy’…

Walai, dat word pain me ehn, but i nor fit yan cos all of dem hold double barrel.. I still dey wonder wetin make dem dey accuse me of wetin i do wey make dem dey lay allegation for my head wen one of dem say make i bail myself if not, dem go just waste me na na, throw me inside bush and nobody go know wetin happen to me..

Omo, na there fear tey hold me oh, cos all those while, the hilux dey move, i nor even know where we dey and where we dey go.

One con make call for about one minute plus. As the call end, he say na 1million naira i go tey bail myself if not, na to shoot me and throw me for bush oh….

I try beg dem say i nor get dat kine money oh, all thosr while, dem still handcuff me oh, the thing dey pain my wrist gan. After plenty abeg abeg, dem say na 500k dem go collect last!( for what crime exactly?)

Dem con give me my phone say make i call people to raise the money if i value my life. (Can you imagine!).. As per say na only one life i get, i con dey call people make dem borrow me money oh.. I nor fit yan dem wetin dey sup cos the guys wey dey the hilux with me nor get joy.. the double barrel jus dey make me sweat n confuse me at thesame time..

Dem nor gree make i transfer for dem oh, after every every, nai dem con carry me go POS, i con withdraw the money for dem.. everything na about 400k i fit raise..

After dem collect the money, dem con carry me go station for E****, na there i tey know say whr we dey, omo, dem carry me far..

Next tin dem say make i write statement.. I say oga statement for wettin again na, ba there one tey tear me slap con put gun for my chest say make i write say ‘ i be internet fraudster, say i dey use my real face dey scam people online and some other implicating bs….’

After i write wetin dem tell me finish, dem con carry me go the hilux again, collect all the money from my wallet leave 1k for me before dem go drop me for ***** junction. Na there i tey go take cab go house..

Omo, dis one na day light robbery na.. Me wey dey collect my small change for Forex tey dey package myself dey go small small, dem say i be internet fraudster… (jus laidat) The thing still dey pain me gan, this one pain me!,” he said. (Broda was in sifia pains)

This incident happened yesterday! Nor be story story. (Na Real Matter!)

Right now ‘some’ force men in Delta State, Edo State and Rivers State needs to be checked if they’re are okay mentally. Cos they act so inhumane while dealing with ‘innocent victims’.


About 2 weeks ago, it was a friend of mine in pH who was carried in a hilux. His own case was that they alleged he was a drug dealer and they had been on his case for some months till they decided to pick him up.

They threatened to kill him and dump him somewhere and nothing will happen.This one na person wey neva hold cigarette packet for him life once oh..

His account was cleared before they let him go.. This happened at broad day light oh, nor be say na night..

Do you know the number of people that had been (deliberately) killed in the guise of ‘accidental discharge?’ ( dis one weak me!). Some people had been killed by the wicked men on uniform and dumped where they won’t be found.. irony is their family might still be searching for them daily.. *sighs!*

What do we do when the people(force men) who are supposed to protect the citizens are the ones terrorizing them?
What has this country turned into?

Most gun wielding force men feel like gods, they think they can do and undo and nothing wee happen.

If dem cos kasala, na their oga go transfer dem go anoda State n if you carry dem go court n you nor carry better lawyer or get better bar to pursue the case, na so dem go adjourn case till you tire vex forget the case.

You saw what DSS did right inside the court of law abi. Who we(Nigeria) offend?.

Abi you neva see where policeman for road during their stop and search, put weed for innocent person bag during search just to implicate and harass the person so that dem fit extort money from am?

Just last week, i watched a video clip where a a policeman shot a trailer driver in dead on the spot cos of ordinary 100naira..

Just imagine a human being was killed for just 100naira. Na hustling the man dey oh, he nor kill person oh. because the oga wear uniform na, he just waste the man life like dat.. The man fit get wife n children wey dey depend on am for survival oh… ( which way 9ja?)

If not for few people like @ Segalink, @Harrison Gwamishu¬† and some other few reputable human rights activists wey dey try checkmate the ‘anyhow doinz’ of ‘some’ of the power drunk force men ehn….. hmm

If you’re reading this, just be careful… Life nor get part 2 oh. If you toy with your life and dem use you shine, na you loose oh.

Even if dem waste your life, no amount of money wey dem go give your family as compensation fit replace your place you oh.

A word is enough for who get sense oh.

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