My life at DESPO – Episode 10

“ID cleft on the beat E’shammal lo lo lo Is

west T… Team respect Team lion oh.

OgbeniI dey go for the riser now oh Paddi my eye

still dey, dey for the paper omo boy yeah yeah

Alaye double your hustle lo oh

Thestreet na the story line oh

no be osho and jax oh

As I dey work I dey pray…

(As maga dey fall) make mugu dey pay…

Adura loke street everyday…

As I dey work I dey pray

As I dey work I dey pray Make my turn come

oh o. (control lo)

Make my turn come oh o…

(Confirmmay) Make my turn come oh o…

(Say I go call rossel UBA) Make my turn come oh

o na na Make my turn come oh

this year this year…

oluwa abeg oh E duh tay when I dey

hustle I dey keep am on a low boy

No put hand for the things wey you nor know boy

Now Welcome to the word of the street,

you’re on your own

You say the money we dey spend na blood money

guy go do yourown

eh eh eh (no be small thing oh)


See I dey ball like PATO you fit put me on a RANKING

You no fit see me online if no beBANKING

they say many are called tell me na

who they choose

Na moet we dey pop no be bobo juice

Olofofo them dey talk talk talk

boys be like rihanna we dey work work”

That T-West’s track ‘Work and Pray’ was playing from the sound system when i woke up. That track na morning and night prayer for dem boiz oh.


Can i ask you a question, God dey support G? cos sometimes e dey confuse me. Imagine i was in a church one day while the pastor was praying for God to bless the works of our hands. Omo,that moment some boys rushed towards the alter, with their phone raised above their heads.. Na their amen loud pass o. I just fold my arms dey look them dat day.

Piece of Advice:                                                                                          Yahoo-yahoo nor be hand work o, a word is enough for who get sense. For those of you that misplaced your sense or never had sense, oya Receive Sense now! Amen. *Lol*


All the ‘night workers’( nor be Game of Thrones oh) were sleeping in different positions (Jetli n Jackie chan style) as if they were fighting in their dreams..

” hwfa blood, abeg you see my phone.” Mega asked me while his eys scanned the room.

‘You nor get sense oh, na so dem take dey great elders for your village abi?,’ I replied his question with my own question (Nigerians i hail!).

” nor vex, good morning sir, please, have you seen my phone today?,” he asked me.

‘ Good morning, son. How was your night?,’I asked him(shey na him sabi speak english pass, i dey game!)

” bros abeg stop dat kine play this morning, i need talk to my woman like dis, abeg if e dey with you, give me” he replied, almost shouting.

‘Mr man, am not sure I’m the one you are talking to like that, are you alright? Is your brain paining you? If you can’t talk to me with simple and correct english, you better gerrarahere! I fired back at him ( shey na him sabi speak english pass.. 2 can play the game).

” oya bros abeg, i beg you well well, i no go try am again. No vex, give me my phone if e dey with you,” he pleaded.

‘Just go thank God say i wan go class this morning, if not, dat ur ‘english speaking spirit’ for clear comot from your eyes this morning,’ I replied him while laughing.

‘ If you try am again ehn, you go get sense that day,’ i said while I brought out his phone from where i kept it and gave it to him.

“Bros, time na after 10 oh, 1st period go don finish. Just dey house today na. Make we enta one side later,” Mega suggested.

‘Clean your mouth!,’I said.

“wetin do am, my mouth stain?,” he asked as he cleaned it.

‘No, your mouth no stain, na the rubbish wey you just talk naim i say make you clean from your mouth, nonsense!,’ I replied him before i stood up to take my leave.

‘make we just chill today, i go call one of my babe for department make she write our names for attendance,’ he suggested as walked outside and stopped a bike.

‘Mega, i go send you one link for Whatsapp later,’I told him as i  entered a bike.

“which link be that?” he asked me.

‘The link of your video wey i wan upload,’

‘Nor worry, you go like am, just that you digrace yourself inside. I just want make the whole world know say anybody can craze under the influence of highness and you be my living evidence,’I told him as i asked the bike bike man to take off..

” If you try am, i go just murder you!” he shouted while running after the bike.

‘If you want make i delete am  com block me for class before 11am if not, i go upload am oh, i swear!,’ I replied while he was running  after us.


Some people needs to be pushed (motivated) before they chase their own dream(don’t blame them, family problem is real).

If there is a way you can help someone achieve his/her goal, please do so without hesitation.


The bike man carried me home, i asked him to wait for me so he could take me to school after i change my clothes. I was done in few minutes, came out and off we went to school.

When i got to my department, i met people standing outside and when i looked inside the hall, i saw Mr Ali, the strict lecturer. One of his principle was , “once i step into the hall, no one comes inside and no one steps out” and he took it very serious.

“class rep, where is my attendance list?,” he asked. ‘ if i don’t get the one for each row before the count of 10, ‘chop it ! cos I’ll consider the whole of that row absent,” he said.

” no one, i repeat, no one should include the name of anyone who is not in the class now, if you try to be smart and i get you, consider yourself having extension in my course,s” he cautioned.

” if you are in this hall now, consider yourself lucky cos i will use this attendance list to give marks for my continuous assessment, i will give you 10 marks each” as he said that, those in class shouted happily (e nor easy to get free mark oh).

Omo, at the mention of free 10 marks, i started feeling uncomfortable outside oh. I cannor comman miss 10 marks like dat nau,( e nor make sense).

I brought out my phone and called Mega. ‘ guy, i know say school don tire you before oh, but if you nor wan fail Mr. Ali course ehn, you beta leave anything wey you dey do for there make you fly com here now faasst. Nor say i nor tell you, you know as the man be oh,’ i told him and ended the call.

Everybody outside were complaining and begging Mr. Ali to allow them to ente insider, but the man no gree oh.

‘My case is different, because I am redeemed of the lord, and as a covenant child, what affect others is not permitted to affect me. Congratulation! (Winners for life!). I recited in my mind, me wey dey enta church once once, i get Fai th by force.(don’t look at me like dat *lol*) ’ Father Lord, please, this 10 marks must not pass me by oh,’ I prayed silently.

Mega came quicker than i expected (who wan fail Mr Ali course, na madness?).

‘Mega, com me make we go put our name for attendance list,’ i said as he got to where i was.

“my guy, you normal so?” he asked me.

‘Ok, dey ask me jamb question for there nau, i dey go write my name for attendance list so oh. Dey there dey look, e go clear for your eye,’ i said as i walked towards the entrance of  our lecture hall without a care in the world, e con be like say i ‘high’.


To be continued..

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