My life at DESPO – Episode 17

Meekest didn’t return home that night, he followed his girlfriend home from Lexuz bar in the guise of see off.(dem stil escort  person reach im house?) i tire for the boy dat day.

After i collected my share of the meat, i carried it to Meekest’s kitchen. I was exhausted so i couldn’t steam the meat, that night. I washed and spread the meats on the sink to prevent them from smelling.

I had my bath before i laid on the bed, tired. (body no be firewood). I picked my phone and was listening to Ed sheeran’s Divide album, before i slept off.

I woke up around some minutes to 6 in the morning, and headed to the kitchen straight.  I re-washed the meat, poured them into a pot, added sliced onions, pepper, a pinch of salt, maggi, thyme, curry and maggi, added water before i covered the pot and carried it on the already lit gas ( i be chef oh) lol.

While i left the meat to steam, i swept the tiled floor with a brush before i entered the bathroom to freshen up. When i got out of the bathroom, the aroma of the meat that was steaming welcomed me, all the way from the kitchen and i didn’t know  when i shouted, ‘The Lord is good!’ and Queen shouted ‘Halleluya!’ in response, from her room and i laughed.

I wore my clothes and went to put off the gas in the kitchen, but when i got there, the aroma that came out from the pot was so tempting, and i decided to jump into the temptation with full force.

I picked some pieces of meat into a plate with the intention of tasting from the meat of my labour. Lol

After eating the meat, i picked my phone and when i called meekest, it was his girlfriend that answered me, she told me meekest was still asleep and i hanged up. ( i guessed they kpanshed TDB)

I got out of the house, closed the door, locked the gate protector with a big padlock and headed to Dafe’s room to give him meekest’s key to hold for him.

I got to Pointer’s gate and knocked, he was stil asleep till i woke him up. ‘good morning bros, abeg no vex say i wake you oh. Abeg take Blacky key, if he com make you give am for me. I wan rush go house for Genesis, change clothes before i enta skul’ i said while giving him the keys. “ok na” he repelied  as he collected the keys.

“ona good morning oh, today na me and these meat get am oh” Gbokodo greeting us while carrying a small bucket full of meat toward the uncompleted building.

‘chief butcher! Abeg take am easy oh, nobody dey drag the meat with you, do your tin jejely’ I hailed Gbokodo while smiling.

‘we go see later, my oga dem. Make i enta the skul life 1st,’ i told while heading out of the lodge.

It seemed  the meat gave the girls morale that morning cos their voices could be heard singing loudly and joyfully. (Power of assorted meat!) lol

‘bike, stop, carry me Genesis, i go rush change my clothes from there, you go carry me go school gate’ i told a bikeman that stopped while entering. The bike man sped off like he was riding a power bike.  We got to the odge, and I change with 3 minutes before I rushed outside, entered the bike nd off we went, to school.

I got to school, and when i entered my department, the hall was rowdy, the lecturer that had first period that morning wasn’t around. Na so people just dey in groups dey talk about different things. The Zee world fans, the football fans and the aproko gangs, all of dem gather with their group dey do their thing. lol

Entrepreneurship lecturer who took the theory part later came to occupy us till around 12pm before we were asked to go for practical class in entrepreneurship hall situated down towards Faculty of Engineering. (me wey dun tire)

I couldn’t go for the practical class cos I started to feel the stress of the previous day hunting of the stray cow.  I gave Rose, a friend, my practical manual to help me fill and submit for me, there.

I decided to go meet meekest straight from school. (dem go don scatter the lodge wit food na). With that thought in mind, i hurriedly went outside school gate to get a bike.

I don’t know what happened, but i just felt i should check my wallet for Tfare before i stop a bike, to my uttermost amazement, #5 wey wash no dey inside.

I was about to faint when i recalled i used the money in my wallet to pay for some textbooks in class, earlier.

I felt weak at that point i was contemplating whether to home or continue to meekest’s place till one mind remembered me about the fruit(meat) of my labour.

‘wetin you wan go do for house, ehn? You don forget say all the gals and boys for dem meekest lodge wan do food carnival today? You wan loose guard yourself so o,’ one mind told me.

‘abeg go your house go relax, na food be your problem? If you dey hungry, go Mama’s kitchen or Mama Ejiro go eat, then pay via POS or transfer for dem’

‘Or you go house go arrange indomie and bread make u eat. after all you nor kukuma get Tfare to so staff qtrs now,’ the other mind advised me.

‘ nor tell me say na so you wan take miss all the kponmo sauce, cow pepper soup(ukodo) and correct banga soup o’ the 1st mind countered.

At that point i was confused, anytime my minds quarrels, i am always at the receiving end. I was thinking of which mind suggestion to take when the 1st mind spoke to me agian.

‘nor dull yourself o, you dun forget say you be celebrity for dat lodge now? You better go there now before another person replace you oh’ the 1st said to me, with a loud voice.

‘ how i wan take go staff qtrs from here now? I nor get Tfare o’ i asked the 1st mind.

” you go trek na, if you trek from here to staff qtrs you no go die. Nor be you start am and no be you go end am” the 1st mind replied me.

‘ ahh, the journey too far oh, you want make i collapse for road?’ i asked the 1st mind

‘ wetin go make you big boy like you collapse?,’ No make me vex for you oh.

Na you dey look am say e far, if you start to dey trek now, before you look you dun reach staff qtrs na na. The 1st mind gingered me.

After listening to the 1st mind’s last statement, i felt motivated and somehow somehow, the spirit of trekking came upon me as i started walking.

‘sabi boy! You get sense! See ehn, na so the Israelites for bible trek o, dem be ambassadors of trekking those days o,’

Dem trek, trek, trek sotey bible com call their trekking ‘Israelite journey’ my 1st mind kept gingering me as i trekked under the hot sun, sweating.

‘no worry, wen you reach dem meekest lodge, the enjoyment wen dey wait you pass d trekking’ 1st mind added.

I trekked to staff qtrs with my shirt soaked (sweat wan finish me), my energy level was remaining 2%.

I was almost close to the lodge when i saw Gbokodo riding his bike towards my direction with full speed, he carried his brother, his brother carried 2 big traveling bags.

He slowed down as he saw me, he got close to me and said, “Oshare, turn back! Turn back! Fire on the mountain!! No go near that lodge oh, army and aboki dey chase people for here since o,”

“The aboki say dem go kill anybody wey dem catch oh. Dem go uproot the cow horns wey ona bury come outside o,”

“As you dey see me so, my spirit don reach my papa house dey wait for me,”

‘I dey run go my village 1st, i go com back anytime dem settle the matter,”

” Run! Run! Run go your papa house now, nor say i no tell you o” he told me while he sped off.(omo see gobe!)

It was at that point the words my dad told me started ringing in my head (i don loose guard!)

I remembered how my dad woke me up from sleep, and asked me to join him in the parlor, when i got there, i met my dad n mom sited, he asked me to sit and started giving me some words of wisdom and advice as follow;

” as you are going to school, always be of good behavior, never do anything that would bring shame to this family,”

“Be mindful of the people you associate yourself with over there, beware of bad company,”

“Never forget your primary aim of going there which is, to study and improve yourself mentally, physically and socially,”

“The school is a world of its own out there, don’t be carried away,” and so on.

I just stood at that spot confused while i asked myself qstns like…… What do i do next? Where do i go to? Who should i call? (it is finished) lol.

While i stood at that spot thinking about the problem i was involved in, i got a call from my broda who doubles as my roomie. Upon picking the call, he said, “hwfa, blackie(meekest) call me just now, he say he dey try call you but you number no go, he say make i tell you say make you no go im lodge, say tins cast for there, he say make you go meet am for im department now’.

‘Ok, i dey staff qtrs now sha, but i go go track am for school now,’ i replied him before the call ended.

‘which kine wahala be dis one? I wan com trek go back to dat school again? God, who i offend?’ i asked myself.  (Frustration fit make person crase oh)

‘awish i know, i for listen to my 2nd mind oh, see wetin i dun put myself now, who send me dis one?’ i asked myself again before my 1st mind replied me.

” nor too reason am guy, you neva hear say ‘what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’, na small challenge, abi you wan think die?,” the 1st mind asked me in reply.

‘sharrap there, na so you take deceive me wen i take trek all the way from school com staff qtrs, see d way i dey sweat like Xmas goat now cos of your foolish advice’ i fired at it, no joy.

” oya dey there na, wen you dun complete your book of lamentations finish, make you let me know. Na you first enter problem? Instead of you to dey plan the way forward, na me you dey blame. By the time those Army men go com pick you for here just now ehn, you go get sense!’ the mind fired back at me.

*For your information, Staff qtrs is a mini estate built for staffs of the school, but only few staffs live there. The mini estate serves as a small barrack cos some soldier men live there too. The whole area was called staff qtrs, dreaded by most students.

‘ i saw some reasonable points in what my 1st mind told me, and i decided to restart my ‘Israelite journey’ back to school (life tire me dat day) lol.


To be continued.

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