My life at DESPO – Episode 19

When meekest left, i went to my temporary house at Genesis, dropped my bag, pulled my clothes and entered the bathroom, i stayed under the shower for a long time, and while trying to figure a way out of the problem I found myself.

When i got out of the bathroom, i felt my head aching as a result of over thinking (i over use my brain dat day).

I manage d to eat some slices of bread and drank cold tea before i fell in the bed, i was still thinking about the way forward when i slept off.

I was woken by the sound of my ringtone, when i checked the caller Id, it was meekest. I woke up feeling better, that was when i realized i had slept for about 5hrs (3pm- 8pm).

**A good amount of sleep relaxes the nerves and body, it makes one feel fresh and fly**

I answered the call, and the following conversation ensued,

Me: how far, you no get sense oh, na now when my sleep don dey sweet me before you know say you disturb me with ur anyhow call abi? No try am again oh, by the way, which time you tey reach house?

Meekest: if you don rap finish make you tell me, kolo! My landlord say make i tell you say make you go meet am for im store opposite school gate, he say make you com tell am your side of the cow story.

At the mention of his landlord wanting to see me, I saw red flags everywhere, my alert mood was activated. Safety first oh. I thought about different worse scenarios that could play out if I went to meet his landlord before I replied him.

Me: see wetin you dey open dat your yeye mouth dey tell me, fool! Tell your landlord say i nor dey around, you no get sense? Wetin concern me and your landlord? I nor dey go meet any landlord oh guy, in fact, i dun travel.

Meekest: go meet am first na, you know wetin he wan tell you?

Me: you be really mugu! I nor wan hear anything from am, if the tin important well well, make he tell you, then you pass the information give me. Cos i nor dey go meet anybody dis nite.

Meekest: ok o, nor say i nor tell you o! He say make everybody wen dey the lodge yesterday com meet am for store, i con tell am say i nor dey around yesterday, but e be like say somebody con tell am say you dey my house, dats why he say he wan see you.

Me: Oga, you nor dey hear word? I nor dey go anywhere bros, tell your landlord say i dun travel!

Meekest: na you know, i don tell you finish. If i com anything con happen, i go carry dem com where you dey, bye!

When he hanged up, i started thinking again, i got tired of thinking and zeroed my mind, i prayed for a way out but i was expecting and prepared for the worst. (make anything wey wan happen, happen sef!).

I slept off again after considering all the worst scenarios that could play out, and how i would face it.I created imaginary problems for myself and how i could solve them, while i slept off in the process.

The next day. I just finished eating fried noddles and bread while preparing for class that morning when meekest call came in.

Meekest: hwfa na, how you dey?

Me: which day dat one start? Na me you dey form caring for? Yeye dey worry you oh.

Meekest: i nor fit ask how you dey again, no problem! Oma, just dey thank God say you nor go meet my landlord yesterday o.

Me: i nor understand, wetin happen?

Meekest: na trap! Wen i call Queen this morning, she say wen Dafe and Structure go meet my landlord for him shop after he call dem, as dem just dey enter him shop, na im soldier men con bracket dem for the shop, dem con handcuff their two, put dem for hilux carry comot.

Me: i just know say dat your landlord call no pure, i nor trust the guy call at all. Shey you dun confirm say you no get sense? I nor blame you sha. I go forgive your foolishness but no allow devil use you next time oh.

Meekest: God don save you, dem for dey drill you for one side by now, kolo!

Me: thunder fire you dia. Your ear well well, i fired him while laughing and the call ended.

I got set and went to school.  When i got to school gate, i saw some community guys dragging some boys out of the school, na so i turn back oh. I went to one store across where i could observe what was going on.

‘mama, good morning oh, wetin dey happen for there na, wetin those boys do wen make community people dey drag dem like dat?’ i asked the woman who owned the shop I was in.

“no mind those boys, their parents send dem com school, na cow dem con dey go kill, dem dey among the boys wey kill cow for staff qtrs yesterday,”

“na so dem take dey cause problem for their parents so,”

“my pikin, nor be small tin for secretariat since oh, the aboki say dem one must kill person take replace their cow,”

“if nor be sense wen community chairman use take settle the matter, e for turn to another thing oh,”

“na two boys wey army hold yesterday for dat computer man shop, na dem the community youths dey carry waka from place to place weda dem go fit point anybody wey dem see for the bush yesterday,”

“my pikin, no follow anyhow boys waka o, no cause wahala for your parents oh,” she advised me, (If only she knew i was among dem boys!)  lol.


To be continued.

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