My life at DESPO -Episode 2

Mega: Broda, wetin dey sup? You sure say na hungry dey beat you so abi na sickness. I nor like dis your mood o, abeg if na play stop am.

Me: relax, i dey well. Just dat e don tey wen this kind hunger worry me. I go gain my strength back just nw.

I was stil battling with my food when one of our coursemate (Jessica) walked in. She sighted us and walked straight to our table.

“Good evening, sweet hearts! Thank God i met you here, you will be the ones to pay for the food i came to buy” she stated while sitting down,” she said as she sat down while i had that ‘who be dis one’ look on my face. Lol

“Sam, look at the way you are struggling with your food, can i come and join you?” i nodded in acceptance before she came, washed her hands and joined me.

Jessica was the type of girl that forms porshe and the perfect definition of a hungry girl (i am not belittling her oh, if you neva jam her type before, you no go understand..).

She falls in the category of those set of girls that could use their last dime to buy designers without having food in their kitchen (are you getting it?).

She raised topics, i only nodded to while Mega and her kept flowing. After eating, she went n ordered for take away before she left. (bill on Mega)

Mega and i stayed at the restaurant for a while before we left..

A piece of advice for all those living fake life style out there.
Always be yourself, the right people will accept you for who you are.
Most times the people you are trying to impress are not even looking your way..

We got to Mega’s lodge, this time they were boys sitting outside smoking weed while others were focused on their thier phones and laptops, hustling.

“Mega my boy, where you go since when i dey find you na?, you don forget say we get birthday for Legit(a popular hotel in school)?” a young guy asked.

“Chairman, i no go fit forget na, me and my broda go tidy something for belle before,” Mega replied.

Mega looked at me  with a smiling face and said “Efe, na my boss be dis o.”

I went to where the young man was, shook hands with him and hailed him, i did same with the rest igbo-smoking boys there.

After the greetings, Mega’s boss called him aside and they talked for some minutes before they came back.

When they came back,  “make everybody come inside first, make we welcome our guest,” he said as he entered inside.

We all went inside, this time, 2pac’s track (California ) was playing from the home theater. Some guys sat while others stood as Mega’s boss went inside his room and came out with a bottle of Andre about 2 minutes later.

Mega’s boss: big boy, nor vex for wetin you dey see o, all of us for here na brothers. You see this your broda(Mega) ehn, na my very loyal boy  well well thats why i dey welcome you with open arms so.

“On a norm ehn, nobody suppose carry anybody com here oh cos here na office and na hustling ground be dis,but i just like the way you take dey. Make the talk for nor too much, welcome to Somalia, HK (hustling Kingdom) of confirmation$ upon confirmation$,”

“Feel free to join us anytime you like, you are always welcomed,” with that he popped the bottle open, poured some content in a glass, gave me one and shared they shared the rest among themselves.

HK means ‘hustling kingdom’, a home where a group of G-boys/buggers/yahoo boys live, to learn work(formats) from their chairman.


A Chairman here, is the boss/manager of an HK, he is very experienced in the art of yahoo that he has recruits who are willing to learn from him.

The chairman takes a certain percentage from each of the boy’s successful confirmation.
Confirmation here means a client’s delivery(payment).

NB:I am not encouraging cyber crime(yahoo yahoo), just sharing an experience.


To be continued……

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