My Life At DESPO – Episode 21

My brother and i later found a house we rented in staff qtrs, we left Genesis that was close to school to rent a house in a rugged area of staff qtrs.

Most students are scared of staff qtrs cos:

  1. It is where the mopol barrack and mini army barrack is situated.
  2. Sometimes, some student’s phone were obtained by bad boys at night.
  3. It is far from school.
  4. Army men do patrol and flog any girl they caught wearing bum-short while they flog boys who are not properly dressed (sometimes o).

Some boys collect free slaps for carrying dreads, not always though. Any time the soldier men are on patrol, na so you go see boys with dreads and girls wey wear bum-short dey tear race, go hide.  (Thats for the bad side)

Staff qtrs is the only area in school were the three popular bars(Lexuz bar, Favors bar n Galaxy baze) are situated.

Galaxy baze is 2-in-1, it serves as a bar and a sport center. Living Faith Chuch aka Winners Chapel is also situated in Staff qtrs. That’s for the major attraction.

It was the Sunday when my brother went to pay the rent for the apartment we secured and I strolled to school to watch those playing football in the field when Meekest called me that he just got back to school.

I told him i wasn’t around, but he should come to my temporary house Genisis that i would get there before him. I met meekest as he was about to enter the lodge. We greeted and entered inside the house.

‘my guy! My guy! Welcome back oh. Wen dem say ‘he who fights and run away shall live to fight another day’, shey u don confirm am now? As you don run com back so what’s the way forward nau?’ I asked meekest as I opened the gate.

“guy, na because community don settle the matter na im make i come o, hope your 40k for the cow don ready? He asked me.

‘no, na my 100k don ready, see your bend mouth! You give me money holl?’ I replied his question with mine.

” i nor wan answer you now, wetin you cook?,” he asked me while entering the kitchen.

‘ bros, i nor cook anything oh, but if you wan eat, collect indomie n egg make you cook chop na, bread dey oh’ i replied him while i entered the bathroom to freshen up.

meekest: which kine person you be sef? You nor dey like to cook, you nor get sense oh! He blasted me (see person wey i dey pity for oh) lol

me: i nor blame you! Oya fly from dat kitchen now, fast! You neva hungry, dats why you dey talk all those rubbish so.

meekest: shut up! As you big reach you no sabi cook, you nor dey shame.

me: see dis mumu! I nor sabi cook but you dey lick plate anytime you chop my food! Lol

meekest: your father!

me: dis one pain am! Lol. I know say you want make i teach you how to cook, but pride nor go allow you tell me!

meekest: you nor sabi cook oh, who dey deceive you?

me: i nor sabi cook but i better pass you wey dey waste ingredients! I pity your life o!

meekest: see kolo! *lol*

All those while we were exchanging words, i was having my bath while meekest was preparing noodles he would eat. When i got out of the bathroom, i met meekest eating.

‘so hunger dey finish your life like dis and you dey open that your mouth dey tell me rubbish since abi? You for no do the indomie na, whether hunger nor go murder you.  No do wetin go make me swear for oh,’ i fired at meekest while putting on new set of clothes.

” i nor get your time now, make i eat finish 1st before i  go reply you,” he replied me.

‘ sharraap there, e get wetin you wan talk before? With your anyhow face!,’ I replied him.

meekest: the only thing wen i get to tell you now be say, make you go learn how to cook soup.

me: nor worry, i nor wan cook soup, any day i wan cook soup, i go call any of my babe com cook am, thank you!


Let me tell you something about me, its not like i don’t know how to cook soup oh, but i prefer fast food to soup. Don’t get it twisted, when i say fast food, i mean food i can prepare and eat within few minutes.

When i say ‘fast food’ here, i mean, tea n bread, indomie n bread, oil rice, oil beans, oil rice n beans, G4plus (garri plus sugar and groundnut). Are you getting it? Lol . Throughout my stay in school, i only cooked soup twice (don’t look at me like dat).

If soup hungry me, its either; i go eat am for restaurant, or I eat am for my friends place or i buy am go house go eat. I dey look am say, to prepare soup too dey waste time, dats why i prefer fast food. I fit eat indomie n bread or tea and bread, morning and evening for a whole week.

As for Meekest, hmmm, if he nor swallow eba for two days, the boy go sick oh. Lol


Oya back to the matter like dat Wizkid song.

After i wore my clothes, i waited for meekest to finish with his food, before i cleared the floor, washed the plate and pot he cooked with.

‘come make i tell you, i just clear d plate from ground cos na your 1st time wen you com dis house be dis. Nor think say you be visitor for here oh, i just do am for 1st time sake. Make you nor expect say i go do am for you again next time oh’ i told meekest while i came out of the kitchen.

meekest: you dey crase! I be your guest, so you must treat me like your guest, anytime!

me: person wey nor get sense nor dey hard to know, see as your foolishness dey glow with pride, everywhere you go!

meekest: your father! Lol

me: i dey shame for you!

After i cleared the house, we went to sit outside the lodge, so we could receive fresh air and have a view of the environment while we gist. When we got outside, we sat close to a woman’s shop where some students/neighbors were charging their phones.

Anytime there’s power outage and you get gen, you be king oh. And be ready to have new sets of friends, the ‘bros abeg help me charge my phone type of friends’

I remember dat time if transformer get fault and money no dey to buy fuel, na to put my extension and charger for bag, carry go Lexuz bar or any of my guys lodge go charge o. (skul life!)

Let me tell you something about Genesis area.

Genesis is the busiest and most popular area in school, and it is highly populated because it is very close to school.


To be continued…

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