My life at DESPO – Episode 3

After the introduction, the rest boys went outside to continue their business(smoking and gisting and bombing).

“Mega, you don chat your work(client) this evening?,” Mega’s boss asked while he typed fastly on his Macbook.

“No o, chairman. My sub finish dis afternoon,” Mega replied.

“Oya, go carry your lappy com connect hotspot, make you start to dey bomb. The maye when go bring your benz money dey online dey wait for you” his replied.

“ok boss, i dey com” Mega replied while he went to his room to get his laptop.

All those while i just dey one corner dey observe everything wey dey go on, without saying a word.

Heads up! I’m a goodbad boy plus i’m an ambivert (abeg go check your dictionary or ask google for the meaning). *Lol*

See ehn, the level of Gee-boys’ faith is very high (e get why i talk like dat).

I was jejely sitting on my corner oh, when one of the boys (Joe) came inside the room, with a parcel of weed in one hand with his phone on the other. He came to where i was and showed me a chat with one of his client.

” senior boy, you see this my woman ehn, she dey go westie (western union) tomorrow go deliver my dollar bills wey i go take soft this month ” he said.

I smiled and congratulated him in advance, (make e for nor be like say i be enemy of progress).  *winks*

” this one na her first billing o, once she chest am, omo everywhere don good be that o! After chairman(Hk boss) don collect him consignment, I go use the remaining money tey;                            *pay all my debts,
*vasa all the boys for Hk,
*enter boutique go collect some designers,
*send my mumsy small tin make she take hold herself,
*spoil my babe with enjoyment and
*buy enough weed when go dey ginger me to bomb well and dey alright,” he listed before he took a long drag from the burning parcel of weed he held.

‘Correct guy!’ I hailed him while he smiled.

” if the next control(payment) com ehn, i go buy this lodge, buy one wicked Spider(car) for the road, enter D’Legit(hotel/ club) go carry all the casket wey dem get for their club,” he continued.

‘Bros, your voltage too high o, take am easy abeg,’ I told him while lauging.

“Senior boy, na block money dey com so oh, i go give dem Dangote and Otedola race for this country, dem go hear my name, dem go hear word!,” He said, with a raised voice while beating his chest (Voltage!).

I was just smiling at him thinking i have seen the worst when Bobby walked in sipping from a half filled bottle of red label, with a straw.

“Joe, why you dey volatge(shout) anyhow, dey disturb the peace of the house ehn, Ogun wan kill you now?,” bobby asked him, with a frown on his face.

Let me give you a brief description of bobby. Bobby was a 26yrs old with a fat body like Rick Ross, got the tattoos all over his hip body like Lil Wayne, and a staunch stoner (smoker) like WizKhalifa. Bobby can smoke for Africa! Weed wan finish d boy career. *lol*

Bobby is a money-miss-road kind of guy. He lives an extravengant lifestyle without a backup plan (savings).

That boy don collect block for the street oh. Bobby client don give am 2 metres Bobby one time, na so he blow the money finish that week, con start to dey beg for money to sub the next week.

Shey you now understand what i meant when i said he was a money miss road kinda guy…  *lol*

In the street, A metre means 1 million naira.

Block means a huge amount of money.

I don’t know if its just me o, but i have observed that only 5% out of 100 yahoo boys have sense (invest/ save for the rainy days).

“Every hustler get im day, but some no get sense.
The money com, you like carry everything buy Benz,” – Erigga (Yab dem)


To be continued…

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