My Life At DESPO -Episode 35

On a normal day i would have yabbed him for smiling like a goat, oh! sorry, i mean, for smiling like a lost but found mumu cos a girl held his hand plus,

he didn’t introduce his girlfriend to me the very first day we met at Lexuz bar, remember right?

” hey Tovia, nice to meet you, meekest have heard alot of things about you though,” i said with a smile on my face.

I cannor fall my guy’s hand in presence of his babe nau, so i gats put on my best behavior, i gats stand up for a broda even though i will treat his eff up later. ( daz how we roll) lol

Tovia smiled and stretched her hands towards me for a handshake.

‘ i don’t shake hands with females, i might consider a hug’, i said while i open my arms and she chuckled and embraced me.

‘ dats my girl,’ i said while i patted her back as she embraced me.

‘So, you are the Tovia that has kidnapped and stole my broda’s heart away ehn, shebi if i should arrest you for stealing meekest’s now you wee say somebody is wicked, abi?’ i asked her, as we disengaged and she smiled.

” i don’t know what you are talking about o, i’m a good girl oh,” she replied, wsmile.

” your love has turned my guy to a mini mu…mu , can you imagine, anytime we are together he must find a way to bring your name into our discussions. Every time, Tovia this, Tovia that, Tovia too fine, Tovia too make sense, Tovia too everything….. wetin you give my guy chop?,’ i asked her forming vex before i smiled.

Omo, na so the babe blush o, she couldn’t reply me as she hugged meekest and gave him a peck followed by a ‘baby i love you’.

‘Ministers of intimidation, i hail o, make ona 2 nor worry, if i dun big, i go still get my own tear-rubber aje-buttish bae wey go still dey kiss me for public’ i remarked and they both laughed.

**clears throat** ‘Tovia, it seems what meekest told me is true, i had some doubts when he told me but now, i can see some atoms of truth in what he said’ i said with a fake frown on my face and she was puzzled.

” what did he tell you about me?,” she asked me with a confused look on her face while she stared at me.

‘ i didn’t expect a beautiful and calm girl like you to have such a bad character, don’t talk to me again,’ i said while pretending to walk away but, she grabbed my hand. (she neva see-chun-chin) lol

” please, what did he tell you, tell me so that i can apologize, please,” she said while she stil held my hand.

‘ ask him, nor be my mouth you wan tey hear say you….,’ please don’t let me reveal your secret o, just allow me to go in peace, if not what i’ll tell you will shatter you to pieces,’ i replied her.

“baby, what did you tell him?,” she asked meekest.

Omo, even my guy sef confuse for the matter, he no fit explain like Wizkid for im Ojuelegba track.

” i didn’t tell him anything, believe me, i don’t know what he is talking about” meekest replied her with a more confused look on his face.

‘ ohh o, you dey call me liar now abi? I wee your yansh today. Tovia do you want me to tell you the truth or the lie?’ i asked with a fake frown.

“yess, please tell me EVERYTHING he told you,” she said, with stress on the everything. (Some girls like aproko ehn!) Lol

When Tovia got her table water, i started eating my snack and enjoying my chilled coke when she asked me to start saying what i want to tell her that she got a class to attend.

I cleared my throat before i said, ‘Tovia, what i’m about to tell you is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, i won’t hide anything, i’ll bare it all black and white’.

“go on, i’m all ears” she replied me, and i was about to say something when i received a text message alert on my phone.

‘ let me be honest with you, meekest really loves you, i don’t know if he gets to tell you all the time but he truly does, he told me how you guys met and how you’ve changed his world and i can attest to the fact cos, we grew up together and you are the first girl he had mentioned to me that he loves.

The day i confirmed his love for you was a day he passed the night at my place. Prior to that day, he never told me he had a girlfriend, he just told me he had this girl that is blowing his mind and he would introduce her to me soon.

So, on that fateful night, after we slept, i woke up to ease myself when i heard meekest whispered, “Tovia! Tovia! I love you too!.”

I was shocked and i was like, ‘so this boy don get one spiritual wife for dream abi, chai! So he nor see any fine babe date for life, na dream he con go dey love, e nor go better for who do meekest dis tin o’

‘i just stood on the spot as i watched meekest professing love to the imaginary girl in his dream, i went to bring my belt, i wanted to flog him back to his senses but, one mind advised me against it, the annoying part of the whole thing was that, he was smiling while he said those stuffs, my body con dey do me like say make i wooze the boy beta slap, he slept peacefully while sleep talking and when i couldn’t bear it any longer, i waked him up.

‘oshare you well? Wetin dey worry you na? You go just dey gist babe for dream anyhow?

Who be Tovia? Na your spiritual wife name be dat?’ i asked him as he woke up.

“ehn? How you take know Tovia? Na my love be that o, my original baby, the rest na fake” meekest replied me before he made me understand that Tovia is the girl he had been telling me about, and all that and that was how i got to know you, even without meeting you.

‘I just brought you here to tell you these stuffs as a way of punishing him for not introducing you to me on the first day we met at Lexuz Bar, remember right?’ i asked and she nodded.

Thats by the way though, the main reason i brought you here is to tell/plead with you not to play with my brother’s heart, its not like i’m worried or something but, the few time i have spent with you i can tell that you love him too.

‘So, i want you to take the best care of my brother, no matter what, i know he isn’t perfect, matter of fact, no one is perfect, but you just have to tolerate and correct him where there is need for it, ok.’

‘You guys look perfect for each other, i’ll soon be shopping for the suit i’ll put on, on your wedding day after graduation, i guess you already know i’ll be his best man that day’ i said and winked at her, as blushed.

Sorry to burst you bubble, i guess you’ve been thinking he told me some bad things about you but, hell no! He didn’t, the only bad thing he told me about you was that you are a thief cos, you stole his heart away’ i continued and she smiled, i saw love in her eyes.

After muc- much, she con assure me say she love meekest scarra, say she like as the tin dey go cos she bin dey fear say meekest nor too love her cos, he nor too dey show her love, but as i dun tell her watsup so, she happy well-well and she go continue to love meekest.

Na so the babe tey invite me specially go her place o, say she go prepare beta food for me unto the correct brother-in-law wey i be. (you nor know us?) lol.

I just smile tell her say make she nor worry, ‘as far as you continue to take good care of meekest, that’s more than okay for me’ i told her as she thanked me and left in search of the love of her life, meekest-1-of-Africa! Lol

It was after she left that i decided to check my phone for the message i received earlier.

” guy, which kine rough play you dey play so, use you brain” that was the content of the text message i received from meekest, i just smiled and plugged my earpiece on as i paid the bills for what we bought.

About 2 hours later while i was on my way home from class, i received another text message from meekest.


To be continued…

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