My Life At DESPO – Episode 37

One thing i like about school environment is that it is always busy even at night except on few occasions where everywhere would be dull for one reason or the other.

The common reason that makes everywhere to be dull in the school setting is when there is rainfall, people barely come out of their houses on those days cos of cold and the water everywhere.

When we got outside the lodge, we continued our discussion from where we stopped about the ‘cow matter’.

” how e dey be for your side na unto the money? shey you see as Dafe dey disturb me so” meekest said.

” oshare, no level for dat money now oh, make we see we still dey push am dey go until 1st, miracle fit happen” i replied him.

It was not like i didn’t want to pay the money oh, the fact was that, i have money with me then, but the reason i delayed paying was that, if i had paid the money then, i would have been dead-broke.

Who goes broke on a 1st semester of resumption? It won’t be me nau.

Secondly, i reasoned that if i started my semester with brokenness, many things would go wrong along the line cos, i won’t have cash at my disposal to tidy stuffs like assignments, transportation, practicals and all that, and that would mean the beginning of failure for me so, i couldn’t risk paying the money that moment cos of the above reasons.

How person go just broke-finish once, without anything to show for am? (Na family problem be dat o)

Let me use this medium to shout out to my real Gs, friends that turned family. Meekest, na only God go bless you, Daflex and Diplomatic Gifto for me, nor be joke oh. I might not say it always but i want you to know that Life is Good with you guys around.

You guys are my definition of REAL and FAMILY, i appreciate.

I nor know how the cow matter for turn out last-last awish ona nor dey there for me, who knows, Maybe those abokis for use me tey shine sef or the Army men for drill like 2yrs comot from my life sef. lol

I nor know wetin for happen o, cos some people don die cos of ordinary 10naira, talkless of a whole cow. Chai.

God love me too much abeg, Oluwa shocker dey always deliver me, He nor dey let me down, na only Baba God get power jare, Oghene-migwo!

We continued our discussion and mapped out format while we strolled down from Tovia’s lodge till we got to blacky’s(meekest) junction and we stood there for a while and completed the Fmt(format) he would use to answer his landlord and Dafe anytime they asked him about my whereabouts.

While we stood there, i was very uncomfortable cos i felt i would be seen by any of blacky’s neighbors and that would mean Wahala for me cos, dat somebody might alert their landlord, and their landlord might call the Army men or Community chairman and they might come and end my career there, e nor go work!

I motivated myself with the word “all-die-na-die, if dem bust me, make anything wey wan happen, happen. After we concluded on our plans i got a bike and went home.

When i got home that night, my brother told me that we would go and wash the apartment we rented the next day so that we could move to our own quickly since the caretaker of the guys we squated with began to act funny.

We moved to our own apartment in Staff Qtrs that week, nothing significant really happened that week except for the fact that i watched my back while i’m going-or-coming back from class cos our lodge was close to blacky’s lodge.

For those in DESPO, my lodge dey indise-inside staff-qtrs, if you know dat road wey dey opposite Lexuz Bar, you go waka go inside wel-wel, my lodge near Felicity(lodge), the name of my lodge na Active-lodge, e dey near Excellence-lodge, the side wey Ovis-Paradise (lodge) dey.

From the road to my lodge is another journey entirely, the place far ehn, na only wen i nor get bike-fare i tey dey vex say my lodge too far.

Some people dey even fear dat my area, sotey dem nickname am “Evil forest.” Omo, the place scary one-kine sha, who nor get mind nor fit stay (ask Erigga).

Oh! ACTIVE LODGE, my Active lodge, omo, the lodge was really active oh, all the different types of human beings with different characters dey inside the lodge.

Active lodge consists of: igbo-smokers dem Wizkhalifa wannabes, runs-girls/olosho, holy-holy, gamblers dem Merry-bet/bet-Naija and Visual ambassadors, Slayers dem “do you know who my boyfriend is?” Type of girls, etc, dem plenty abeg.

Back to the matter, dat period ehn, the short-cut to reach road na dem blacky side, but just because i nor want make anybody for their lodge see me, i go con go dey pass the long road (i yaff suffered o, chai).

Dat week sha, i dey dodge dey enta blacky lodge sometimes, i dey enta with ghost-mode and comot like lfash.

E get one night dat week wen i dodge enta dem meekest lodge ehn, as i just breeze enta na so me and Queen jam face-to-face.

“good evening, bros you scarce o” Queen said after 10 secs of awkward silence.

” no be small o, you know say school stress dey hide us na” i replied her as walked past her towards blacky’s gate.

When i got there, the gate was unlocked, so i entered in stealth mood, can’t risk my presence being noticed by another person, mostly Dafe. (Wisdom is profitable to direct)

When i entered, i met blacky eating while Tovia was doing her assignment and she saw me, she stood up to welcome me.

” blacky wetin be situation report na, Coast clear?” i asked meekest referring to Dafe in slangs only our two could understand.

“oma, nor be small tin, dem com move the pointer comot e neva tey sef” meekest replied me.

Tovia got confused and asked what we are talking about and i told her its family matter, she doesn’t deserve to know cos she isn’t fully family yet, she got the message and went to continue her assignment.

I stayed with them a bit and when i was about to leave, Tovia opted to see me off and i declined politely before she adds 2-and-2 together and figure out what’s on ground, she might get upset with her meekest for keeping her in the dark, and might just sell me out to army/community to get back at meekest, i thought.

Shebi dem say “hell knows no scorn like the fury of an angry woman”, they can do and undo. (I just kept assuming things)

I’m a soldier(ask Eminem), and i don’t want to draw attention to myself in the danger zone (meekest’s lodge).

“blacky, i wan match now o, com give me leg” i told meekest. What i said simply means “i want to leave now, come and see me off”.

He took his plate to the kitchen, wore a shirt and we got out of his room.  Immediately we got out of his room, i told him to give me full details of the situation report he told me about Dafe and as he was gisting me of how Community boys came to carry Dafe away, someone called him from behind while he ran towards us.

Talk of the devil! It was Dafe.

As he got to where we were, he didn’t beat around the bush, he stated that he was angry with me straight-up.

” guy, dem nor dey do tins like dat oh, all of run the cow show, e con cast, you hear say dem pick me sef, you nor fit call me, you nor fit send your money com, you nor fit stil even call meekest make you tell am wetin dey sup.

Make only you reason am, wetin you do so, e make sense?” Dafe asked me.

” my guy, nor vex o, if i start to tell you wetin dey sup ehn, you go sorry for me.

Nor be say i nor know wetin happen oh, but, funds nor too dey now o, how you go feel if i start to dey promise and fail you, you go like am? I just dey on lowkey dey try razzle the money make i give you, nor be say i forget.

I know say i don fvck up unto say i nor call you to explain how things be o, but bros nor vex abeg, plenty pressure man dey face(ask Wizkid), nor vex abeg” i apologized as i explained him as we strolled out of the lodge.

” ok, i don hear you, i understand sha, so how e con dey be now, where your money?” he asked.

I just smiled cos i don’t know how to explain to him that i have the money but i don’t want to pay him then cos i don’t want to go broke.

“Dafe, nor worry i nor wan promise and fail you, na the biggest fvck up be dat, nor worry i go suprise you” i said sincerely and he accepted while he urged me to be fast about it.

“which side you dey stay sef?” Dafe asked me as we continued our walk.

“omo, na genesis i dey for now, na today i enta school sef, na im i say make i com see blacky cos e don tey wey we talk” i replied him cos i don’t want him to know where that my lodge is close to theirs, cos if he knows, he might carry the community boys or army to my place and take me unaware.

Secondly, i lied that i just meet blacky so that it won’t seem as if he had been lying to them with the format he had been giving them.

” ok na, so na genesis you dey go dis nite so?”.

“yes o, i go travel comot from school tomorrow sef”.

” no wahala na, sorfa make you do bring d money quick” he said as i stopped a bike.

“big men, we go see tomorrow na, blacky greet Tovia for me, abeg take am easy with her for room dis nite o” i said as i told the bike man to take me genesis and both of them walked back to their lodge.

When the bike man rode towards the other junction to my lodge when i asked him to stop. When he asked why, i told him i couldn’t find my tfare, he stopped, i came down and sped off and i smiled.

I smiled because i didn’t intend going to genesis, i only stopped the bike and entered so that Dafe wouldn’t suspect or trace me back to my lodge that was close to theirs.

Only God protects us, but its our responsibility to be security concious. God dey protect us nor mean say we go open our clear eyes go put hand for fire, na madness be dat. (street OT)

After that night, the rest days of the week went well and blacky travelled home that weekend.

Let me tell you something about blacky, when we resumed our 1st semester, he didn’t stay in school any weekend, always went to spend his weekends at home till his dad asked him to stop going home for weekends cos im presence dey cause trouble to the family budget and foodstuffs. lol

How person go dey travel go house every weekend? Dat kine tin wey go make some people dey doubt weda you even gain admission sef. Lol


To be continued…

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