My Life At DESPO – Episode 39

As bike drop me for front of my lodge, na so i see some boys dey smoke weed for under the hot sun dey play “Yung thug” songs.

I nor know why i nor just like Yung thug, dat guy music be like noise for my ears, plus the way the guy take dey just dey irritate me, him fans be like “na him discover Trap music”, i smh for dem!

” omo ehn, Yung thug go soon get money pass Eminem o, shey you know?” Julius said as he dragged from the parcel of weed in his hand.

“Yung thug don dey popular pass Kendrick Lamar,Drake and J.Cole sef,” one of dem added.

Chai! Who do these boys dis tin? Na there i take confirm the word say, ‘many are mad but few are roaming’.

” thunder faya all of ona for there” i said in my mind as i greeted them.

“chairmen dem, i hail o” i hailed the group of the igbo-smoking-Yung-thug-wannabes.

“welcome o senior boy, you just dey come back from class so?” Biggy asked me as i walked past them.

“no o, i wan just start to dey go class so, idiioot” i replied him in my mind.

” this man neva com pay im dues for the lodge o, ahboy, do make you com buy us drink o” Julius added and i looked back at them shook my head before i entered inside the lodge. (Igbo na bastard o)

I got inside the lodge and met different groups of boys and girls gisting and laughing. I just opened my door, off my clothes, located the bathroom and freshened up before i locked myself inside while I browsed and listened to music on my phone before the battery died and I slept off.

When I woke up, my stomach infrastructure sent me a battery low signal and I visited the kitchen to prepare noodles that I ate with bread.

Indomie and bread! This life ehn, never say never o. The first day I heard that someone ate indomie and bread ehn, I said the person was not OK. I was like ” that person nor well o, how person go combine 2 carbohydrates eat together? Na so craze dey start o”. Until the day Uncle C (one of our friend my brother and I squatted with) prepared it and I decided to try the combination for the very time. After all there is always a first time for everything. (shey you get)

Omo na so o, ever since that day I ate the combination, my life had never remained the same o, it was right there and then that I discovered that I have been missing such collabo for a very long time.

I became a fan of indomie and bread that day to the extent that I could have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3-days straight.

I eat indomie bread and egg tire sotey I con go ask Google wetin noodles dey give person for body(nutritional value) I suppose be Indomie ambassador sef . lol

As I eat finish, I jus carry the plate go sink go wash sharply cos I nor dey like to dey see dirty plate for kitchen, na lazy people habit be dat.

After washing the dish, I just carry my plastic chair go outside go receive fresh air, na there I see some guys dey roll dice and smoke kush. I nor send dem o, I just dey observe and laugh when I hear any funny tin wey dem talk.

“Biggy, na my textbook money you don win from me so o, dat time I tell you say e Neva dey my body to gamble, you just dey ginger me com play, shebi now wen you don clean me so, your body don reach ground” Julius said and the rest guys laughed.

” why you go dey reason like Dat? Awish you dey win before you for dey talk like dis? My guy na gamble you hear.. today nor be your day, tomorrow fit be your day.

Nor worry sha, if we Don play finish, I go use the money wey I win from you take go buy weed wen we go smoke, you hear?” Biggy remarked and the rest gamblers hailed him.

While they were playing, a girl came to call Julius and they went inside the lodge.

Julius came back few minutes later with a smile on his face and he asked biggy for them to bet the total amount of money he had won from him.

“Nor be you say na your textbook money I don win from you just now, where you con for get dis money now na?” Biggy asked him.

“Omo na dat my babe I razzle am from just now o, you see why e good to friend better girl” Julius replied, grinning from ear to ear.

“Guy you go do make you find one babe like dat for me o, the babe we I get na only to collect money from me she Sabi, I just dey overlook her cos she Sabi’ do the do’.

” na you sabi dat one, so na because of kpanshing make you stil dey with dat your babe ehn, babes full everywhere abeg dump her fast-fast, nor worry i go find another babe for you” Julius replied.

” you nor go fit understand, if my babe handle you for bed ehn, you nor go know when you go take give her your whole school fees o” biggy replied Julius and he was about to say something else when one the guys took the money they bet from the table and began to run away.

If you see were the rest boys for dey chase the boy ehn, you go fear-fear, na there i take know say igbo(weed) dey unite dem smokers.

If you doubt me, just go any igbo-joint wey guys for dey smoke make you try touch(harass) one of dem, the way dem go take gather you beat ehn, e go be like say dem get you for mind before.

As they chased the boy away, power was restored, as i see light ehn, high voltage for dat matter, na once i tear race enter lodge o, the way i tey run enta the lodge make some people run enta their rooms cos dem think say na something dey pursue me or i see cult boys dey roll dey com.

As i enta my room, na so i just dey laugh dem cos dem nor go fit understand why i run like dat.

Why i nor go run like dat when my S4 (Life Companion) battery don die ehn? I gats charge am na.

As i plug my phone finish, na so i just on Dvd, put wicked Dj mix, high the volume finish cos i nor wan hear noise from outside, i just needed to be in my own world that moment.

I was feeling the vibes of the music when i heard a knock on my door, i didn’t reply at first, i went to the window and peeped if i could see who was at the door but i didn’t see any sign.

Anytime i’m inside, i always lock the door, and switch off the bulb in my room and put on the one in the passage, that way, i could easily see somebody outside without them seeing me inside.

The person knocked again, and i was wondering who the person could be cos that was not how my brother knocks, and it couldn’t be meekest cos that was not his style of knocking either.

Those were the only people that i expected cos nobody else knows my place apart from them.

The only thought that came through my mind that moment was that them army/community had forced meekest to take them to my place and i have finally been busted by unto the cow issue!

“thank God say i get small physical money with me, anyhow e be, ogoro(frog) must jump” i thought in my mind as i opened the door and saw one of my female neighbor behind the door.


To be continued…

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