My Life At DESPO – Episode 43

When we woke up later in the afternoon, i prepared jollof rice with the biggest pot in the kitchen as my own way of celebrating matric.

“hmm, bros, i like the aroma wey dey com from your kitchen o, i must chop for dis food o, make i go bring plate?” i girl that had been making call said from outside, said.

” no wahala na” i replied as we laughed.

After the food don ehn, i nor con even fit chop much again sef cos only the aroma wey i inhale make my belle full. (don’t look at me like dat o)

As i dish food for one big breakable plate, i con leave am for kitchen make e cold unto say na afternoon, everywhere dey hot plus light no dey.

Dat time we neva buy gen and NEPA dey perform their Kovians(witchcraft) character dat day, they didn’t want people like me that didn’t want to go out that day to enjoy ourselves at home by jamming music while relaxing under the fan at the highest level. (Dat moment wen you go just dey, dey like yourself)

As i went back to the room, i met meekest staring at the ceiling with a pale look. (e con be lie say he dey look where he go tie rope put tey hang himself…l ) lol

” oshare, you wan think die? Abi you nor know say if you dey think anyhow matter, e go make you quick old?” i said, as I sat close to him.

“oma, the matter weak me abeg, she say she nor wan keep am, say make i bring funds make she take care of am before e go too late,” he replied me.

” ehen, she don decide na, wetin con dey bother you for the matter now? Abi you don ready to be father now before?” i asked him while i laughed.

” no na, you be kolo o, see d kine mumu question wen you dey ask me,” he fired back at me.

“Jesu! Bros, nor be me put you for the one wen you dey o, you better respect yourself there, idiot! Shey wen you dey bang her body dey sweet you, wait o…… You dey enta puna WWE “Raw”?” i asked him and i didn’t wait for him to reply before i added, ” na so conji hold you reach wey you nor fit wear raincoat(Condom) first before you start match?”.


Let me say something……….

To all the Team “na skin-to-skin dey sweet pass.” Nor be lie oh, the feeling is out of the world oh , but, the d day wen devil one play with your destiny ehn……. na dat day she go use her leg hook you when d cum don dey come outside and you dey try remove the D. And as d tin dey sweet ur brain, you nor go con know when you go tey offload everything for inside Kittycat.

Na wen your eyes don clear before you go know say you dun lose guard. Na dat time you go dey blame your village people wey nor even know weda you dey exist. *lol*

Sex na one kine mumu tin o, i just remember one matured man dey bang one babe for the next room dey disturb my sleep with their noise.

I dey try bear am smal-smal o, till i hear, ” uhhmm, mami, mami, ahh, assss… you will kill-e me, you are too sweet!” a male voice said while moaning. (i con dey imagine weda the man dey chop d babe for am to dey say she sweet)

I was contemplating to call security cos i thought there was a cannibal in the next room when i heard,

” please, don’t cum inside me please, i don’t want to be a baby mama, ahhhh, baby! Baby! baby-harder! Harder! Uhmm, aahhh, don’t stop, don’t stop!” the girl screamed in ecstasy while being dickmatized. (i con dey wonder weda na dat Olamide “Don’t Stop” track she dey sing) choi!

The next morning, when i com outside, i see dem dey come outside too, na there i tey see dem, one matured man with big belle and one small girl, the type wen people dey call runs-girl. *lol*

Her sight remind of two babes wey quarrel near my lodge one day like dat…. One say “i’m not a prostitute like you, i have class” the other one say, ” you that is a hoe, i’m better than you that is hoeing” (d tin weak me). I think say e don end there till i heard another girl said, “These hoes and prostitutes are too local, i’m happy that i’m not like them, i’m proud to be a runs-girl” (Omo, i tire for them dat day, laugh almost kee’d me.)

” ashawo na ashawo, no matter the name(Runs-girl, Hoe, Prostitute, Aristo) you call am make e for sweet.

Hey you, yess you, if you must have pre-marital sex, please, use a condom. It is not 100percent  guarantee, but, at least it reduces the chance of unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

NB: I’m not in any way encouraging pre-marital sex, but, if you bang, bang responsibly to reduce the rate of children that are not planned for, thereby bringing innocent kids to suffer cos of your deliberate act.

To all BJers (head givers), whats d need of using a CD after a successful BJ? What are you trying to prevent if nor pregnancy? (question)

Wetin i know sef?


back to the matter,

after bombing meekest with my questions, he couldn’t reply me before i went to bring the food from the kitchen and after we finished eating, we tabled the matter.

“omo, las- las, na money dey yab me so o, i don try control for money but everything dey bounce” he complained.

“bros, na round 2 sleep win am, i said as i ignored his statement and ask him to sleep and forget all his worries.

We slept again for the second time and it was a long siesta, the sound of music blasting from one of the rooms and i felt happy, cos music gives me one kinda joy i can’t explain.


To be continued…..

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