My Life At DESPO – Episode 44

When i woke up, meekest was stil asleep, i took my phone and found the notification led blinking, and when i checked, i found out some missed calls from my mum and a text msg from a strange number.

I returned my mum’s call and she picked up, “where have you left your phone all these while, you got us worried here.

How was your Matric celebration over there? Have you eaten? Why is your voice sounding like that? Is anything the problem?” my Mum said and rapped her questions faster than Eminem(Rapper).

When it comes to caring, my mum is a PHD holder in that field. (no be joke oh)

“i’m sorry, i have been sleeping and i just woke up now and your missed calls was the 1st thing i saw. I even wanted to yawn but i held it cos i wan hear from you first before i do any other thing,” i said and she chuckled from the other end. I answered some questions from my siblings. They requested that I send them pictures I took with my matric gown, if only they knew.. lol (the phone was on speak out , something like a conference call, but dis one na family call)

My dad spoke to me last, and gave me some words of wisdom and encouragement before the call ended. (man-talk-to-man, man understand). *winks*

“oboy, time fast o, abi na you fast forward am?” meekest asked immediately i dropped the phone.

“when you dey sleep like bag of rice since, why you no go ask me anyhow question, tired boy!” i replied him.

Time check, 05:45pm.

Diplomatic called me on phone to meet him up in  Dominion City, the lodge in Genesis where our guys that we squatted with before we got an apartment lived. I told him OK before i ended the call.

” hwfa, diplomatic say make i com block am for Genesis o, oya go ready make we stroll,” i told meekest.

” oma, i nor wan go anywhere, i nor want make any of my lodge mates see me, for morning i tell dem say i dey go Benin, so i nor want make dem see me now and besides, Tovia matter still dey bother me.

When i talk about the funds matter dat time, you jus bone like say you nor hear wetin i talk before you say make we sleep round 2, you think say i nor code abi,” meekest remarked while i smiled.

” ehen, nor be say i nor hear wetin you talk o, but i just want make we sleep dat time and if i answer you then, d sleep go comot from my eye, dats why i bone dat time, so how e con dey be now?,” i explained before i asked him the question.

” na just funds be the solution now o, and nothing dey my account for now, awish i see person wey go borrow me now, i for borrow from am o, even with interest sef, i go pay back. You know who fit borrow me?”  asked me his own question, in reply to mine.

” na wa o, all dis kine wahala tins sef, make ona bang responsibly, ona nor go gree, now na, na money wey you suppose dey do better tin nai you wan take solve dis problem now, dis one na wetin ordinary GC or Kiss(CD) for prevent oh, but konji nor go allow ona use ona sense, make ona learn to control ona self, mba!, tame conji, rara!

All these children of nowadays, ona nor dey hear word,” i said with a serious countenance at first(like say i be im father) before smiling at last, knowing my message has been passed.

Let me tell you something, its not like na me sabi pass o, but if you like your friend(s), like truly value your friends, you won’t hesitate to correct them when they make mistakes.

If you value friendship like i do, you will try to clear your friend’s fvck up, its not easy oh, but sometimes, if you don’t correct your friend when he/she makes a mistake, who will? (shey you understand dat kine tin)

That’s why i always say, if you see me make mistake(s), you can laugh all you want o but, please, don’t fail to correct me after,  cos, nobody is perfect.


back to the matter,

” na because of funds when i dey find make you dey talk all dis many talk so? I nor blame you,” meekest said, sounding angry.

” my guy relax, nor be say d talk plenty, u f*ck up, i know say e nor dey easy oh but next time, no kpansh without protection to avoid stories that touch,” i replied him.

“Ok, sir. I don hear,” he replied me and i laughed.

” na your head you dey call sir, you dey swear for me? Why old man like you go dey call young man like me ‘sir’, is your brain paining you?,” i asked, dodging his blow in the process as we laughed.

“ehen, na how much you need to solve the problem?,” i asked.

” na ##k oh, and i need am now before d tin go pass dis stage,” he replied and i laughed while i stood up and went inside.

“you don suppose be grandpa oh,” i said as i brought out some money i kept in my wardrobe in case of emergency, i removed the amount needed and kept the rest before i went back.

“when i entered the room, meekest eyes were closed, i guess he was meditating before i threw the money at him.

” why you dey throw paper for my body na” he said as he felt something on him, but smiled and hugged me when he realized it was money.

We later freshened and went to meet my brother in Genesis. When we got there, we met them playing scrabble with some babes and a bottle of Moet in the table.


To be continued….

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