My Life At DESPO – Episode 45

” you try wel-wel o, na now you dey com for since wen i call you abi, wetin you dey do for house since?,” my broda asked immediately he saw me, sounding a bit annoyed even when his facial countenance didn’t show it, i knew.

” bros, no vex abeg, i just tire,” i replied him while i left them outside and entered inside the house to relax.

I went inside cos i wasn’t in the mood to talk or play game that moment and just when i brought my phone outside to play music with my earpiece a friend mine, Azo, younger brother of Jay ( Kpoluzo),one of the guys my brother and i squatted with in Genisis before we moved to our apartment) entered inside and when he saw me, the 1st word he said was,

” you dey misbehave oh, you nor get sense o, you nor know say you suppose don come here since abi, wetin you con dey do for house since? Just dey sleep anyhow like fool when people dey here dey do things.” (see attacking! choi)

I don’t know why but, i felt pissed off by those words that moment, even when i know that was how we used to attack each other o, but i wasn’t just in the mood that evening.

I acted like i didn’t hear what he said, and as i plugged my earpiece in my phone and placed both ends in my ears as i increased the volume of the phone to the highest. (no time to hear crap!)

That act of mine annoyed him as he came closer to where i was and removed the earpiece from my ear. (na there i tey vex oh)

” wetin dey bring dat one dey com na, u nor get sense? Which kine play be dat?  Why you go remove the earpiece from my ear, you smoke?” i asked him with my voice slightly raised. (para mood activated)

“Oshare get sense o, if ona do tins wetin con concern me, i nor get right to dey my house? You just com dey run your mouth like valve wey spoil, dey wan me anyhow, com, warn yourself o,  if i dey vex, i dey know o,” i added while he stood and watched me with a surprise look on his face before he went outside.

When he went out, ‘good riddance to bad nonsense!,’ i said in my mind as i continued my music.

After some minutes, Jayncame inside, he wanted to say something but when saw the look on my face, he went outside before he came back again while making a call, from the way he replied, i knew it was his mom.

“ehn, all dem Efe, Diplomatic and meekest and co dey here sef, na all of us chop all the food and the drinks, dem say make i greet you sef,” he said over the phone as i got shocked cos of the ” World best lie” i just heard.

“why you go dey lie for my head like dat, dey use my name dey lie dat kine Big fAt Lie, bros you can lie for Africa o,” i screamed, in my mind as i just stared at him, speechless. (the lie weak me!)

After he ended the call, he looked at me and said,”you dey misbehave o, why you neva com since? People dey here dey chop since, you just dey house, wetin you con gain wen you dey house since so?

Wetin do your phone since wen your number no dey go,” He said with an angry tone, and that added petrol to the fire in my mind that Azo lighted.

” bros, which kine talk be dat? I nor understand, so i nor fit dey my house in peace again? Abi na which kine food ona chop today wey i neva chop before?  You dey ask me wetin do my phone wey make am nor dey go, na me be network?” i fired back at him rudely while i stood up to leave. (i no get joy dat moment)

When i got outside, my brother noticed my countenance and called me to aside, when he inquired what the problem was, i told him, he calmed me down and told me not to mind them.

I listened to him and felt relieved a bit before i went back inside and continued listening to music on my phone.

Immediately i stepped back in the room, Jay came back and said, “nor be quarrel o, as i nor reach to ask you simple question so, no vex, you hear, cos i believe say if i nor com talk to you, you for nor open your mouth talk to me like your mate” he said in a calm tone in an attempt to make me feel guilty but, i cared less.

I didn’t say a word cos i was still kinda angry, and i don’t like talking when i’m angry cos i might just say things that would worsen the situation, so i kept calm while he talked. “even if i’ll apologize, it won’t definitely be at that moment, maybe some other time when my mind is calmed”, i resolved in my mind.

“rice don finish o, but the Egusi soup wey remain, meat no dey o, but ona fit manage am or buy egg put tey eat am,” Kpoluzo said as meekest entered the room.

“hwfa na, you nor go chow?” meekest asked me.

‘no, i belle full,’ i replied him.

” na cos of wetin dem tell you, make you dey vex so, nawa for you o, abeg com make we chop jare,” he replied me.

‘if na temptation ehn, e nor go work, tell who send you com say you no see me,’ i replied him as i went outside.

When i got outside, my brother asked to go home and change my clothes and meet them up at Legit, that they would go there once the current game they were playing ends.

“blacky, omo i nor dey go anywhere today, if i reach houx na to go crash(sleep) o, i nor dey in a good mood like dis, and if i enta Legit like dis, i nor go enjoy any drink cos e nor go get taste for my mouth” i told meekest as we got outside the lodge.

” nawa for you sef o, na you dey ginger me since say i dull, now wen i don dey ginger na, na you wan com fvck up, nor try am o,” meekest replied me.

” na you sabi dat one o,” i said as we stopped a bike.


To be continued….

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