My Life At DESPO – Episode 49

Time check 12:10am,

We allowed Gbokodo to go and ease himself and come back to drink his water while we all laughed and joked about the game unknown to us, the guy had another plan up his sleeves. 15mins gone and Gbokodo was yet to come from wherever he went to ease himself and we became alarmed.

“make e nor be like say the boy don go die o,” Dafe said.

” ona nor sure say the boy don run so? Abi dem don kidnap am?” i jokingly said.

“kidnap wetin? Person wey kidnap Gbokodo, nor be im do imself, cos the boy go chop all their food finish,” Tico replied.

” i nor dey like all dis kine tin o, make he com drink him water make we continue our game or he drink am make we close game,” meekest said.

We went to the back to check if we would see him but we didn’t. We decided to close the game but agreed that he must drink his cup of water anytime he came back. Meekest suggested that we lock his protector with another padlock so that he won’t be able to enter his room anytime he came back that night and we all agreed.

Omos wanted to protest in defense of his brother but we gave him an option to enter inside while we lock the gate or remain outside, he went inside and we locked the gate before we all went to our various rooms.

“shebi Gbokodo dey think say him wise, make he con enter house make we see na” Dafe said as he locked the key.

“for im mind now, he don escape the water, he nor know say he dey fool himself cos anytime wen he come back, he go drink the water first before we go open their gate for am” meekest added as we both entered his room.

We all entered our various rooms that night while we communicated to each other from our rooms, the ones who didn’t talk could be heard laughing from their rooms. (crazy night!)

Our talk continued for a while before some people slept off.


Time check 12:47 AM.

The whole lodge was quiet when we heard the footstep of someone walking in a stealth mode and i woke meekest who had slept off some minutes ago.

” omo, our guy don dodge com back oh, he go get sense today,” i whispered to him as he open his eyes and grinned evily.

“Omos! Omos! Come open gate for me,” we heard as Gbokodo whispered and the sound of a door opening followed while meekest and i closed our mouths to prevent us from laughing out loud.

After some minutes, Gbokodo started banging his gate while he shouted and called on anyone that locked his gate to come and open it.

For the next 10 minutes, nobody made any attempt to come outside, we all pretended to be asleep as a form of punishment for his foolish-wiseness  (don’t go and check your dictionary o).

When nobody answered him, he asked his brother to tell him the person that owned the padlock that was used to lock their gate, and Omos told him it was blacky’s own.

He matched to our gate and banged the gate while shouting at top of his voice for him to go and unlock his gate so that he could enter his room.

” which kine noise be dat one na?, you nor know say you dey disturb?” meekest replied as he went outside.

“why ona go lock me for outside before? Dat one dey rules of the game” Gbokodo asked, trying to claim right while he shouted.

“why you go run leave game before? Because you wan quote law for there now,” meekest replied him.

“dat one nor concern me, come open my gate for me,” Gbokodo shouted.

“omo nor dey shout for my front anyhow, wetin dey do you? The key nor dey with me” meekest fired back at him while i was laughing as the drama unfolds.

“if the key nor dey with you, who e con dey with?” Gbokodo asked.

” e nor dey with me na im i know, i nor know who e dey with, go find the person” meekest replied him while i laughed hard cos the key was staring at me in meekest’s room.

” i go kill person o, make ona nor play with me dis night o! Omos, who lock the gate ?” Gboko shouted as he went to ask his brother.

” na Dafe lock the gate,” Omos replied from inside as Gbokodo carried a big stick and banged Dafe’s gate with it.

Dafe came outside to confront Gbokodo when he wouldn’t stop banging his gate.

“wetin dey worry you na, why you dey disturb me?” Dafe shouted at him as he came out of his room.

” come open my gate for me, why you go lock my gate, you nor get right to lock my gate,no matter wetin happen,” Gbokodo replied, shouting.

” dey there dey form Lawyer until, dey claim right na, when you don ready i go know, infact, i nor even know where you key dey”

“why you go say you nor know where my key dey, which kine talk be dat? E be like say you dey find anoda tin for my body o, the wahala wey you dey find so, i go give you o” Gbokodo shouted while he banged Dafe’s gate with all the energy in him.

” you Gbokodo, nor dey voltage for here anyhow, you dey hear me, nor be to dey shout nai go make me open the gate, because i quite, you think say na you sabi shout pass? Abi you dey feel say you fit beat me if dem set us for fight, wey you warn yourself o,” Dafe fired back at Gbokodo as the atmosphere changed to a war-like zone.

Dafe is muscular and huge, i do call him my bouncer, and told him he should keep it up as he would be the head of my bouncers in the nearest future and he would laugh while he chases me, sometimes.

Although Gbokodo had abs,  Dafe had an advantage over him in that aspect and besides, size and abs is not a determinant of a strong person cos i have seen where an ab-less small boy beat the heal out of a big boy with 6 packs in a brawl.


Tip: i know guys no longer fight, but just in case you get involved in a fight………

Rule Number 1: never underestimate your opponent, whether big or small cos, everyone is full of surprises. That person you thought a punch could kill might be the one pitying for you. I didn’t ask anyone to go and fight oh. if dem mend you, my hand nor dey o. *lol*


To be continued…

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