My life at DESPO – Episode 5

Observation matters alot  (Street OT). Now let me chip this in: if you are going anywhere(party, event or club) that people are gathered, always be at alert.
(Never let your guard down till you get home)

Back to the matter..
Evrything was going fine until we heard sound of broken bottles and someone scream.

Omo, like play- like play everywhere don scatter o, e don burst!
I grabbed the nearest empty bottle of Heneiken that was close to me, i nor one hear say dem use me shine for this club..
(Self defence is bae you know) *winks*

“When e cast for Egypt, Moses shele, form Rambo till you jam beta gbe-ghe” that Erigga’s line best describes the situation of things at that moment.

When e burst, na all man for himself oh, everybody go answer their papa name!

That moment, one guy just run go rush the bouncer (maybe dem get personal beef), he burst the bouncer head with one bottle of stout.

“my head o, my head o, i dun die o” the attacked bouncer cried as blood gushed out of his head. (See gobe!)

I didn’t believe i could fly till that moment. If you see the way i dey fly tables and chairs pass dat moment ehn, you go confirm am.. *lol*

Evryone was finding a safe place to hide their head when we heard the sound of gunshots outside. Na once every con rowdy raised to power 2. (Who wan die?) Lol.


Just imagine, wetin you wan explain give angels for heaven say you dey find for club wen you tey die? Na souls you go win abi na evangelism carry you there?  **lol**


Mega and i hid in one coded corner  when the following conversation ensued between us.

‘Guy, shey i tell you before say i nor like com dis place today, but you nor one hear. My body nor just move me to enta dis club today, but i gats do am for you, how e con be now?,’ I asked him.

“broda, we for follow your mind oh, your body don give you the sign before sef.” he replied.

“No lele sha, na to find way discharge from this place be the thing now oh, when the worst com to worst to to fly fence be dat oh, just zero your mind like that.” i replied him.

We managed to sneak outside the club through the back door. It was right outside there i saw Mr Ali, a very strict lecturer, layed down soaked in sweat, panicking (fear wan kee the man).  *lol*

“Mega, see Mr Ali oh, see as the man humble. Later he go com class dey form Commando for us,” i said and we laughed as we approached him.

I greeted him deliberately so he would know i saw him. He looked at us and upon recognition, na so shame holl the man, he dun fall him hands.. **lol**

Everywhere returned to normalcy within the next 20 mins of the Army’s intervention. The guys that started the fight were caught and taken to their guardroom (i pity their life).

Who say army no get level? (If i hear!)
We got outside, stopped a bike and headed home.

Time check: 2:30am.

The bike man charged us twice the actual amount but we entered without pricing cos bikes were few by that time and their demand was high.

The fewer the bike, the higher the fare. And the struggle to get a bike at that time was real, coupled with the club saga.

Everybody wan reach house quick to avoid stories that touch.
We were almost close to Somalia when we heard voices of girls crying and boys shouting ahead of us.

I told the bike man to stop, he parked and we came down. Mega and i walked ahead a bit to spy what was going on there.

When we got there, lo and behold, we saw a Hilux of the great Nigerian army. Some people layed down beside it, some knelt down while others were doing frog-jump.

E dun red!


To be continued…

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