My Life At DESPO – Episode 50

When the noise continued, people from the next lodge came to see what was happening while the girls in the lodge asked both parties to calm down Gbokodo continued to voltage.

“oya wetin go dey there be say you go drink the water first, before i go open the gate,” Tico said and the rest of us supported.

” why i go drink the water when game don close? I nor go drink” Gbokodo said.

“game neva close, if you drink am finish and you want make we continue the game, we ready” Dafe replied while we all supported him.

“i nor go drink any water, ona nor know me o, i go kill person o” Gbokodo shouted.  (na there i tey vex)

” wetin dey worry you sef? Because everybody calm down as matured men, you just dey make noise dey shout anyhow, which level? Abi you dey think say you fit beat all of us wey dey here?

Wetin you dey feel like sef? Who you fit kill? Abi who be small pikin for here when you dey threaten for here, com, warn yourself o,” i fired back at Gbokodo after he made the “i go kill somebody” statement cos it got me angry.

We all took his rant as jokes but he was feeling himself and crossing boundaries, even got to the extent of threatening to kill someone, (chai! I don die).

“see ehn, nor repeat that statement for here again o, anything wey you be, na for yourself oh, so nor just dey rake anyhow for here cos na only yourself you know, you nor know who the rest people be” i added, visibly angry while my hands vibrated, itching to slap and punch him in the face.

Mehnn… i hate getting in my angry mood cos i might be unpredictable, that’s why i tend to find something funny in everything. (don’t look at me like that)

“wetin Gbokodo dey feel like sef? Give am one hot slap make im mind for dey” one mind told me.

“nor mind am joor, na yeye dey worry am, shebi you know say na empty drum dey make the loudest noise, so bone am, he nor worth your stress, just look am like say na small pikin” the other mind countered.

I resisted the urge to do anything as i boiled inside, i just pocketed my hands, so that they won’t act on their own.

All eyes were on me after i fired back at Gbokodo, most of them were surprised cos they didn’t expect I could react like that. There stares made me felt uneasy cos i don’t like getting unnecessary attention, so, i just took some deep breath to calm myself down while i went inside meekest’s room to relax and cool my temper, i heard the other guys picked up from where i stopped.

As they fired at Gbokodo from left and right when he saw that everyone was against him and even the babes that pleaded for him at first got angry with him.

When Gbokodo saw that the table was against him and no one was on his side, he swallowed his pride, and apologized for his behavior, before he begged to be freed from drinking the water, meekest came inside and pretended he didn’t see the key cos he wanted to punish Gbokodo separately but I told him to let things slide on Gbokodo’s behalf before he went to give him his keys.

At dawn, Omos said they couldn’t sleep cos Gbokodo vomited water at intervals that night as we all laughed. When he came outside, his face was swollen. (see wetin abuse of water cause)

We all flowed like nothing happened the previous night before i went back to my lodge. I went home, had my bath and skipped breakfast cos i would be late for first period if i had attempted to eat, and the lecturer for that course doesn’t joke with his attendance list.

When i got to my department, the lecturer just entered and he allowed the few of us that came after him to enter inside cos he hadn’t started.

The lecturer gave us AC for his upcoming test and a bit of revision before he left. When i said AC,i didn’t mean Air Condition, i meant Area of Concentration.

After the man left, i went to approach one guy that i have been observing in the department, he seems to have my kind of vibe, so i told him he is the only one i had observed to be matured among the guys in our department and would want us to be friends, he accepted and we exchanged numbers. That was how i met Akp, a friend who turned to a brother.

The next course had a double period. It ran from 11am- 01pm, and immediately the lecturer left the class, i went outside to get some snacks for the worms chanting  ‘we nor go gree oh! We nor gree!” in my stomach.

On my way down, i met Rose and her friend there, i guessed we were on thesame mission. I bought meat pie and a can-coke and was about to leave when Dafe blocked me.

He was with a girl i later discovered to be his girlfriend. He excused me and when we got out of earshot, “omo, na God say make i find you come here so, as i see you so, i don get hope” Dafe said while he shook hands for the 3rd time that moment and laughed.

” na so! Hwfa na, wetin dey sup, as i see you so, i suppose drop these snacks wey i buy, cos i know say you go carry me go that restaurant go chop better food base on who you be na” I replied him as he laughed.

” ona nor dey gree, sharp attacker, see abeg find me like 5h for there make i take tidy something eat first” he said.

” bros, why you dey use style dey laugh me na, abi you wan test me weda i loyal? You be big name na, only your dis your wristwatch go pay my house rent and school fees o, money nor be your problem bros, abeg dey go, all these big men sef, ona too dey tempt person” i replied him.

” oya make am 4h” he said while we laughed and i pretended to leave when he held me.

“omo,na serious matter o, nor fall my hand na, my babe dey hungry, i need buy her small snack make she chow 1st before we reach house” he said.

I checked my pocket and i was left with 3h, i gave him 2h, while i planned to use the remaining 1h to fare home.

I went back to where i bought the snack, ate within minutes and rushed back to class, the last period for the day was already on, stil on the revision and you need to buy your handout matter before we closed.

I got outside, plugged my ear piece in my ears and was on my way to school gate when someone tapped me from behind, lo and behold, it was a friend of mine, Jeffery.


To be continued…

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