My Life At DESPO – Episode 51

Jeff was a former co-worker of mine, we both worked at a company called Beta Glass(BG) which is now called Frigo Glass, i felt happy to see him cos it had been a while we met cos he resigned then when he gained admission, while i resigned the other year when i got admitted.

We got outside the gate and Rose called my attention, i stopped and waited for her while she came to where my friend i were.

She greeted Jeffery before she whispered something in my ear and left.

“who be dat babe na?” Jeffery asked when she left.

” she be my friend o, why you ask, ” i replied him.

“she nor bad oh, i just like as she take dey, she get guy?,” he asked me.

” oga, make i call her come make you ask her?” i asked him while we smiled and crossed the road.

He told me where he lived and i promised to pay him a visit later in the evening that day. When he asked where i lived, i told him Staff qtrs. He complained and  gave me reasons why i shouldn’t had rented an apartment there.

I didn’t argue with him, i just smiled and reminded him that even if he gave me 2million points why i shouldn’t had gone to staff qtrs, it wouldn’t change anything. (e dun be, e dun be)We parted way while i stopped a bike that took me home.

I just entered my room when someone knocked, i knew it was meekest cos of the way he knocked. I went to freshen up before i went to the kitchen and carried bread, a bottled g/nut and a plate to the room.

We talked about school before i remembered something. ” oshare, hwfa dat Tovia matter sef, how e go, you neva give me update o,” i stated.

“Mtscheeww, abeg nor mind Tovia, she nor miss her period,” he said.

“i nor understand, wetin you mean?” i asked him.

“she say na joke o, she just tell me say she miss her period to test me, she wan know how i go react, she say she wan know weda i really love her,” he replied me.

“guy, i nor dey like all those kine joke, shuo, awish you con go kee yourself dat day before na, she go say na joke abi? Dat joke too expensive o.

Anyway, hope she stil use joke tey return the money?” i asked him while he shook his head, meaning no.

“make i see first, i go wan her, cos i don dey vex for her now like dis” i said.

After we finished eating, we went to Blood and Sand, don’t get it twisted, when I said blood and Sand, I wasn’t referring to the one in Spartacus(movie) it was the name we called the field in staff qtrs, just like Chelsea’s field is called Stamford Bridge and Manchester United’s field is called Old Trafford, that was how the field in Staff qtrs was called blood and sand.

It was called blood and sand cos the field was ‘grassless’ , please don’t go and check your dictionary o, it was an empty space in between bush and houses. The soil there was clay-like, so anytime it rains, the field looks like a battlefield filled with blood.

Sometimes, some army men who live in the staff qtrs(semi-barrack) do come and watch students play football there.

When we got there, there was a Competition match going on, it was a lodge competition between lodges. The lodges that participated contributed a particular sum of money each, to be won by any lodge that wins at the final while the 2nd and 3rd runners up would be given a fraction to hold themselves.

Some babes came along to ginger and support their lodge mates who were playing in the field, their motivation spirit was activated as they cheered anytime any of their lodge mates wins the ball or made a goal attempt.

“Wey You, pass the boy na, why your life be like dis sef. Na everything you wan tey greedy for your life? See as you don carry your stinginess com field, nawa o,” one guy shouted at his fellow lodge mate who was running with the ball with no intention to pass to his teammates.

“If ona lose this match, make ona nor just bother come back to our lodge o, nor be our lodge ona wan disgrace,” the caretaker of the lodge that was losing shouted and we all laughed.

About 10mins to the end of the game, one guy from the losing team held the ball and dribbled his opponent who fell as a result and everywhere vibrated with laughter as the babes cheered while some people made jest of the fallen guy.

“Guy, see as dem dribble you fall like bag of cement, you sure say you dey alright so?” One fan fired at the fallen guy.

” If your bone nor strong, abeg carry your weak body com outside o, nor com die for here o,” Another guy added as we all laughed.

The guy with the ball dribbled past another guy and some of his lodge mates cheered him up.” kolo! Pass the ball! Ona dey lose and you dey dribble anyhow, nor be here you go tey form Messi o,” one guy shouted at the guy with the ball.

” nor be dribble we wan chop, go score goal make we fit qualify for the next round, you hear, with your short body like wetin I nor know” another guy added while we laughed and this got to the guy with the ball as he left the ball and charged towards the guy that made the last comment outside the field.

” You dey craze? Which kine talk  be dat, dem tell you say body dey sweet me as we dey lose? Abi you think say na play I dey play with the game? If you sabi wel-wel, why you enta the field come play?” The enraged boy said as he rushed at the guy that fired him while they were separated.

He was given a red card for violating the rules of the game and his lodge ended up losing. Omo, if you see as dem bash the boy with words that day ehn, you would pirry him.

They blamed him for being the cause of their defeat, you go fear bad mouth, the boy tried to defend himself but none of his lodge mates had any of it.

We all talked about the game while one self-acclaimed football analyst analyzed the game stating each teams strength and weakness.

“Abeg sharrap your mouth there, na only mouth you sabi, if dem give you ball now, you nor go fit rake  (juggle)  am o, and you dey here dey sharp mouth, come nor make me vex o” another guy fired at Mr analyst.

“Guy wait o, you get luck say you nor answer your village people call dat time o, so awish dem nor holl you before, you wan con fight for army barrack abi?

Awish you try am, by now you for dey guard room dey receive better drilling plus sense,” I said, referring to the guy that almost fought earlier and we laughed.

When we got outside staff qtrs gate, we separated, I was about to go and relax in my room before I remembered that I promised to check on Jeffery that evening. Meekest followed some of his lodge mates thay came home to watch the match while I stopped a bike that took me to Genesis.


To be continued..

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