My Life At DESPO – Episode 52

I got to Genesis, met Jeffery and a girl in his room, i greeted them before i sat down.The girl’s face looked familiar but i couldn’t place where i had seen her before so i just bone.

Jeff and i talked about school, life in general, before we recounted our old times at work in Beta Glass now called FrigoGlass, a bottle producing company. The company produces all kind of bottles.

We were talking and laughing when the girl received a call while she sat on his lap. From the way she talked, i guessed she was talking to her boyfriend.

I suspected foul when the babe that has been laughing went all cold while on the call, next thing she said was very sick, i didn’t doubt her though, nor be every sickness dey show for body, so i just pretended to believe.

I didn’t know Jeff had a plan up his sleeves. While the girl was on the call forming sick, he grabbed her melons from behind and gave her a light squeeze and a moan escaped from her mouth. She tried using her other hand to remove his hand from her jugs while Jeff continued.

I guessed the guy sensed the change in her voice and might had asked her why she sounded funny, “baby, your voice is turning me on, i’m so hot right now,” she replied over the phone and we could hear the supposed guy sounding happy from the other end.

I just pitied the nigga she was feeding with the lies from the pit of hell, i looked at her and smiled. When they say, “fear woman”, i guess they were referring to her type if not, why would someone be confusing someone deliberately?

The annoying part was that we could hear the guy from the other side, the guy sounded like he won a lottery as he started the love professing session and her supposed gf played along as they attempted to finish all the ‘i love you’ in this world. (choi, love haff suffered)

After the ‘i love you, i love you session’, she requested for some amount of money for treatment, the guy said he would send it and he would visit her that weekend to check on her and clean the wetness his voiced caused i guessed.( don’t look at me like that)

I guessed the devil must had cried that day for the lies she lied, cos her lies must had made him(devil) felt inferior. If there was a competition for liars, i guess she would win the title for world best liar.. (She’s a lie-on.)

” why did you tickle me while i was on call with my boyfriend, do you want to get me into trouble,” she asked Jeffery immediately she dropped the call and he squeezed her melons again in reply.

I just looked them and laughed, and she asked why i laughed, ” don’t i have the right to laugh any more?,” i replied her and she got mute.

Well, since you want to know, i laughed cos i was marveling at the script you played some minutes ago, don’t you think you are wasting your talent? From what i just witnessed, you could pass for an actress you know,” i said and she smiled and looked away shyly.

“You are smiling now, if its a boy that did what you just did now, its you that wee first scream, all men are cheats abi, thats how you people have been trying to spoil our reputation from Adams but your plans wee not work”

“If i may ask, why were you feeding that innocent guy with those lies ehn, babe, fear God o”

“its not like that, i’m not cheating on anybody, the thing is, he was my boyfriend but i told him i’m no longer interested in the relationship anymore but he doesn’t want to accept and move on,” she said while we laughed.

” if i heard you right, i guess you asked him to send you money for treatment of a non-existing sickness, maka why?,” i asked her and i got no reply.

Cmon, cheer up, i don’t mean to make you feel bad, but i just want you to be careful cos you are with my paddy.

Don’t play with fire, so you won’t get burnt,” i said while she smiled and nodded.


Dear guys(brothers),

if a girl tells you that she isn’t digging you anymore, and wants the relationSHIP to get sinked, in simpler terms breakup, ogbeni, just gather yourself and move on, save yourself from more emotional damage by begging, cos the more you beg her, the more she gets irritated and loses her respect for you.

Don’t try to buy her love back with material things or money cos, she might collect them from you and nothing changes, that’s a sure way of magarising yourself. (wise up)

Don’t confuse a hot session of lovemaking or wild sex for love, Love is way beyond that. Its not every girl that comes your way, that you must bang, get yourself some worth, get some principles. Some friendship with some baes worths more than some relationship. (I’m not talking about friend zone o)

Control your little soldier, dont let it think for you cos, if it does, you are finished!

Esau in the bible sold his birthright for a plate of porridge abi, that’s how some guys have also sold their self worth for a few seconds of pleasure. (I’m not against banging o, but, bang responsibly)

Let me stop here for now, wetin i sabi sef..  lol


After our small reality talk session, we went outside to sit and receive fresh air.

“Efe, hwfa na, dis one wey you come my place for the 1st time so, i suppose entertain you, wetin i go offer you ?” Jeffery asked as we sat outside.

I gave him that ‘wetin dey worry dis one’ look before i replied him, ” i nor understand, where your mind dey since? Abi bomb dey your head? Na now wey i wan comot you know say dem dey entertain person abi”

“abeg nor mind me jare, my head full with things, wetin you go take?” he asked again.

” bros, nor worry yourself, i dey alright now, you go do the entertainment next time,” i said and we laughed.

” lets go and eat” the babe announced and went inside a room close to Jeffery’s own and that was when i got to know she was his neighbor. (it was a ‘Girl next door’ sumtin).  “oboy, come make we go chop oh,” he told me as she left while he stood up to follow her lead.

” go enjoy! I dey well, nor worry  i dey here dey wait for you” i replied him as he went inside while i brought my phone out to keep myself busy.

I brought my phone out, plugged my earpiece and was listening to music while i opened my browser to surf the web. After some time, they came outside, and we gisted for sometime before i left.

When i left them, i got to the roadside and stroll in search of bike while i contemplated whether i should go to my house straight or check on those my guys we squatted with in genesis.

I was yet to conclude when i heard my name, i looked my sides and behind if i was the one being called but i didn’t see the person that called me, the people i saw were walking on their own minding their own businesses in the ever busy genesis road.

I faced my front continued my stroll when i heard the my name again, this time i didn’t bother to turn back, i just walked on jejely till someone touched me from behind and when i turned back to see who the person was, it was Rose.


To be continued…

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