My Life At DESPO – Episode 53

She was on a bum short and a body hug shirt that revealed all the hidden features she got that i haven’t seen nor paid attention to all the while, i just muttered, “Oh Lord save me from Karishika”

She carried a bag and held a black cellophane containing something. We exchanged greetings as she came to my side and we continued walking, meanwhile, my minds resumed their deliberation on the matter of my movement if i should go home straight or branch Dominion City before i leave.

“where are you coming from and where are you going?,” she asked as we stood.

“i came to see a friend, and i’m on my way back and you?” i replied before i asked her. She sat down in one bench outside a store along the road and ordered for a Can-Coke before she said,

“well, i’m coming from a friend’s place, went there to read for our upcoming test, hope you are preparing?,” she asked me while she opened the cellophane and brought a wrap of suya and picked a piece of meat into her mouth with a toothpick before she invited me.

“do you care for?,” she asked as she gave me a toothpick.

“no, thank you” i replied her before she reminded me that i hadn’t answered her question about my preparation for the test.

“nope, i’m not preparing, why would i stress myself to read when you are already reading for us, that is a waste of time you know,” i replied and she laughed.

” you are not serious,” she replied before she received a call and along the line gave description of where we were to the person that called her before she said, ‘ you better be here fast’ and ended the call.

Whoever she talked to on the phone wasn’t supposed to by my business but for security reasons, i asked her who she just invited via the phone and she told me not to worry that i would see for myself soon.  (Red flag alert!)

My thinking mood got activated, i got so curious that i asked myself questions like,

who was the person she spoke with?  Why would she give our location to the person? And as if that was not enough, she even said, “you better be here, fast.” hmm.

I tried to remember if we had any beef before but i discovered we were cool before then. Or Had she known about my involvement in the cow saga and wanted to sell me out? Different thoughts ran through my mind.

As a soldier, i hate to be taken unaware, so i imagined the worse scenario that could occur where we were and preventive measures i could take to escape should things get ut of hand.

Say what, say what, say what, anything can happen.

I brought out my phone and wrote her full names, her number and a description of where we were in a text message and entered a number that i wanted to send it to and left it there without touching the send button.

I intend to press the send button immediately i noticed danger or foul play, as i ordered for chilled bottle water and watched her keenly as she ate and pressed her phone. I became security conscious as i looked for a possible escape route in case of emergency. (Don’t look at me like that)

You know when it comes to matters of security ehn, everyone was automatically a suspect.

that moment everything looked suspicious to me, like, anyone that walked too fast towards my direction, i felt the person was coming to me, while if someone walked too slow, i felt the person is targetting me.

So many feelings and thoughts that even when a dog walked close to where i was, i chased it away cause i thought they planted a camera in its eyes to monitor me.

While i was busy having different thoughts and asking myself many ‘what if’s’ questions about everything around me, her phone rang and the whole world became silent to me at that moment and my ears immediately got on autofocus mode.

” we are stil here, ok, hold on, i’m coming” she said as she ended the call and excused herself  and  left. “guy, na like dis dem go take com cramp you oh, you better discharge now before ‘had i know’ go be your anthem o” my 1st mind suggested.

“You go nowhere, why are you stressing yourself upandan? Rose isn’t someone that would give you up for anything, keep calm and relax, nothing dey happen” my other mind said as it gingered me.

The battle of my subconscious continued but i paid no attention to them as i wanted to make my move quickly and time was not on my side. I took half advice from each mind as per half plus half equals to full. I stood up and left the place we sat and went to stand in another angle where i could watch anyone that comes to the store, without being noticed.

The position i stood gave me two advantages which were:  I could see whoever comes to the shop without being noticed.  If i noticed any unusual activity, i could just walk out of there without raising suspicion.

About 2mins later, 2 female figures walked towards where we sat, i figured one out to be rose while the other one looked familiar but i couldn’t identify her cos of the distance. I watched as Rose turned around, searching for me before she talked to some people who sat around, i guess she asked if they saw me.

I left my position and walked to the roadside they came from, with the intention to know if some unusual group or pairs of people were hanging around, as i scanned around, my phone rang, the caller was Rose.

I answered and she asked about my whereabout, i told her i was around while i watched for any sign of strange movement as i walked slowly towards them, i noticed the coast was clear before i showed myself to them.

When i got there, i discovered the someone that she went to get was Joy, her friend, i just heaved a sigh of relief as i sat down. I was like na you dey make me dey worry anyhow since abi.

I sat down, opened the water i bought and drank from it, mhen, na once my mind calm down, e nor good to enta problem o cos your mind nor go rest until you settle the problem or the matter die on e own.  Prevention (of wahala) is better than cure(settlement), believe me.

I just reasoned the previous thoughts i had prior to Joy’s coming and i smiled. ” whats amusing you?,” Rose asked as she noticed me smiling, ” you won’t understand” i replied her as Joy stood up to get something.

It was when she stood up that i observed her, babe was fine, got the right proportions of ManCHESTer and ARSEnal.

” what is all this, today that i saw your hidden features and i  was contemplating on shooting my shot, now you just brought Joy to the scene to confuse me. Why are you this wicked?” i asked Rose in my thought as she ate from the suya.

I tried to compare and contrast between the 2 beauties beside me so i could take 1 out of the 2 but guess what, my mind had his own plans.

It was at that moment of decision that i understood the plight of Tony Tetuila when he sang “I’m in love with 2 women, i don’t know which one to take” (children of nowadays won’t understand)

My own case was different from his cos, he was already in love with two while in my case, if i was to remix that song, my version would be ” i’m attracted to two beautiful babes but i don’t know which one to take” (don’t look at me like that)

It was when Rose nudged me that i realized i got company, mhen, she disrupted the decision-making process and brought it to an abrupt end as my mind came to a temporary decision.

“All or nothing” was the temporary decision my mind made as i felt like Oliver Twist, i wanted both of them as i could not make a choice at the moment.

Whoever said the beautiful ones are yet to be born, may be right at the time he/she made that statement cos, it was very difficult to choose among the two beautiful people beside me.

I’m very choosy by nature, but when it comes to baes i roll or intend to roll with, i tend to be extra choosy, i have some standard(natural beauty, smart, sense of humor, understanding, caring, neat(inwards and outwards), etc) boxes to be ticked before i even startTto say ‘hi’. (story for another day)


back to the matter……

” what are you thinq king about? I have called you twice now but it seems your mind is not here,” Rose asked as i gave her attention.

I was about to reply her when Joy came back with a Can Sprite, “Efe why are you not eatin?,” she asked as she sat down and took a piece of meat in her mouth.

“i’m Ok, thanks” i replied her as i smiled.

” or are you shy,” she asked again as she stared at me and they both laughed and i just looked at her like ‘which kine pikin be dis’.

Base on who i be, i cannor come and dull myself, i said, ” why would i be shy, even if i shall shy, shall i shy for you?” i asked as they both laughed and joy coughed.

” if you are not shy, why aren’t you eating,” Joy asked again.

” see o, dis babe get me for mind before abi why she dey ask all dis many JAMB questions?” i asked myself as i smiled and an idea struck my mind.

“i’m not shy, i’m filled but might decide to eat on one condition,” i said as the both chorused “what condition?”

” i might decide to eat, if and only if Joy feeds me,” i said and they both stared at each other for a while before they smiled.

” so you want me to feed you, after what you did to me at school the other day right, did you even know you spoilt mood that whole day? ” Joy asked me and i was a bit confused before my mind flashed back to the day i kinda yabbed her at school and i smiled.

” all these aje children sef, someone cannor play with you? I didn’t remember spoiling your day, i only stated facts as they were, maybe you misunderstood me, anyways, sorry, i’m not sorry” i said while she smiled.

” you are still claiming right abi” she replied me as i laughed and Rose giggled.

” i’m your Mr right you have been searching for, do you want me to eat or not” i replied as i winked at her and she smiled and looked away.

“you are not serious, nor be only Mr right, na Mr left, take joor,” she said as she smiled as she picked a piece of meat with a toothpick and brought it close to my mouth and i turned my face towards the other side.

” i refuse to believe you are not romantic, i won’t eat, so this is how you wee feed me in front of our kids later abi, or are you shy cos Rose is here?,” i asked her as she looked at Rose, smiled and looked away.

I just looked at her like you neva see anything as i received a text message.

I was about to read the message

when Joy called me and i looked at her while kept the phone aside in the process.

” are you ready now?” i asked her while she nodded and cleared her throat, she opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out and i smiled at her while i watched Rose’s countenance, she was enjoying the show, that was a good sign, it shows she wasn’t left out.

” don’t worry, i don’t bite, i could ask Rose to close her eyes if that would make it easy for you,” i told her teasingly.

” you are not serious, please take joor” she replied, as she found her voice while she smiled and stretched her hand holding the toothpick with the meat towards my mouth as she stared at me.

I took it in my mouth and chewed it before i stared at her as she looked away.

“so na wetin dey hard you to do since be dis abi,” i said as i finished chewing and she hit me playfully before she said, ” don’t you know i wasn’t used to that, and you were evening making things worse for me.”

“lol, you need to see the look on your face when you said that, wait.. Are you the last born of your family?” i asked her while we laughed.

She nodded her reply before i said, ” i said it! all these kind of last born sef, always acting shy at any given opportunity, later they wee now be sharping their mouth”

We laughed after i said that and Rose was about to said something i didn’t pay attention to cos i was distracted by my ringing phone.

“Excuse me, please, i have to take this call” i told them before i answered the call.


To  be continued…

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