My Life At DESPO – Episode 54

” hello, afa na, why you dey waste time na, you nor see am? i don wait for you tire, abeg fast small,” Diplomatic said as i answered.

” wetin be that?,” i asked him cos i didn’t understand what he meant.

” shuo, so you nor receive my message?,” he asked, sounding angry.

” wetin dey sup? Nor vex, wait make i check,” i said before he hanged up.

I went to my inbox and the message from him read, ” abeg, bring my laptop charger con give me for Genesis junction just now”

After i read the message, i understood why he sounded angry, i guess he thought i was at home. I remembered i was about to read the message when Joy called me, distracting me in the process. (i nor blame her o, i blame myself)

“hey babes, i got to go, i need to attend to something urgently right now” i told them, as i signaled a bike to stop.

” hmmm, Efe are you leaving just like that?” Rose asked as they stood up to accompany me to the roadside.

” i have to leave now, its very urgent, we’ll see in school 2moro, take care of my shy-shy baby for me, good night!” i told replied her as i ran towards the waiting bike.

” bros, abeg you go carry me go staff qtrs, go-come, i wan collect something, how much?” i told the bikeman as i reached him.

“you give me just #170,” he replied me.

” ehn? Bros, you nor dey go church? Abeg, nor dey do like dat o, na all of us dey find the money o, i go give you #120, make we dey go” i told him as i mounted the bike.

” dis one na night na, and the place wey you dey go for the staff qtrs na inside-inside, i even try for you sef, oya make am #150″ he replied me.

” fire down, abeg you go fast o” i told him as i was in a hurry to get the charger for my brother and time wasn’t on my side.

When the guy started the bike, the speed at which he rode made people thought that we were being chased or something was happening.

The speed was too much that i started committing my spirit in God’s hand ‘in case of incasity’.

The way the guy rode, fast and furious dey learn for where the guy dey, infact he was fast and over furious on the road. If you see as people dey clear way for us dat night ehn, you go confirm am.

I knew my spirit wasn’t with me that night, my spirit was on its way to Heaven already. I didn’t bother to tell him to slow down after all i was the one that told him to be fast in the first place, so why complain? na so i just lock-up and enjoyed the thrill of the speed.

Have you been carried/drove by a rough driver/rider before? If no, you nor go fit understand.

When we got to my lodge, some people came outside of their rooms to see who the bike brought in with the mad speed.

Me i didn’t send anybody o, i just hurried to my apartment, collected the charger, locked the door and rushed out.

We got back to Genesis in no time and when i paid the guy, as he was about to leave i said, ” bros, na you act fast and furious part 9? Abeg take am easy o, na one life we get o”

” na so e dey be once-once,” he said while laughing before he sped off.

” you get luck say nothing bad happen to you for dat bike, you for get sense,” my 1st mind told me.

” relax, nothing dey happen, you nor enjoy the speed? You nor feel as the bike dey fly for the road? Nothing do you jare,” the 2nd mind countered. (this my subconscious sef ehn)

I made the sign of the cross before i met my brother, Morrizo and 2 other guys that i later discovered to be his coursemates waiting for me.

The guys that were with my brother that night when i got there were his coursemates and they were doing one Autocad assignment with his laptop.

I just sat in ‘one corner’ while i watched them do their thing, i brought my phone out and listened to music with my earpiece as i surfed the internet and waited for them to be through so we could go home together.

After some time, they finished and my brother said we should check on one of his friends before we headed home and i obliged.

On our way to his said friend’s place, we deliberated on what to eat for the night when we get home and we settled for ‘oil rice’ and sardine.

We got to a lodge in Genesis, and i followed his lead to an apartment and when he knocked, a female voice replied from inside. She said we should hang on for some time, that she just had her bath blah bla bla.

When she came outside, she gave my brother the kind of hug Meekest refers to as ‘Spanish hug’ before she noticed me and muttered her ‘hi’ and i smiled my reply as she welcomed us inside.

We got inside, and she offered me a sit before she sat on Diplomatic’s leg. ‘ baby, meet my brother, Efe, Efe meet my baby, Faith’ he said as he made a brief introduction and stretched her hands me for a handshake.

‘nice to meet you, brother-in-law,’ she said with a smile as we shook hands.

‘ so you are the Faith i had been hearing about, nice to meet you too, my bro had told me a lot about you though’ i replied her with before she smiled and asked my brother what he told me.

‘ ask him, he is the one in a position to answer your question, not me’ he replied and we laughed.

‘ don’t mind me o, Efe, what should i offer you?’ she asked me as she stood up.

‘hmm’ i replied.

‘what?’ she asked.

‘i just confirmed something my brother told me about you’ i replied her.

‘ that what?’ she asked.

‘ that you are a caring someborry’ i said before i stretched my hands towards her for another handshake.

‘ thank you, what should i offer you joor’ she persisted after the handshake and i muttered ‘Nothing’.

‘ baby, are you seeing your brother? He came to my house for the first time and doesn’t want me to entertain him’ she said in a low tone as she went back to him and placed her arms around his neck.

‘ its not like that, its just that i’m very okay now, and i won’t want to waste your resources, so, it should be next time’ i calmly explained to her with a smile and she nodded be she replied ‘okay then’.

They talked in hushed tones while they laughed and kissed at intervals, i perceived romance in the air’ while i was busy with my phone before decided to leave, to allow the love birds enjoy some privacy based on ‘Two na company, 3 na crowd’  (shey you understand)

‘ i wan discharge o, make ona for settle down do ona tin well. Lol’

i typed a message and sent my brother before i stood up.

‘ where are you going?’ Faith asked immediately i stood up.

‘ i want to go and collect my note from a coursemate around before i go home, i’ll be back shortly’ i replied her while i headed for the door.

‘hmm, are you sure?’ she asked in a doubting tone.

‘ wait for me, we go soon comot,’ my brother chipped in before he winked at me and at that moment, her countenance changed.

Faith’s countenance changed, her displeasure was so visible even when she tried to conceal it with a fake smile.

Diplomatic drew her closer and told her some words in whispers before he promised to be with her the next day and her mood brightened before she saw us off outside her lodge.

‘Oshare, take your time oh, where you wan discharge go leave me before? abi you nor know say na you be my only excuse to leave her place’ diplomatic jokingly queried me while we strolled down the road in search of bike.

‘So na me you want tey cover up and you nor even brief me for back sef abi? In fact, I dey go tell her the truth say you no wan dey with her’ I replied him as I turned back pretended like I was going back to Faith’s lodge before he held my hand and pulled me along his side while we laughed.

‘Why you nor spend some time with her na, from wetin I see, I observe say the babe really like you o’ I said as we walked on.

‘ guy, make she dey first o, my head carry many load now, nor be woman matter dey bother me now’ he replied me before we got to Genesis junction.

When we got to the junction, the aroma of akara (beans cake) welcomed us as we located the seller and bought some ‘akara balls and fried yam’ before we got a bike that took us home.

The rest of the week, classes weren’t that active due to the upcoming test, so I do go to school that period to get first-hand updates from lectures before I go back home to ‘jack'(read)

That period, I do leave school by 12noon, get home, freshen up and read the little I could before I relax. I do sleep off in the process most times and when I woke up, fix something for the stomach infrastructure before I continued from where I stopped reading.

One thing I like about tertiary institutions is that lecturers won’t set questions outside their scheme of work per semester.  It kinda makes reading easier somehow but yet people results still dey cast.

That period of test, I studied like my life depended on it, drafted my own notes from the ‘areas of concentration’ given to us by some lectures combined with the points I jotted from their classes. After that, I drafted my own likely questions they might set with answers.

To be a student is not easy oh.. *lol*

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