My Life At DESPO – Episode 55

After much much, the almighty week of test finally came and I noticed something unusual.

I saw different faces and sizes of students (non-academic students) I haven’t seen in my department before, the population of the people tripled and I was like ‘where all these people come from?’.

One thing about Tests and Exams is that they bring both old and new students together.  Those are the only periods that you would see different types of students, like;

* the ghost-students, these ones only come to school during test or exam.

*The ones that don’t even know the names of their course.

*The ones that don’t even know the lecturers that take each course.

*The ones that don’t know the number of courses they offer in their department

And the ones that don’t know their HODs.

The ones that don’t even know the name of the course they have for the day. Dem be like ‘ wetin be the name of the course we get today sef?’. (You can imagine)

When the lecturer for the first course we had, came into our department and saw the numbers of students that came to write his course, he flared up.

‘ if your name is not on my attendance lists for at least 30%, i don’t think you would be allowed to take my test because i only made provision of questions papers based on the numbers of students in my list’ he said and there was an uproar in the hall as several students murmured their displeasures.

If you see were some people papa for dey para ehn, some of them were ‘Extension’ students, others had it as ‘Carry over’.

The uproar was so strong that it took the intervention of the HOD that came and pleaded with the lecturer to allow everyone partake in the test before normalcy returned to the hall.

‘School sweet o, na exam spoil am’ Lol..

Test scripts were shared, security agents were outside and invigilators mounted strategic points in the hall to ensure the hall was orderly.

After the day’s paper, i met Akp outside, we talked about the test, how easy it was and hoped for the rest to be like that as we walked towards the canteen at the back.

On our way to the canteen, i sighted Dafe around my department and i became alerted, ‘who could he looking for here?’ i asked in my mind forgetting the fact that he could have had friends in several departments. (nor blame me too much, i was just being security conscious)

I watched him from a distance as he seemed to focus on whatever he was looking at. I excused myself from Akp, told him i would be back to meet him before i set out for Dafe’s direction.

I got to where he was and tapped him from behind, he looked back and was surprised to see me as he laughed.

‘ you ehn, you don turn ghost now abi, i nor con dey see you for our lodge again o, where you dey stay now sef?’ he asked while he laughed.

‘ obob, i dey one of my guy side for Ogharefe now, just dey relax for that side for some time now o’ i replied him.

Ogharefe is just like the capital city of Oghara. Most lecturers live there cos electricity condition is better there, all the mobile networks are stable among other things.

I told him i lived in Ogharefe that moment cos i don’t want to know my house, so i won’t be taken by surprise in case things gets worse.

‘ok, you be big man o, you go dey fare com from Ogharefe every day, you get money na, oya com settle me now’ he replied me.

‘ you wen be my oga, wetin you find come here sef?’ i asked him while ignored his last statement.

‘oma, i dey tail one guy for the cow matter, the day wen i find am go house, he tell me say make i come back that evening, say he go pay me him share if he don withdraw.

Omo, as i go track the guy for house dat evening, i nor see am again. Since dat time com, i neva see him break light sef. Na today i con sight am from my department, i hurry submit so dat i go trace am well’ He replied while he focused.

‘ dat boy neva know wetin dey happen to am so. FBI Dafe! If i dun big, i wan be like you o,’ i hailed him and we laughed.

‘ for the guy mind now, he dey think say he smart, im eyes go clear today, i don already call community people for ground, dem dey around school gate now, i go follow for back reach school gate, na there dem go for pick am’ he added, sounding angry.

‘ he go get sense! How blacky sef?’ i asked about meekest.

‘that guy dey o, e be like say dem stil dey hall dey write. Hwfa you na, you nor dey try o, when you go bring your own share na?’ he asked me.

‘ i know say i dey eff up but nor be my fault bros, things neva gel for my side, if not i for don con give you sharply, neva vex abeg’ i pleaded..

‘ i nor dey with any change(money) now o, oya nor worry, i go com give you later’ i replied.

‘ i know say na format you dey give me so, nor worry dey go, you too do sef’ he said, smiling before i left.

I went back towards the canteen area and called Akp to know his whereabouts, he came outside from the shop he was and i went to meet him.

On getting there, i met him in the company of some guys and some babes. He later introduced two guys among them, Sam and Nkem, as his friends, i shook hands with everyone all the guys there and ‘hi ‘ed’ the babes in their midst.

We talked about the test, the strange faces and the increased numbers of people that turned up coupled with random talks.

I wasn’t feeling the vibes of some people there and i stood up to leave, asked Akp to see me off. We agreed to see later in the day before i left.

On my way home, i met Emma, a former co-worker at Beta Glass (BG). He resigned when he got admission. We were in the same department, but he was in ND2.

We talked about old times and he told me some things about the department while we walked towards school gate.

‘ i dey H o, wetin you cook?’ he asked me as we got outside school.

‘ i nor cook anything o, oya make we go my side go arrange something for kitchen na’ i suggested before he asked, ‘where your lodge dey?’

‘ staff qtrs,’ i replied and his mood changed before he questioned my reasons for moving to staff qtrs of all places while i listened as he lamented.

‘ you don talk finish?’ i asked him mockingly when he stopped talking and hissed.

‘abeg, make we stroll reach my place,make i drop my bag before we go your side,’ he said, counting his words while i laughed at him as we strolled.


To be continued…

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