My Life At DESPO – Episode 56

‘abeg, make we stroll reach my place,make i drop my bag before we go your side,’ he said, counting his words while i laughed at him as we strolled.

We got to a certain lodge along Genesis road when he called a girl that was plaiting her hair outside.

‘hunger wan kee you and you still get strength dey call woman, i pity your life’ i taunted him while he smiled as the babe approached.


When she came, i was suprised to see her, we knew ourselves but she acted like she didn’t see me and I did same.

She gave him a bear hug while i looked away and was about to give them some space when she jumped on me with a kiss. I didn’t experrerit as I held her from falling while some onlookers watched as she clung on to me. Emma just looked at us, speechless.

‘baby, you just abandoned me,’ she complained as i carried her down, while she leaned on me.

I didn’t like the attention she drew towards us, ‘you know i can’t do that, right?’ was my reply as i held her hand and walked away from the stares.

‘i won’t take that from you, you already did,’ she replied coldly as we walked.

‘ so you know Efe?,’ Emma asked her while we stood beside a shop along the road.

‘ yea, for your information, he is my boyfriend’ she replied as she smiled and held me closer.

‘ hmm, Efe so na you dey date dis fine babe wen i dey toast since abi, oya make com make we dey go, abeg’ Emma said, sounding impatient.

‘ you better be going alone, cos my baby ain’t leaving me anytime soon’ she replied him while i just watched them and smiled without uttering a word.

I knew she meant what she said, but if i didn’t intervene in the issue, Emma might just die of hunger.

‘ baby, i’m in a haste to get something at home right now, can’t spend quality time with you now but, i’ll make it upto you, ok’ i said as i held her face and kissed her forehead before i made to leave.

‘i missed you, baby’ she said, hugging me in the process.

‘i have to go now, i’ll give you a call later’ i said as i freed myself before we strolled down.

She pointed her lodge and told me her room number before i stopped a bike as Emma was on the verge of collapsing, hunger wan kpai my guy. We entered the bike, and she blew me a kiss and i winked at her before the bike sped off.

Who is she?

Her name is Gift, a light-skinned damsel that could pass for a model. Apart from her heart-melting smile and intelligence that got me attracted to her, she got a very flat tummy, that looks sexy on her with an average b**bz and bums that complimented her shape.. She was all shades of natural beauty, intelligence, and sexiness, my kind of ….. you already know. *winks*

We met in one JAMB tutorial center then, when we were preparing for JAMB/Post-UME.


‘wait o, Gift na really your babe? the babe make sense o, where you take know her?’ Emma asked as we alighted from the bike and walked towards my apartment.

‘wetin dey worry you sef? You wen dey do like who hunger wan kill some minutes ago, we don reach here now, na babe matter con dey bother you, dem swear for you?’ i asked him as i opened my door before we entered.

‘simple yes or no question wey i ask you, nai you con dey yan opata put so o, how you tey dey pass English sef?’ He fired at me while he jumped on he unlaced his shoes.

‘ i nor blame you, dey ask me anyhow question for there untilk com chop make i see you na’ i replied him while i dropped my bag and fell on the bed.

‘ bros, abeg, na play i dey o, if you nor gimme food now i go faint o’ he replied as he held his stomach as he sat on the floor.

‘ you neva chin-chom-chin’ i remarked as i laughed and got up to organize something in the kitchen.

From personal experience, i knew the level of his hunger may had triggered the angry worms in his stomach to start causing some serious damages inside, so i made golden morn for him to eat for the meantime, to appease the rioting worms.

‘bros, abeg manage dis one until, before hunger kee you, nor be my house you go tey die’ i said as i handed him the cup.

‘ i don suffer o, chai! na me you dey give golden morn to chop abi, i be like small pikin for your eyes?’ he asked me while he served a spoonful into his mouth.

‘wetin big boy like you dey do with golden morn for house, you be baby?’ he asked me while he served another spoon in his mouth.

‘ abeg, nor vex, before my good go turn to bad, just give me the cup back make i go keep’ i replied him while i stretched my hand towards him.

‘ nor worry, i go just manage am, na hunger eye i take dey eat am o’ he said as he balanced and enjoyed it.

I went to where he was and grabbed the cup from him. If you see as the boy dey follow me dey drag the cup of golden morn when he say he dey manage to eat ehn… Lol

‘which kine play be dat na, i nor dey joke with my belle o, abegi gimme my food make i eat joor’ he said as we dragged the glass.

‘ no o, small pikin food nor good for your system o, e go make you purge o’ i countered him as while we held the glass.

‘ehn,nor worry, leave am make e purge me, na me get my body, e no concern you’ he said in defence while i laughed and left the cup for him before i went to the kitchen.

I decided to prepare fried noodles as it was the only ‘fast food’ option available to savage the situation.

‘ Efe, dis golden morn don finish o, i nor know say d tin dey rich like dis before o, abeg i need more!’ he requested as he came to meet me.

‘ more kee you dia, shebi na you say ‘golden morn’ na small pikin food just now, you beta fly from here before i go pour hot g/oil for your body now’ i said before i munched a mouthful of ‘raw indomie’ noodles(my kinda bad habit), its crunchy and tastes like chin-chin.

‘ ooh God, na indomie you dey cook? indomie nor be food na’ Emma complained as he saw the empty sachets of ‘super pack’.

‘ if indomie nor be food, na wetin e con be?’ i asked him.

‘ indomie na appetizer na, even if i eat the full carton of indomie sef, e nor go belleful me’ he explained while i gave him that ‘to slap you just dey hungry me’ look.

‘ see beggar wey get choice, you even see indomie wen you go chop, instead of you to go thank God, you dey here dey dey select food. No worry, by the time better hunger don beat you, dry garri go be like fried rice for your mouth’ i fired at him while we laughed.

The food was set some minutes later, i served it down before i rushed to the bathroom to freshen up.

When i came out, i met Emma already devouring the food without waiting for me, what surprised me was that he didn’t chew the noodles, he dey swallowed directly. (see wetin hunger don cause)

‘ you nor go make heaven with dis your character o, so you nor fit wait for me abi’ i asked him before i picked a spoon and joined the hungry lion.

‘ so, hunger dey kill me and food dey my front, i go con sit down dey look am abi, nor be punishment be dat? He replied as he doubled his rate of serving.

‘ you nor really well, eat make you get sense!’ i said.

We finished eating before i did the dish before we gisted while we relaxed.

‘ oma, thank you very much for the food, na now my brain dey reason well’ He said while we laughed.

‘ its nothing bros, if i nor fit do am for you, why you be my friend? Nor reason am, if e red for me, you fit deliver me too’ i replied him before he asked me about Gift again.

‘ Gift na your babe?’

‘ why you dey ask, your mind dey the babe?’ i replied his question with mine.,

‘ my mind full am, dats why i dey ask you, if she be your babe talk now make i just lock up her matter o’ he said, sounding serious.

‘ see as you carry babe matter for head like govt work, if you take your studies serious like dis, DT go too sure for you’ i replied him while we laughed.

‘ see as you serious face dey ask me about babe, yeye child is this what you came to school to achieve?’ Lol,

‘my guy, if you wan run her show, feel free. Its a free world, if she gree for you, no wahala but, take care of her o cos if i hear say you treat her anyhow, na me go personally break your legs, she be my paddy like that, na wetin i fit tell you be dat’ i told him and he agreed before i received a call from Akp.

The summary of the call from Akp was to enquire if we would still meet as planned in school earlier that day, i replied positive and asked him to give me some time to tidy somethings before the call ended.

‘ Efe wait first o, you dey tell me say you go break my legs if i nor treat Gift well abi, based on wetin? she be your sister abi wetin concern you for d matter? You want break your fellow guy man leg cos of babe abi, you don dey fvck up o’ Emma fired at me immediately the call dropped.

‘ shuo, bros, take am easy na. See as you dey attack me, me and you get problem before?,’ was my while i laughed.

‘ guy, dis one nor be laughing matter o, i just dey reason the word since, wen you first talk am, i nor first understand, why you go talk dat kine word at all? You fit break your own guy leg cos of ordinary babe, guy d word vex me o’ Emma replied me, sounding angry.

‘my guy! My guy! Abeg bring your mind down, e neva reach like dat na, shuo, see as you change am for me just now’ lol, i know say if dem give you chance now, na to burst my head dey your mind o’ i jokingly replied him while i held his hand before he smiled.

‘ why i go burst you head, you be my guy na, but nor tell me dat kine word next time o’ he warned while he smiled.

‘ yes sir! If i tell you dat kine word again, make full community gather me beat’ i said while we laughed hard before freed his hands from my grip and pushed me away.

‘My guy, but on a serious note ehn, why i tell you say i fit break your leg if you date Gift con play ehn, na because you be my guy and she be my paddy too, shey you dey get?’

‘ if she date anoda guy and dem get issues, dat one nor concern me but, if na you wen be my own guy con play her, i nor go happy with you at all cos Gift na correct babe’ i said, as i made him understand thatI the few friends i have means alot to me and i’m very protective of those i care about.

‘ dis one wen you dey talk many many talk cos of the babe so, hmmm’ he replied while he grinned.

‘oga, nor be wetin you dey think, ayam a good boy o’ i replied, smiling.

‘ bad guy, how you tey know wetin I dey think?,’ he asked while we laughed before he asked me to see him off.


To be continued…

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